Francis Vace – Horses In Real Life EP | Ska Punk

It’s never too late to release an album on our favourite sextuplet of pastel coloured horses, which is exactly what Francis Vace recently decided to do. Horses In Real Life is a 6 track EP of all original catchy ska punk songs based on the concept of the Mane 6 living in the real world. Track 1 is My Rainbow Horse and Me, first released on Ponies at Dawn: Eternal, and depicts a scenario where Rainbow Dash is living in someone’s house after popping through a TV. She’s said to be a messy freeloader, living with no job and using the character’s utilities for herself. AJ’s Honest Apples tells the story of a new brand of apples reaching town, with the chorus being sung from her point of view. These apples are free of pesticides and taste like no other apples you’ve ever had! Interview With A Fashion Icon tells the story of Rarity being interviewed about her time in the human world as well as her fashion endeavours. While keeping the familiar ska elements, it’s a slower number that feels like something Rarity would have no problem singing. The fastest track on this album, Bright Pink Horse, is about Pinkie simply dancing in the street, with the fast pace capturing Pinkie’s hyperactive personality with flying colours. Overall, with six fast tracks about our six favourite ponies in six unique scenarios, this is an EP you can’t pass up. If you’ve enjoyed Francis’ work over the years, this will be a great addition to your collection!


[P@D] loophoof – We Will 2.0 | Drum & Bass

loophoof returns with another exclusive track to Ponies at Dawn: Echoes with track 50, a fantastic remake of his older track We Will! There’s an incredible amount of vocal chops from Rainbow Dash, and believe me when I say there’s a lot. A good 75% of the song is filled with them, but they’re put to good use, and fit well with the beautiful synths and fast drums. The loophoof ride never ends!


SmD House – Finding Yourself | Orchestral / Chillout

Mellow pizzicato string plucks start out this soothing piece by SmD House. They are soon to be accompanied by a piano and harmonious single-note violins under a pulsating drum line. Occasionally, very occasionally, there is a deep, dark, filtered synth line peering into the track that starts playing before the drums cut out. But before you miss the drums for too long, they come back over an even more harmoniously stacked sound. The only thing regrettable thing about listening to Finding Yourself is that it ends, and that can easily be solved with the loop button!


Ampderg – Mindless (feat. Suskii) | Alternative Rock

Suskii‘s really branching out into the rock stratosphere lately. This track is a collab between the former and a fresher face, that being Ampderg. Suskii’s emotional vocals on top of Ampderg’s hard hitting rock background is an impressive combo with lyrics about pushing forward through an anxiety attack and not looking back. Raw emotions permeate through this track, and it’s clear there was a lot of love put in!


Daniel Ingram – This Is Our Big Night (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Rod Steven is an underrated gem in this fandom. While most people only know 1 name for eurobeat bangers, Rod has been cranking out fantastic show remixes for quite some time! This Equestria Girls remix injects a lot of energy and traditional genre synths into the original track, fusing with the movie vocals to an excellent result. If you aren’t subscribed to Rod yet, then you’re doing yourself a disservice!


[Equinity] Tw3Lv3 – Am I Interrupting ? (feat. Retronax) | Lo-fi

Tw3Lv3 has really been bringing the pony tunes lately, and up today is this Fluttershy-inspired lo-fi collab with Retronax. Very mellow and easy to vibe with, Am I Interrupting is a feature on the new Equinity compilation album available for pre-order. The tag team put in some choice Fluttershy chops to add a satisfying, homely feel to a great chill song.


Francis Vace – The New Librarian | Ska

A world without Francis Vace’s joyful music would be a much different place. Track 2 from his new EP Horses In Real Life, it depicts a scenario in which Twilight has entered the real world and works as a librarian as well as a teacher, giving friendship lessons to any kids who pay attention. Oh, and naturally, she has a thing for you, the listener. Fun times! Vace has a knack for creating incredibly catchy ska tunes with hilarious lyrics, and this is no exception. Go pick up Horses In Real Life today!


[P@D] Forest Rain – Chrissy (Nightmare Mode) (feat. Cyril the Wolf and Whirlwind) | Punk Rock

Track 4 from the fresh Ponies at Dawn: Echoes as well as one of the exclusive tracks from the album, Forest Rain appears on the P@D catalogue for the second time with a new version of her song Chrissy! Enlisting the help of Cyril the Wolf and Whirlwind on bass and drums, they’ve all come together to recreate the track, making it feel more in vein of The End of the World. It begins with a new intro featuring spoken word over an organ before jumping right into the song with a new key, stronger drums and truly menacing vocals. To add to that, the rhythm section gets a chance to truly shine, especially Whirlwind, who shows some amazing drum chops in a brief yet memorable drum solo. Easily one of the stand-out tracks on this new release!