HMH submissions form open!

Want to submit a song or album to HMH? Now there’s a new and easier way to do so! Traditionally, we’ve been reliant on our staff members scouting for songs to post about. However, it’s easy for us to miss something in our YouTube subscriptions and we might not spot new artists immediately. So we made a submissions form for anyone to submit their music to HMH!

You can submit your own music or someone else’s at this online form.

Submitting guarantees that we will check out the music and consider it for a post. All submissions will be subjected to our usual review procedure.

EDIT: We are unlikely to accept anything over a month old. If you do submit something older than a month, we will make sure we follow the artist to catch their next release.


The_snake_skin蛇皮 – The Pony with a Hundred Faces | Rap / Hip-Hop

I can’t say I’d ever heard Chinese rap before I came across one of The_snake_skin蛇皮’s songs – the horse fandom once again fosters cultural exchange! Snake’s flow is fantastic in this rap about Pinkie flexing her many, many talents. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Chinese – the uploader provides full English subtitles!


Pipetka – Autumn Dreams | Chillstep

As the days shorten and the nights draw in sooner, Pipetka has something for us to reflect the vibe of the season. Vintage-sounding guitars and strings combine with a trap-inspired drum beat to create a relaxed atmosphere. Take a listen for a bit of a nostalgic feel as the weather grows cooler.


[ASOS] MCO945 – Drowning In The Clouds | Liquid Drum & Bass

Liquid DnB is always so relaxing and satisfying to listen to! MCO945 makes their YouTube debut here with a song from last year’s A State of Sugar album. The soundscape is so airy and atmospheric, it captures the essence of the title perfectly! Check it out for something that’ll make you want to both dance and chill at the same time.


Nugget – Midnight Sonata | Orchestral

Trying something very different to their debut release, Nugget brings us this gentle piano-led orchestral piece. It’s very harmonically interesting and seems to make use of a couple of different modes and scales! Its bittersweet sound and backstory is a reflection of its inspiration, as it serves as a lovely tribute to Nugget’s late great-grandmother.


MirroredReality – Apotheosis | Trance

MirroredReality never disappoints with their amazing tracks, and Apotheosis is no exception! With a stunning melody and an upbeat synth this song is sure to get you on your hooves and dancing!


Algo at All – Scrimshawl (covering Captive Unicorns) | Art Pop

Today I’m happy to bring you this lovely cover by Algo at All, breathing new life into an amazing song with his lovely voice and a completely new new instrumental, especially said vocals and the guitar make for a wonderfully captivating song that makes you nod your head along.


Daniel Ingram & Ashleigh Ball – I’ll Fly (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Electro House/Trance

Just because Gen 5 has now officially kicked off doesn’t mean the classic show tunes won’t get any more love! Today I bring you a fun remix by EveryDayDashie, a track full of fun synths, booming drums and drops that’ll stay in your ear for quite some time, EveryDayDashie also makes good use of muffled vocal to spice up the track a bit, making for a wonderful bit of variety.


Ethan Toavs – Catching A Star | Orchestral

It’s not often that you see Generation 3 fan content nowadays, but today I’m delighted to bring you this wonderful piece by Ethan Toavs, a wonderful bit of orchestral that gets you in an adventurous mood with it’s booming, deep horns and melodic strings, a definite must listen even if you have never seen G3!


[BP] Drixale – Sing For The Night | Chillout

As part of Everfree Park Ranger’s (formerly Balloon Party) newest album “Everfree Park: After Hours” Drixale brings us this wonderful and calm piece. A combination of soft synths, some vocal chops and even lyrics from Drixale himself makes this a calm and catchy piece that I’ll have on repeat for a while.


Totalspark – Paradigm | Liquid Drum & Bass

This sweet Liquid Drum & Bass track sets the stage right away with a soft beat, shiny piano, flowing pads, deep sub bass, everything just sounds so polished and shiny. You’ll absolutely love it. Yet it’s not super intense. Just exactly what you need to take a moment, sit back, relax… And imagine something like a beautiful field of flowers, or a flowing river. I could go on and on, but you should listen and experience this track for yourself.