Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Songbird Choir Remix) | Electro Pop

Flawless was one of those songs with one of the most thought-provoking messages in the show. Daniel Ingram provided a dramatic touch in how the mane 6 understood themselves so much. The music itself was bold, deep, and intimate in the mane six being so unafraid in expressing their character flaws. Songbird, instead of going to that level of grandeur, here opts here for a more toe-tapping melody. The same emotion is there, but it’s more lightly and subtly in the theme. The piano and the profound use of these deep synth harmonies within the melody, at almost horn-like beep-boop thunder, roll with the ups and downs. It’s very different from Daniel’s track, but honestly, it gives way the same deep and personal touch with the mane six expressing themselves to the world about this subject. It’s what you honesty expect from someone like Songbird Choir to stand out in this manner!


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