Geekbrony – The Hive | Neurofunk

It’s been quite some time since Geekbrony has released anything, but it’s been worth the wait! Over one and half years in the making, this track is here to remind you why Geek is still one of the best producers in the fandom. The hyperintense aggressive synth is only the start of this masterpiece! The deadly game between Starlight Glimmer and Queen Chrysalis is captured with vocal samples full of hate and hostility, and the big showdown vibe with how that bass hits you until you are senseless. Mixed with the aggression is this soft but passive-aggressive melody that perfectly lines up with how spiteful Chrissy is and how game Starlight is to show that in return! Geekbrony has said this is the most complex and dynamic track they have ever put together. The layers of the composition give you a banger you can really pump your fist to. This track is how you immerse your listeners into a dramatic confrontation and still make a fantastic banger! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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