[P@D] Phoxi – Starlight Ataraxia (Lovestruck Brony Remix) | Electronic

TBH I have no idea what genre this is because Lovestruck did such a good job of blending a bunch of different styles together, but namely dubstep and a kind of garage/breakbeat type part. And it’s not afraid to suddenly switch things up between the 2 styles. If you havent’ heard it already, I can almost guarantee the drop will take you by surprise.


The Snatcher – A Fallen Star (ft. Marina) | Orchestral

This isn’t the first pony song from The Snatcher, but the last was almost 2 years ago, so I’d never heard of him until now! This song is based on a fanfiction called The Assasination of Twilight Sparkle, so no bonus points for guessing where the title comes from, but this song is a reward in itself. A 7-and-a -half minute epic with duet vocals from The Snatcher himself and someone simply known as Marina, it’s not every day you get something like this!


[P@D] Crusader & Mythos – Blast ‘Em / NeoN & Sonic Tap – Benevolence | Dubstep

Whoa hey double post time! Got a couple of late-night dubstep collab tracks from Amity for you. First up is this trapstep-like tune from Crusader (no, not that one) and Mythos; the most significant thing about this one being the switch up between half- and full-time drum patterns with ease. Also, I adore that siren-like sound at 1:07.

And second up, a more traditional dubstep track from NeoN and Sonic Tap, whose IRL friendship makes their collaboration a perfect fit for this album’s theme! Supersaws and growls aplenty, you could certainly consider this more melodic piece than the previous song.


GhostXb – Adagio’s Adagio (Ft. Maria Grigoryeva) | Orchestral

An adagio for Adagio. Take a wild guess what this is about and how the rest of the series will be titled ;P I would go into more detail on the specifics of this song’s theme, but Ghost wrote a small essay in the description, so you should take a look at that and let him explain the song better than I can. But what I can say is that is that it features live violin from professional violinist Maria Grigoryeva; good on Ghost for going the extra mile for the sake of a lead instrument.


Vylet & Sylver – i just want you to notice me | Future

I think this is close enough to call “future”, with low-fi hip-hop influences and some additional audio aesthetic thrown in for good measure. But anyway, about the track itself – this songs marks the release of another character-specific EP from Vylet, simply titled lotus, after the character on whom it focuses, and again with the theme of the album deeply rooted in romance.

You can get the EP for just $2.99 on Bandcamp, and I expect Vylet will upload the remaining songs to YouTube over the coming weeks..