Eurobeat Brony – Discord (StarBomberX remix) | Reggae / EDM

StarBomberX, a brand new musician to the fandom, is starting out by remixing the classics. Their remix of Discord by Eurobeat Brony fuses Reggae and EDM genres, and the result is stunning! The synths are dark and piercing, creating a very sinister vibe matching Discord’s character perfectly, and the shrill pads which come in later are haunting! The vocals uses are the same as from the Living Tombstone remix, but pitched down, also contributing to the dark and moody atmosphere. Can’t wait to hear what you make next!


One thought on “Eurobeat Brony – Discord (StarBomberX remix) | Reggae / EDM

  1. yooo huge thanks! the deep review made here really touched me! it was wonderful to read it
    let’s hope i have more time/inspiration for make something new still this month 🙂


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