Ponytronic – Celestial Promises EP | Electronic

Editor’s note: better late than never, right? (sorry Tron)

Following up on their 2019’s EP Luna’s Essence, Ponytronic brings you a day in the life of Princess Celestia’s royal duties as protector of Equestria! Ponytronic takes a different approach to express that through an album where Celestia is trying to figure out how not only to rule Equestria with her Sister Luna but aid her sister in re-adapting to modern Equestria. That is, however, not expressed in melodies that tell a story of struggle but these fitting beats of positively charged D&B and Drumstep tell a tale of overcoming challenges that Celestia takes on head-on! Have a listen!

Sunset (Interlude) | Liquid Drum & Bass
Celestia is stuck in a trance about her struggles with having to take care of the sun and moon. The thoughts are deep about her life in this track; the ups and downs in the beats, the pace, and the ethereal, dreamy moments make this picture clear that the princess’ mind is on the day she and Luna will be together again. You feel you’re inside her mind with her with this track.

Viridescent Fields | Drumstep
A princess must be there for her subjects despite enduring her tribulations. The ponies of Equestria need the Sun and its benefits. The melodies of this track have a motivating and hard-working feel to them. The hard work that both Celestia and her subjects must do for the prosperity of Equestria. Celestia, especially being an alicorn and leader, keeps moving forward no matter for the benefit of her ponies.

Aubade’s Future | Drum & Bass
With Luna back by her side, forgiven by her sister, Celestia is at mental crossroads with her mind. Can she forgive herself so they can be a sisters again? This finale sure tells that. The melodies give you that mental roller coaster that is going on. With loud bass, crashing beats, and those thoughts, dreamily melodies of deep thoughts. Celestia is in deep self-reflection, But she is not alone anymore. No longer must her struggles be done alone.

That’s only a taste of the story. Suppose you wish to listen to the album all at once? The final track is a continuous mix of all the songs! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


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