MelodyBrony – It Wasn’t Nice Knowing You (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metal

Given the impact Misty has had on the Fandom as of late, she is becoming another darling for fans with surging popularity; It was only a matter of time before music like this was going to happen, fantasizing a turn for the better for Misty’s Character Arch, and Melodybrony is happy to make a track about Misty’s future about-face with her alignment with Opaline. The lyrics set it up perfectly with Misty’s frustration, being fed up with being treated poorly and being told lies and half-truths, being treated like cannon fodder. The lyrics drive that Misty wants something so much more for herself. As Metal only can, the hard rock and metalcore melodies light your senses with the emotion of breaking free of your chains from those holding you down. Hardcore and uplifting, I’m sure Misty lovers will find this track a delight! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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