EveryDayDashie – Pegasus Venture (ft. Skyshard) | Asian Hyperpop

EveryDayDashie never fails to deliver! Working together with Skyshard for this part of his musical world tour, he delivers some Asian-inspired hyperpop that also features influences from other genres too! Not only is this an upbeat, fast paced track that’ll have you bopping your head along, you can also spot EveryDayDashie’s violin work in there, along with some Dubstep, an orchestral outro and a lot more! This one is definitely a track to pay attention to – clocking in at almost 5 minutes while never once sounding repetitive!


[VibePoniez] limbosystem – Still | Acoustic

limbosystem’s “Still” is a wonderful and warm acoustic track off of the latest VibePoniez album! It features a flute and guitar duet for most of the song, along with some organ and just the slightest touch of jingle bells to really put you in the holiday spirit. Towards the end, several voices join together in an angelic oooh that will really send shivers up your spine! It’s the perfect thing to listen to on a cold winter day, so to all you northern hemisphere bronies, make sure to catch this one before Winter Wrap Up hits!


Blurain – Wind Sprint | Alternative Rock

If you aren’t watching newcomer Blurain yet, get them on your radar! Tackling the very tough issue of separated parents beginning to date new partners, Blurain brings us this empathetic rock track dedicated to an underappreciated one-off character, the titular Wind Sprint. Singing from the heart and personal experience, the newcomer blends the best parts of pop-punk and grunge into an awesome, edgy, and optimistic tribute to the purple filly.


Silvr_Scr33n – LittlePip’s Diss Track 2.0 | Hip-Hop

Light Content Warning for swear words, also the fic this is based on is rated Mature on FimFic, so proceed with some caution

Alright, this track came out of nowhere, and dam it goes hard! Almost every single line in this is a reference to the original track, and despite the pretty standard length of just under three and a half minutes this is way more then I can cover in a single article, so I’m just gonna show you some of my favourite bits: The very first line already shows you what’s up, playing around with “Little” Pip and the big bars that are about to follow and the same is continued with wordplay in multiple other spots in between the rapid fire references. During the chorus the counting is panned so as Silvr_Scr33n counts up you’ll hear the numbers “walk” by from one ear to the other. In between the bars there’s a fire instrumental section that’ll blow off your socks if the bars haven’t already done that. Silvr_Scr33n in this track goes from staby rap to almost sung vocals and some in between! And that’s not even close to everything that’s awesome in this track so definitely give this track a listen!


Mare in the Rain – Reasons to Live feat. Chaos Angel (Friendship Was Magic pt.2) | Metalcore

We’ve all had a time when we felt weak and lost faith in ourselves, but these pains will fade away only if we choose to remain hopeful. Whether it be for someone special or our future, there is always a reason for us to live freely and pursue what we desire, just like this exuberant metalcore banger “Reasons to Live”. Collaboratively created by Mare in the Rain and ChaosAngel, this energetic tune and its thought-provoking lyrics inspire us to reflect on our life and aspiration. But the scream and growl don’t stop there as an upcoming dramatic twist immediately brings life to this metal masterpiece and releases countless emotions in a billion shades and tones. Regardless of what they are, there are always a million reasons to scream out our dreams, unleash our sentiments, and live the life we want. It is something that keeps us strong, something that keeps us and our dreams alive, and this song has exactly demonstrated such. Give this song a listen if you’re searching for something to spark hope and energy in your life!


PumpkinZeta – Honeysuckle | Tropical House

PumpkinZeta is no stranger to making chill music, and his new track Honeysuckle really dials up the breezy feels. Featuring tropical, beachy sounds such as chill guitar and vibes, as well wave-crash-y sounds around the drops, this chill track whisks its listeners away from any rainy day to warm, sandy beaches and peaceful fun in the sun!


Tw3Lv3 – Nebula | Lo-Fi / Drum & Bass

Today Tw3Lv3 delivers yet another calm and relaxing banger. It starts out super chill and relaxing, easing you into the track as it slowly but surely builds as you listen, climaxing with a fire DnB drop towards the end before it eases to a close. Definitely something to put on repeat as you study or just for relaxing!

Voting opens for the Top 10 Brony Songs of February 2023

Right off the back of the annual Top 25, the Top Brony Music team is ready for another monthly roundup of fan faves, this time from February! There are at least 130 songs to choose from this month, going by Luck’s playlist which you can use for some inspiration. Voting is only open for another 3 and a bit days at the time of this post, so get to it and use your Celestia-given right to cast your ballot at the voting form here!


[VibePoniez] Evr! – Shimmer | Chillhop

The second holiday-themed album from chill music curators, ”VibePoniez,” is out now! Among the host of new tracks is Shimmer from up-and-coming artist, Evr!  Aptly named, this beautifully chill track features a slow, hip-hop-y beat, gentle piano chords, and twinkly sounds that wrap the listener in a warm and comforting blanket of shimmering sound, bringing to mind images of gazing up at the night sky on a starlit wintry night. Be sure to check out this and other tracks on VibePoniez’ new album, Hearth’s Warming Vol. 2!


Moon Song – Ensnared | Pop

Right from the start, Moon Song’s simple drum kicks and chopped up vocals will have you “Ensnared” in her melancholic melody! While the song’s instrumentation is definitely not to be forgotten, what stuck out to me were the timid yet fierce vocals, which really help provide a sense that these are Fluttershy’s innermost emotions flooding to the surface. Combining that with the instrumentation–a well-mixed concoction of soft piano, poppy synths, and an ever-changing drum track that offers some fun surprises–Moon Song provides us with a tune that is simultaneously heartbroken and uplifting!