Nicolas Dominique – Cloutains | Trance

DJ and musician Nicolas Dominique’s love for trance is essential and what a gift it is their skill when it comes to producing. Maintaining the file since February 2011 being their beginning of releasing music, it is now released and a very thoughtful decision getting the deserving work for this phenomenal song. Rich sounding pluck synths of various tones float soothingly in harmony with the rapturous bass and being in hold with the addictive drums. A natural wonder in the world of trance music. You can also catch them DJing Saturdays from 9PM (UTC) at PonyvilleFM in their show Lantern In The Dark.


Makaryo – Will I Ever Make My Own Mark? (Pony Princesses Remix) | House

The new generation of musicians are making their mark and first time getting featured here on HMH we have Pony Princesses and Makaryo from the Philippines! Makaryo is mostly known for doing animations doesn’t limit themselves; they been rolling out glittering G5 singles and their Misty song got a worthy remix. Crazy to think that from a short indie rock version we have this extended upbeat house version with creative and catchy pre-hooks building up to prismatic drops. The lyrics and singing are precisely the story of our blue Afro-hair friend in her best trying attempts to gain her cutie mark, but still falling down. The Misty fan art spam doesn’t stop, discord users with Misty pfps keep emerging and now you’ll have to do a Misty playlist music. This new generation just keeps on getting better, better, better!


Nugget – Sisters Castle | Orchestral

Deep within the Everfree Forest, the castle of the royal sisters still stands, abandoned and dilapidated, after a thousand years and the unforgotten battle of Celestia and Nightmare Moon. In the middle of the night and rubble it remains untouched a harp and an organ….playing by themselves. In this composition by Nugget, this sinister experience is captured with a deep timbre choir and thunder ringing out in the distance as the shivering piece echoes through the ruins of the haunted castle. Will your heart stay petrified and never come back or will you be a returning guest for more thrilling compositions by Nugget?

ASoS: Doughnut release party announced!

It’s late notice, but it’s happening!!!11!1! A State of Sugar, the brony fandom’s sweetest music collective, are releasing their latest album Doughnut tomorrow! Not only will there be an album livestream hosted on PonyvilleFM, playing through the new album in its entirety, but also a release party in Pony Town on the events server. The party starts at 3pm UTC (10am Eastern); set your alarms now because there’s less than 24 hours to go!

The album is also available to pre-order on A State of Sugar’s bandcamp page, and will be released after the party.


Ante Up – Lay Your Head | Dark Ambient

Holy… okay, it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything dark ambient, and this track honestly just takes the cake. It begins with Fluttershy’s lullaby and a distorted pad. Then all the other instruments join in, making the soundscape almost mystical. You start to feel as if your soul has just been enveloped in this utter despair, and it’s amazing! “Lay Your Head” is full of little changes that make it very interesting, and all the elements pull you in to keep listening. I really recommend this if you’re a fan of the genre!


Nugget – Serenity | Orchestral

A soothing and more laid back orchestral piece, “Serenity” is a wonderful change of pace from the epic orchestral soundscapes I’m accustomed to! A vibraphone is the main focal point of this song and has a very ear-pleasing melody and calmness that is accompanied by some strings and soft choirs. It thrives in a simpler arrangement that doesn’t ask you to pick out a plethora of subtleties, its there to relax. After all, as the theme suggests, its about the simple things in life!


Aiky – Robot | Electro House

Now this is an interesting one! Robot uses a lot of staple and simplistic electronic synths, but its rhythm, melody, and flow is addictive and catchy! Like a blast to the past aged like a fine wine Aiky has released something that embraces simplicity in all its forms yet proves that a little can go a very long way!


Sparklight Productions – Opening my Wounds | Chillout

Our emotions can be spilled through words or deeply touching tones of simplicity, but with lots of emotion of complexity. A heart-touching atmosphere conveys itself in the tenderness of the piano as mystical vocals encompass beautifully and a slow drum beat kiss gently the musical elements alike the rain caressing our skin. This song is a reminder to be open about our internal struggles and/or provide our time to listen those who display happiness in public, but suffer in private. Self-harm is never an option, either physical or mental.


Caedon Hawk – Let Me Be | Chillout / Pop

Both lyrically and musically, Caedon Hawk’s “Let Me Be” conveys a euphoric message of freedom – a freedom gained by courageously determining to be yourself despite what others think.  The track’s upbeat instrumentals and insightfully introspective lyrics strike a perfect balance, offering sound wisdom to live by, while remaining light and fun to listen to. Since this track is part of Caedon’s upcoming album, “Note to Self,” be on the lookout for more great music from this talented artist!