Assertive Fluttershy – Boo Hoo (BGM Remix) | Drum & Bass

How about some early fandom beats for your ears? Assertive’s “Boo Hoo” remix gets a fresh facelift with a boost! The lead to that classic drop is invigorated now, driving hard bass, muscled-up melodies, and pitch of Rock elements. The little drips of chiptune are rather charming to add some flavor. We get lil’ crazy after that drop where D&B get smashed and mashed, where rock and D&B are fused with a fresh new life with the integrity of the classic is cared for. BGM has just been given this classic a dose of 2cc’s of excitement. He’s been on emergence as of late within the Brony Music Community, putting out some promising pieces of music that have not gone unnoticed! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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