Viricide Filly – Uality | Downtempo

Viricide always brings something unique to the table and “Uality” is no exception! Its got that sharp wonky feel I’ve come to know and love with a deep atmospheric vibe to it. In her own words, “Imagine a binary star system. Two orbs of light orbiting around each other. Without one, the other cannot go on.”  Its a rather intriguing way to describe this track as it sets the mood and really gets you thinking and fits really well with the theme of ‘Yet Sightless’ in my opinion; As it follows Eleanor on her journey to find self knowledge and love.


New Reverian – Altitude | Drum & Bass

This was New Reverian’s submission for P@D and, while it didn’t make it on the album, he’s blessed us with this lovely DnB tune! The atmosphere on this one is fantastic with some lovely use of reverb and a catchy lead perfectly encapsulating the feeling of soaring through the pegasi-laden sky. I have personally not heard his music before, but I am definitely looking forward to what New Reverian has in store in the future, as his music can only go up from here. Cheers!


Ditherer – Admirer (prod. TCB) | Hip-Hop

This track off Ditherer’s upcoming album tells the story of the darker side of Sweetie Belle’s emotions in The Break Up Break Down, detailing the loneliness and hopelessness she felt before and after figuring out Big Mac’s package was for Sugar Belle. The episode ends with a happy resolution, but Ditherer expertly weaves a flow detailing her sadder feelings. With a somber beat by TCB showing off his propensity for vocal chops (this time from the CMCs), this song has got me excited for Ditherer’s next project!


Inkwel – From The Moon | Drum & Bass / Future Bass

Inkwel bringin’ us a track from the Alicorn EP. And a very good one too, I love the Pads and synth vibes on this track. They go very well with the Atmosphere and all around theme of the Track. The night life can be felt really well during this song and I really enjoy it. Its upbeat vibe while at the same time calming and exciting mixture is a piece well thought out and very enjoyable. Ink you’ve done well my friend. Keep it up! ❤ show some love everybody.


MC-Arch – If I Ever Forget | Album | Hip-Hop

After months of buildup, MC-Arch‘s new album has finally arrived! If I Ever Forget finds Arch rapping to anyone with hurt in their lives, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that typically plague “motivational” rappers. Along with some production from Arch, the album features several pony regulars, like Mikuma, TCB, Bank Pain, and PegasYs. Additionally, Arch experiments with several vocal stylings and has more melodic content than what he usually makes. With the Post Malone-influenced Drivin’ (featuring a lush beat from MrMehster) and the gorgeous Flutterwubs, Arch’s melodic chops are apparent and he melds them together with his always-unique flows wonderfully. This album is an emotional ride and I’m sure it was for Arch too, so be sure to pick this one up!


Daniel Ingram – Apples to the Core (Riovelk’s Eurograss Mix) | Eurobeat

Riovelk is back with a new Eurobeat remix of a show song and it’s always so welcome! This time we leap back to the family spirit of S04E09 Pinkie Apple Pie and the Apple family’s song (including Pinkie!) to reawaken that spirit along classic Eurobeat uplifting vibes. This is sure to make the journey on the road even more happy, no matter the obstacles!


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Replacer – Piece of History | Classic Rock

The hype for Enigma has been building up for a while, but it’s in full swing now that we have our first real taste of the music! 4Everfree and Replacer have come thru with a magnificently catchy tune about Princess Twilight struggling with her princesshood and longing to recede from the public eye. The vocals (especially the falsetto backing vocals in the chorus) and production, as indicated in the description, is highly reminiscent of Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra’s, which is always a plus for me. The premise of the song is a wonderful juxtaposition with its actual sound and this is truly something everypony can enjoy. Well done, guys!


Blackened Blue – From The Shadows | Metal

What better way to express suppressed feelings than with a Metal song and the power of rock music? From The Shadows deals with Stygian’s Shadow (remember he -spoiler alert- wrote a book about it) and what it represents, and the fitting heavy guitars and drums are so perfectly conveying that theme. The melodic parts are a real delight too and overall this track stands as a masterpiece of heavy metal!