Rave for the House of Belles presents: The Winter Rave 2022

The Rave for the House of Belles, the annual charity summer concert run by former and current HMH writers Emma and Drake, is returning this weekend for a holiday special! Promising another 2 days of performances, you can expect not only a variety of DJ sets with genres from trance to deathstep, but also the debut live performance from Painters & Poets, Acouste Wholenote and SlightlyAmiss’ alt rock duo!

As before, the concert is running in effort to raise awareness and money for their friend Mezair, a plush maker, as her father battles stage 4 Lymphoma. Donations made to her Ko-fi will go towards cancer-related expenses and emergency veterinary care. Plush commissions (more info available here) will also help support these.

To tune in, you can watch the event livestream on Emma’s YouTube channel Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December, starting at 3pm Eastern each day, and join the Rave’s discord server to chat with other concert-goers and performers.

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