Harmonic Six – Elemental Heroes | Orchestral

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you this amazing orchestral piece by Harmonic Six that revolves all around the final scene of the Season two premiere! The song has this space orchestra sound to it and evokes a feeling of celebration, fitting very well into the scene that it’s inspired by. Even without the context it makes for an enjoyable listen, because the triumphant nature of the song makes it stick in your head for quite a while!


[P@D] Thrasher – Fall Again | Electronicore / Metalcore

As part of our coverage of the newest Ponies at Dawn Album, Zenith, I’m delighted to introduce you to this track that is a wild and fun mix of several genres! Thrasher presents us with Fall Again, a song that starts out like it’s synthpop but then quickly turns and adds some amazing metal elements from all sort of subgenres! Combining elements of Electronicore, Djent, Metalcore, Melodic Black Metal and Ambient, this track is a mix of a lot of influences and there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! Definitely have a listen to this song and the other awesome tracks from Zenith!


Voodoo Pup – Be My Only | Blues / Jazz

The most recent pre-release from Voodoo Pup’s Chrysalis concept album is abundant with sneaky, sleazy vibes, perfectly descriptive of the changeling queen herself. The track’s tone is set by a scheming, sassy bassline and carried by Dangerous Moonlight’s honeyed voice. Listeners beware – this track is sure to “trace its claws over your heart!”


Voltex Pixel – Hang In There (Remastered) | House

Need a little boost for your spirits? Voltex Pixel’s got your back with this cheery, danceable bop. Bright, verby melodies combine delightfully with a tasty bass synth and a classic progressive house beat. Turn that frown upside down and follow the advice of the title – hang in there!


[P@D] Jyc Row & Kelsey Mira – The Wings of Destruction / Molten Spike (elg. Ziv Shalev) | Epic Orchestral

Jyc Row never disappoints, and for the newest Ponies at Dawn album Zenith he delivered this amazing epic orchestral piece related to his Infinite Eclipse series. This particular song revolving around the evil form of our favourite dragon, Spike! Together with the amazing vocals of Kelsey Mira and the guitar talents of┬áZiv Shalev, who has a solo in this song, he delivers an amazing track with dark and foreboding strings and vocals together with an epic guitar that will leave a chill down your spine. This song is some of the best orchestral work this fandom has to offer; you should definitely have a listen and support the album it’s from!


Tw3Lv3 – time flies. | Ambient

Tw3lv3’s had a string of releases this month, but I wanted to feature this one in particular as it’s always nice to see a bit of ambient music. Over its course, time flies ebbs and flows like the tide between deep bass with cinematic drums and ethereal pads, interspersed with birdsong. It’s incredibly relaxing, and BL1NKY sums it up better than me in a simple comment on the video: “song for make me sleep”. Go listen if you want it for make sleep too…


Skyshard (and friends) – Beyond the Sky and Sea | Cinematic Orchestra

For this awesome track Skyshard got together with some amazing vocalists to make a track dedicated to the Hippogriffs from the 2017 MLP Movie. The combination of cinematic tunes and African influences together with all these amazing voices makes for an enjoyable song and despite its length it never gets boring!



Ponies at Dawn: Zenith saw a handful of outstanding tracks from TCB, with “CLOSE MY EYES” being no exception. A year and a bit in the making, this tumultuous piece saw its creator through some of his darkest hours, but cements in history some of his most important decisions. (You can read more about the track’s lore in its YouTube description!) Featuring influence from a plethora of musical styles, spicy bass design, gorgeous orchestral elements, and hard-hitting lyrics built from show quips, this track takes the listener on a journey bursting with sonic color.


SDreamExplorerS – Neverwake | Metal

Today I have the pleasure to once again bring you an amazing metal track courtesy of the amazing Soul Strings aka SDreamExplorerS! But let’s cut down on the chatter and get straight to the song! This song was actually written all the way back in 2009 but only really picked up again last year, but it nevertheless sounds very fresh with a fun melody, amazing drums and all-round wonderful instrumentation. For all you metalheads out there this slightly-over-seven-minute-long track is perfect to just put on repeat and listen to all day long, and even us non-metalheads will get a kick out of the creative melodies and amazing riffs.


Ponies At Dawn – Zenith | Compilation Album

Following a release party over 13 hours long, including a 7-hour album showcase, P@D’s newest album Zenith has been released! As their 25th album in just over 9 years, it’s an incredible milestone to have reached! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you many of the songs from this album as and when the artists decide to release them. But that’s not all – we plan on doing a showcase of some of our personal staff favourites too at a later date. Until then, the album is available to purchase on P@D’s Bandcamp and to stream on a number of platforms.