[VibePoniez] Altius Volantis – Rooftops Were Her Home | Chillout

Another Skyscrapers LP track, and high up on a certain skyscraper is Cyan Chaser, a mare who wanders about on the rooftops, where she feels safe and secure. This song is written about her, and features all those chill vibes. While mostly consisting of just synths and strings, the song gives off a carefree feeling with how peppy and cheerful the overall sound is. Songs inspired by OCs are a treat, and I sure can’t wait to hear more about Cyan!


One Track Mind – Rainbow Dash Had One Too Many Ciders | Chiptune / Synthwave

I so love it when spontaneous ideas turn into something amazing, and here One Track Mind put that thought explained in the description in musical form and actually made that little story happen with the help of Dashie vocal samples! The instrumental is so creative and mind-blowing over the course of its progression in pure One Track Mind style, and this fun little treat is very appreciated!


[P@D] Camelia – Eastern Power | Electro

Making their debut on Ponies at Dawn: Ignite with Eastern Power is Camelia, an electronic musician from China. This song features plenty of bouncy drums and optimistic synths along with some wholesome Pinkie Pie samples, even including some chiptune synths at one point! One thing about P@D is that you normally get to see some completely new faces next to some bangers, and this is no exception!


Replacer – Passing By [VIP] | Chillout

Replacer’s latest outing sees a return to Passing By in the form of a VIP, originally the 68th track from Ponies at Dawn: Echoes. While the core song has remained the same, this VIP version strips down some of the musical elements and has a more refined feeling, especially in some of the piano chords throughout that are played differently and sounding more ominous when combined with the bass. It even has a slightly longer runtime, clocking in at exactly 4 minutes long. While it’s a step in the right direction, that amazing psychedelic feeling hasn’t gone anywhere!


Cloud Hop – Endgame | Hybrid Orchestral

Today marks the grand return of orchestral and electronic musician Erik McClure, better known as Cloud Hop! Endgame is his first release since April 2019, and serves as the closing track to his new album, Dreams of Distant Stars. The song, for its part, is inspired by the final battle of the show, incorporating electronic drums sounds in front of the orchestral background, painting an image of the Equestrian forces building up confidence to finally take on the Tartarus Trio. Towards the end, there’s even a key change which makes this piece sound more dynamic and emotional, sounding like the final buildup to a battle of epic proportions. Kinda like this track, really. Cloud Hop definitely hasn’t lost his charm!


RoomVR – Kyradeen’s Melody EP | Piano Solo / Ambient

I am writing this as I experience the EP as a whole for the first time. I have been so excited for this for so long <33 ahhh this intro, so innocent and exploratory, and so evocative, classic RoomVR style ❤ once the lower notes of the piano begin to move, you really start to feel it! And the ambience of the Gentle seaside Breeze just calms your soul and begs you to relax and enjoy it. aaahhh, and when Peace and Quiet comes in, it just washes over you so smoothly ❤ This track was featured on the recent Ponies At Dawn album, Ignite. It’s such a beautiful, uplifting, peaceful seaside melody, just makes you want to get your hooves in the sand and go for a walk! I absolutely love the way she’s able to constantly keep the listener’s attention, even with simply a piano and an ocean ❤ And now as the sun sets, the Orange Skies grasp the listener, using a really beautiful, unique chord structure, adding a little density and color, while still maintaining that wonderfully peaceful RoomVR vibe! as an aside, please note how adorable Kyradeen is!!! Roomie’s OC is just the cutest thing <3333 AH AND NOW THE SUN SETS!!! These ambient pads and strings make their first appearance in this EP, and they could not be more welcome! Lush and inviting, and cool, I can feel the breeze cooling as the heat of the sun dissipates, now below the horizon, and the moon begins to show her face ❤ To wrap up, we’ll Reminisce on the wonderful evening we just experienced… and what a beautiful evening it was! I can imagine lil Kyradeen wandering around, watching the sun set, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the birds flying overhead…

This EP is one I have anticipated for a long time, and one I cannot wait to purchase and own for myself! (you should too!) I’m so glad to see this lovely girl back from hiatus, and I look forward to so much more <3333


[ASOS] LaunchSix – Shrapnel | Riddim

(This Article Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Whirly Tail)

Woooo Hoooo, how about a slight break from my streak of Ponies at Dawn tracks to bring you this fully loaded of a zinger track of a banger from ASOS: Brownie. I’m not alone, I came with my buddy Whirly Tail to do something on his turf. Shrapnel is a such a hard and harsh track. As soon as you start this track, it’s go time. The fight is coming as you feel like you’re about enter a battle. The melody sets that mood until that first drop. The effects of police sirens with harsh and grungy mixing of beats and tones, really gives the sense of a war zone going on, and I really like the how the mixing creates unique elements that sound like a battle is going down. Fans of Fallout Equestra’s own BlackJack will find the song super enjoyable as it based off LaunchSix’s love for the character. But as I said, I did not come alone to this warzone, Whirly Tail! all yours my friend.

Whirly Tail: Thanks, Drake! Oh my GOSH does this track go off!! The intro just gets you primed, moving along to the beat, head bobbin’ away, and BAM, THOSE BASSES JUST TEAR YOU APART!! Don’t even get me STARTED ON THE SECOND DROP, MMM THOSE CLASSIC DISTORTED YOIS, LaunchSix REALLY knows how you get you absolutely RAILING!! mmmm, great job as always, buddy <333 And thank you Drake for working with me on this write-up! I look forward to more from LaunchSix, and I can’t wait for the next installment of ASOS

This was Drake and Whirly of HMH. We both hope you enjoy this track. As always, This Qilin and Whirly One. ask you to judge for yourself.


MrMehster – Holi (Festival of Colours) (Ricardofr-200 Remix) | Synthwave

ricardofr-200’s first attempt at synthwave is a remix of MrMehster’s submission to ASOS: Ice Cream, Holi (Festival of Colors)! The original was a psychedelic trance piece with world-inspired vocal samples and drops, this remix brings it back to the 80s and slows down gradually, fitting the pace of a night time drive. You know a song is good when you can turn it into a completely different style and still make it sound amazing.