[P@D] FORSAKE, SYLVVER & Koa – Bring Back The Magic | Progressive House

If there is a track on P@D: Zenith that glows with the aura of Sunny Starscout, this piece is it! Progressive House couldn’t be a more perfect conduit to express Sunny’s outlook on the state of modern Equestria. The melodies are produced by the talented FORSAKE and P@D newcomer Sylvver! The optimism that we know Sunny bleeds and lives for is profoundly heard in those melodic drops and if you listen close, you hear Sunny’s vocal chops adding to this track’s magic. Koa’s vocals invoke the pure spirit of change and friendship that Sunny Starscout holds so close to her heart, and I swear you’ll have goosebumps just listening! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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