TM – ¡Viva Las Pega! | Hip-Hop

I know summer hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m already feeling like vacationing in a tropical utopia! Dream vacations are no longer an imaginary fantasy as TM’s new gorgeous track “¡Viva Las Pega!” delivers a fresh, upbeat Hip-Hop vibe with its rich instrumentation. From the punchy drums to the lively trumpet fluttering in the air, you can feel the entire spectrum of vibrations around you as if you’re immersed in a real excursion to your dream destination. Give it a listen if you’re in for a chill and relaxing voyage, but don’t forget to hop in the vacation van and let TM show you the astonishing scenery all around!


brambleshadow4 – Inspiration | Orchestral

G4 may have ended, but its memories and reminiscences will forever be celebrated, just like brambleshadow4’s new gorgeous orchestral track – “Inspiration”. With various layers of instruments blending together, his lovely instrumentation has reminded us of how wonderful our beloved G4 was, but rises and falls in the music also reflect the remarkable journey the Mane 6 went through. The pony squad is packed with a plethora of personalities like these glamourous melodies in the arrangement, and you can certainly feel the magical power of friendship as they come together to create harmony. Friendship will forever be magic and this show-stopping masterpiece has demonstrated that friends are what make our life special. Spectacular work, brambleshadow4!


Ethan Toavs – Rainbow Dash | Orchestral

Ethan Toavs has brought us another upbeat, light-hearted orchestral track by the name of “Rainbow Dash”. Inspired by the G3 rainbow pony, his sparkling orchestration definitely gives me a vibe of wandering around in a magical adventure in Equestria. You’ll certainly feel a passion to explore the bigger world as brass instruments make their debut with a lively, triumphant sound. Be sure to give it a listen if you are in the mood for a fun and joyful excursion!