Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (TheMogul Remix) | House

Well. It seems that remixes of “Gonna Be My Day” are now kinda like a trend in the community lately, and this time being no exception. TheMogul delivers us this simple but fascinating remix of this song. The song starts with that characteristic guitar from the original tune. But then, all of a sudden, a deep bass, along with some punchy drum sounds accompanying the vocal by (in words of TheMogul) the best new pony, Sunny Starscout! After that, the track buildups for the drop, which is very cute and amazing. I love the high-sounding mallets in the drop, accompanying the hook, a neat detail for the track! And last but not least, I contacted TheMogul himself, and he told me that he is preparing a remix for every song in the movie! So, please stay tuned and give some support to him.


GhostXb – Lunar Snowfall | Lo-fi

There is nothing more beautiful and comfy than Heart Warming (a.k.a. Christmas days!), it is the perfect moment for celebrating and sharing those priceless moments we have with our family, and when chilling with our friends as well! and GhostXb knows this, and the track sounds just like that. GhostXb tells us that he took for inspiration a Wonderful fan art showing Princess Luna gazing at a cold night full of stars and the gentle snow falling from the sky. There are not enough words that describe how great the image looks, so that is why our dear friend decided to make a soundtrack for it and to show us those feelings one has when we are at these moments of the year. The track begins with a small tambourine rhythm and a crystalline piano melody that instantly sets you in the mood for this cozy song. We can hear some warm guitars strumming around, accompanied by those sweet keys in conjunct of neat drums that are just phenomenal. The track continues incorporating new melodies and chords (yes, this tune even has that “Christmas-ish chord” that makes everything sound nostalgic!). We can also listen to some strings, bells, and more tambourines. The atmosphere is just great. So, what are you waiting for! Go and have a pleasant time listening to this excellent song!


Kaida – Luna | Melodic Dubstep

Kaida give us this melodically amazing and very emotive song! This time, about one of the princesses on Equestria, Princess Luna. The song is the second one in the Princess Project by Kadia, so stay tuned and check her channel for more of this phenomenal project! (that is going pretty well so far). The track opens with some gentle strings and a dreamy pad. After a while, you can hear a cymbal and some crystalline keys in the distance. Then, everything comes down only to leave space to the buildup, made of an energetic percussion and a soft and sweet lead. It’s preparing us for the drop. And, oh man, it’s a hard-hitting melodic banger! Filled with emotional chords, stunning saw-synths, and a punchy drum kit. This track is just wonderful, like our dear princess Luna. So what are you waiting for! Go and give it a listen, and also show some support to Kaida, She’s a very talented artist!


BlueBrony – The Magic of Hearth’s Warming (feat. Agatan, Flitterkriz & Sakairi Melodious) | Funk / Orchestral / Jazz

Hearth’s Warming songs are always one of my favorite parts of the season and this one hits it out of the park! I’ve known about the making of this song for a while but everything I heard massively understated how awesome this is! Before the song itself starts we get a quick holiday skit, involving all the musicians, I won’t touch on that too much because this is about promoting the song, but let me tell you it’s hilarious and provides a good transition to the song itself.

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Optimistic Neighsayer – Puttin’ on the Ritz at the Gala | Piano

If you aren’t following Optimistic Neighsayer (and you should!), then you are missing out on all kinds of creative takes on G4 music! Their most recent hit is an imaginative mashup of the 20s classic Puttin’ on the Ritz and Season 1s At The Gala channeled solely through piano composition. The concept was born out of the popular music composition challenge DustCar under the prompt “Non-pony Pony Cover” and what an ingenious response this track was! Puttin’ on the Ritz at the Gala is a very bouncy, upbeat piano piece that jumps back and forth from tunes in a way that keeps the song exciting and fun.


Koron Korak – Huge Amounts of Pressure | Dark Synth

Koron Korak has been on a hot streak lately! With the release of their Neverending Scars album comes a lot of powerful tracks, heavy themes, and personal growth! Huge Amounts of Pressure is certainly a fitting name and theme for the track as the instrumentation and production create a tense and oppressing sound design. The low-tone synth and heavy bass drum kick you right off the bat while the rest of the percussion keeps the tempo fast. Add in an eerie high synth to carry a lead melody and what you get is the musical equivalent of every thought in your head telling you to get more work done and to be better.

A lot of hard work and emotion went into this track and album, and it definitely is reflected in the final result!


BGM – Maremas! | Rock

Everypony who loves mares like I and BGM do, check this song out!! Such a wonderful fan song and gift for Hearth’s Warming! The ponies are singing to us! Rocking guitars along the voices of our beloved ponies, make us happy!! Let’s spend the holiday the brony way once again my brethren!
Check my wall of text comment on the video for more details about how much I love this song if you want!


[PF] Skyshard – Guiding The Way (feat. Acouste Wholenote, Studio Quinn & Zelizine) | Alternative Electronic

The second full-fledged alum that I hosted with my project Pony Family is out now, and this exclusive from Skyshard & Friends is just SO wholesome and like the kind of pony music we miss, I just had to have it as the opener!! I hope that you will enjoy this trip to Equestria! And do check out the rest of the album that is filled with pony emotions! Find it on Bandcamp here! Links to all the musicians who contributed in this song can be found in the description of the album on Bandcamp!


Deavas – Snowfall’s Frost | Metal

One of my favorite releases of the year for sure, Deavas’ new pony Metal beauty goes above and beyond, making use of TalkNet for custom pony vocals, singing lyrics you wouldn’t believe..!! The result is an all-out alternate version of the episode A Hearth’s Warming Tail, with Snowfall Frost actually removing the holiday for real as an evil witch, and Twilight happily singing the tale..! I just LOVE fan works like these so so much!!