The Combine – Stand Alone (feat. Feather & Rhyme Flow) | Hip-Hop

What does this fandom, the friends that you make while you are a part of it, the things that you create while you are here mean to you, and the growth that you make personally, and how much of it will you take with you if you leave? Whatever your answers are to those complicated questions, the creators of this song understand your point of view and actions. These topics are explored at first through the metaphor of Luna’s banishment to the moon and later more directly, and it serves as a heartfelt call for introspection and support for all existing and former fandom members. The Combine has packaged this message wonderfully into a song that is, both in terms of the chorus and the overall song structure, reminiscent of Eminem’s song “Stan”, with Rhyme Flow providing a heartfelt appeal by Luna to Celestia regarding her banishment to the moon which morphs into a message to remaining community members and to those who have left the fandom imploring that they value their time and experiences here. Feather (original channel/more recent channel), who has herself moved on from the fandom, provides the beautiful chorus vocals for Luna. It’s all packaged in this great lyric video that shows Luna trapped on the moon with a view of the World. Please give this song a listen, give the message your consideration, and remember that you are loved and valued no matter what your answers to these questions are!


Japkozjad & Altius Volantis – Smile! | Glitch Hop

Today we’ve got ourselves a special collaboration, everypony! Join me as Japkozjad and Altius Volantis show us what Polish bronies can do! The song starts out with a slow melody, and quickly we get to the build up. The build up itself works only with drums and overall is very reminiscent of TheFatRat’s “Unity“. Afterwards we get into a different melody, this time made up of the bass and drums. The main melody quickly joins in to create a melodically awesome arrangement that has it all, and the background rattle gives it this wonderful, filled sound. Some awesome Pinkie vocals are then added; after a bit the vocals and main synth drop out only to rejoin, quietly at first, and then getting progressively louder. After a while we get another of these awesome drum build ups that culminates in a slightly different melody where the drums intercut the main melody. This goes for a small bit until we return to our main melody and the vocal chops. For the ending we get a combination of the vocal chops and a slightly higher pitched synth.

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Sound Bandit x Chuckles – Hype Music | Hip-Hop

Have you gotten caught up in the G5 hype yet? There has been a flurry of art and music inspired by the small bit of animation and art that has found its way out of Hasbro HQ, and DustCar Race 17 focused on G5 as inspiration for its participants’ tunes. Sound Bandit (rocking the sick beats) and Chuckles (providing the slick lyrics) teamed up to make this fantastic track that discusses the perils of getting excited about an unreleased film for which fans have few specifics. The creative drive of the fandom has started to generate its own theories, weave its own stories, and push an uncertain narrative at a rapid pace. Will we be satisfied with what is ultimately released? The duo suggests that it doesn’t matter and that, in the absence of concrete information, the whims of the movie’s creators are irrelevant. There is a compelling argument here to get caught up in the hype if you’re ready and willing. It’s not House music, but I hope that you’ll enjoy it all the same!



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Long live horse music! Long live the herald!


Avicii – Wake Me Up (feat. Aloe Blacc) | House (what else would it be?)

I’m sure that all of you have seen the announcement about HMH’s change in terms of the music we’ve been covering, but just in case you haven’t, please go and read it first!  Many of us were probably not expecting this, but after much deliberation, all of us here at what has now become House Music Herald feel that this is the right choice going forward.  We hope that you all will support us in this shift as well! We have discussed the various aspects of this in depth and have answered every question, so as we move forward, here is my first article for House Music Herald!

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Victor M – Complicated | House

Greetings everyone, I know this is very awkward coming from me. As you know from the news article posted on HMH this morning, significant changes were just put in place. I was not too pleased about the new format, and I let my opinions be known.

However, I will be using my real name from now on, writing these articles as Patrick Myers. I will always be DrakeEmberHeart in your hearts and minds. I was even able to keep that as my posting name, at least. I am going to terribly miss covering the unbelievable talent we used to cover. However, life changes, and you got to move forward. As a professional, I must do my job by still giving you write-ups on the best music worldwide. I will still give it the same effort I always give – just for more mature music this time. I’m Patrick Myers, and on to the music!

