[LDB] BlueBrony – Reborn | Orchestral Electronic

BlueBrony always delivers with something that only he could, and Reborn is incredibly well put together and performed. The track takes the perspective of Sunset Shimmer and tackles the difficult concept of forgiveness from her own point of view. After a tense, paranoia-inducing intro, the song transitions into a beautiful and delicate piano piece and continues to expertly meld other musical styles throughout the piece. BlueBrony does a top-notch job at conveying the joy and almost relief that comes from e forgiveness and acceptance of her friends.



Tripon – The Great and Powerful | Drum and Bass

Tripon coming at you with those Jump-Up vibes again. When it comes to Drum and Bass Tripon never disappoints, and this song is a perfect example of that. The build up in the beginning with the horns is excellent in framing how powerful this song is going to be, and the usage of Trixie vocals helps us transition into a drop with some very classic Jump-Up sound design. The break section continues with the horns from the intro and leads in to second drop with some super interesting variation on the first drop. Once you finish up with this song be sure to check out the Bass House version of it as well.


Cloud Hop – Dreams of Distant Stars | Orchestral

Hold onto your flank because this track is going to take you on a ride to the outer reaches of space! Based off of a fanfic about probing the galaxy until there is nowhere left to explore, Dreams of Distant Stars is the exciting overture of the trip to places never seen before. The song alternates from soft instrumentation to a building sense of adventure, and ultimately peaks with exciting drums which drive the choir voices and other instruments with fierce energy. Both intense and beautiful, this track makes you feel the great ambience of space and not just from the perspective of someone gazing and admiring, but as the protagonist zooming through the infinite realm as an explorer!


bank pain – rewritable EP | Drum & Bass

Bank pain’s newest EP is the result of more than a year of work, and it really shows. With a nice mix of chill and heavy sound design bank pain sets out to show how he’s improved over the past year as a producer, and you can really tell how much improvement there has been. This is not an EP to miss if you love insane sound design. Be sure to grab it on bank pain’s Bandcamp page.


[P@D] EM120X & SDreamExplorerS – Æthereality (feat. Daria Intoxicated) | House / Metal

Here is another exciting collaboration featured in the most recent chart topping Ponies at Dawn album, Rebirth. Æthereality combines the amazing housestyle music of EM120X with the phenomenal guitar shredding of SDreamExplorerS, featuring both SDream and Daria Intoxicated as vocalists. The track immediately catches your attention with the excellent synth and drums before making the bold and creative choice to introduce dueling metal guitars.A rare mashup of styles and great performance for all, be sure to check out this amazing addition to the Rebirth album!


Toby Macarony – Welcome to the Academy | March

Toby Macarony is great with a good mashup and this time he combines a couple of songs used as backing tracks in “Wonderbolts Academy” with some of his own flair to make a spectacular march. The first part of the song is immediately recognizable from the show when Rainbow Dash approaches the Academy. Toby adds a great drum intro with embellished low brass to really solidify the rhythm before tying the pieces together in a big hit with an awesome synth added in. Unique in composition and genius in composition, be sure to taste the sky when the Wonderbolts say Welcome to the Academy.


PrinceWhateverer – Destabilize (Ft. CGScrambles & Brittney Ackerman) | Metal

Wow! Here is an awesome metal track about Sweetie Bot of all things! Prince Whateverer puts his trademark, driving, metal sound to great use with some added vocal assistance from CGScrambles & Brittney Ackerman. Destabilize is intense throughout with an awesome breakdown which uses a mechanical-like synth to really bring a cool dynamic to the heavy track. This is another excellent PW track and well worth checking out!


Crimes Against Sound – Lyra Heartstrings (Peggy Lee ponified) | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 3 June 2018.

This is the first music release from Korneev (that I’m aware of at least), and it’s a good one too! A fantastic parody of Johnny Guitar (a song which some may have heard from the Fallout New Vegas soundtrack) all about Lyra, it has some absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn animation as well of Lyra jamming along.


Sights Unseen – Going Down | Hip Hop

Here is an unexpected twist from the normal Sights Unseen style. While he has always been good dabbling in different genres, Going Down explores the rap genre with each character of the Mane 6 getting a verse to describe how they defend Equestria. Sights really wows in this track by supplying a different voice for each protagonist and doing it all on his own. The choruses flow very nicely and change up the track to keep it fun and interesting while featuring multiple unique voices together. Sights is definitely one of those producers that has a very distinctive sound all his own and is definitely worth checking out to see for yourself!