lunar_amity & Seyden – Friendship Was Magic pt. 1 (Desperation) | Metal

You all knew this was coming at some point. You know, musicians putting their talents towards the big mystery of what happened between generations? We drive right into the head of Big Alicorn bookhorse, emotionally broken and her back to the wall. Holy Celestia, does this aggressive string of guitars and drums bring down this feeling of desperation and despair! Seyden’s vocals and screams rip through this track, grabbing at your dang soul to help poor twilight cope with the loss of her friends and unsure of how to move forward with her rule of Equestria. Could this be the very point where the magic in Equestria started to fade? An incredibly haunting guitar solo tops this track off courtesy of Biscuit! Brony metal goodness at your delight, my friends!


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