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Avicii – The Nights | House

Today, as part of our format change, I’m going to talk about the song “The Nights” from the late EDM wonder Avicii. The track starts out with a short, but amazing “Hey!” to introduce the lyrics. The vocals in the first verse talk all about the younger years where you learn your lessons and make memories, and how throughout all of that we always have the support of our parents. Our goal should be to face our fears and embrace challenges so that we live a life worth remembering. All this is accompanied by some more “Hey!”s and this amazing folk-like instrumental, as well as the amazing beats Avicii is famous for. As we get closer to the drop the folk elements take a backseat, and the awesome House beats and a lovely piano take over. Introduced by the short line “My father told me”, we get our build up, joined again by some “Hey!”s, this time with added clapping, and then we come to the drop – and oh my god – this drop is one of the best I have ever heard! It’s a fun melody joined by strings to make the perfect House drop. The drop is short and sweet, and afterwards we get straight back to the lyrics telling us to do big things: to “carve your name into those shining stars” and to not throw our life away. Soon after we get the amazing house beats that are just a pleasure to listen to. After that we once again come to the pre-drop lyrics, and the beat gets even better with all sorts of fun things attached, and then we get into the build up again. The drop once again is just a fun explosion of all things House and those awesome strings. We end the whole thing on one last “My father told me”, and then the song fades out. I can’t tell you enough how great this song is, and I implore you all to listen for yourselves!

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Salvatore Ganacci – Horse | House

Ganacci is gucci and this Horse is in the House! Probably the best song of all time, from the second-best musician Sweden has ever given us (big-ups to the OG House Yeezy, Avicii), Horse is a very deep and complex track with a powerful video to supplement a lot of the nuance in the message. We know this is deep because the track begins with a simple sample and flashing yellow text that says “Salvatore Ganacci” – very moving. As thunder roars and falcons dressed as eagles screech, Ganacci comes to life. Truly a masterpiece in the paradigm of wonder, although why anyone would ever use a horse as a medium for any kind of personal, musical expression is beyond me.


Avicii – Waiting for Love | House

Hey everyone! I know that we’re going through a bit of a format change here, but for those of you who are struggling to cope, maybe I can offer a bit of help: This absolute gem of a progressive house track! The subject matter is something that I’m sure that you’re already on board with: The ability of love to overcome all obstacles. Avicii delivers that message through a stirring song that opens with some great keys, pulsing synth, and outstanding vocal work from Simon Aldred, the former lead singer of the band Cherry Ghost. As the masterful house beat kicks in, an arpeggiated synth melody joins in the background, which creates some really nice depth to the mix. As the song heads through the chorus it builds slightly, and then, rather than drop, it fades out before percolating back to life and going through a couple of combinations of the main melody prior to another build and a subtle drop that isn’t over the top but fits the progression of the song really well, ultimately leading back into the vocals. The mini build ups and fall offs and arrangement changes throughout the song really give it the feeling of a journey, and the accompanying video plays up to this really well as the protagonist searches for his missing love through an unlikely and delightful adventure. I also highly recommend checking out the excellent animated lyric video, but I caution that watching it may activate a strong ocular and nasal response. Thanks for reading, and may your home be filled with house music!

HMH Update: Format Change and New Name!!!

Welcome to the new and improved House Music Herald! Starting today, our great staff of human promoters will be focused on bringing you the best and newest house music on the market!

Why house music? There’s a few reasons for our new focus on the only good thing to ever come out of Chicago.

Number 1) The domain name was available. Have you tried buying websites? There’s like no cheap ones left – but we got this one!

Number 2) Anything over 130 beats per minute is trying too hard, and we all have enough anxiety in this world.

Number 3) Everyone loves house music. It is the Kanye West of actual music. Literally everyone is on the house market.

Number 4) The expert promoters on our staff feel that house music is a very mature route of music, which symbolizes personal growth within us all. Also you can’t tell us what to do; nyah nyah ppppbbbbbttttt!

So in conclusion, we are excited to announce that from this day forward, we will be known as House Music Herald. Tell all your friends, subscribe to our socials, and all hail Avicii!