Cantersoft & Friends – Extended Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

What better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FiM than with an awesome megacollab? Featuring some great vocal work and punchy instrumentals, this is a fantastic tribute to the show and is sure to evoke a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. It’s clear that a lot of love went into this song, and the effort was well-worth it! As a giant bonus, the accompanying video is a wonderful companion to the song and combines fan art and animation with great clips from the show. Please check it out and give these guys some love!


Crusader! – Firelight (Covering Aurelleah & John Kenza) (feat. PegasYs) | Folk

Today everypony we have an awesome remix by Crusader! of a classic. Crusader! has the perfect voice for a happy upbeat cover of this amazing song. The track starts with a lovely Melodica solo accompanied by a little guitar until Crusader! begins singing the amazing lyrics, which are now mostly accompanied by the guitar. As we near the drop the guitar nearly completely disappears until the drop. Oh the drop–what I haven’t mentioned yet is that Crusader! doesn’t use any of the original synths or drum loops, and the effect is that, especially in the drop, with the guitar and the Melodica going wild, it feels like a whole new song! After we return to the lyrics Crusader! surprises us once more by all of a sudden adding claps, hammering in the campfire vibe. The claps disappear as we near the drop. Leading with the classical Crusader! GO!,  we get an even more beefed up version of the drop than before, this time with the addition of the claps and even more. For the finish we first get a combination of both vocals and the drop before the outro takes us home with some more awesome singing.
So time for some more detail gushing!
You might have realized it or not (it certainly took me a few listens through), but at some points Crusader! accentuates the lyrics a bit differently than PegasYs did in the original, making for a small but all the more amazing difference that helps make this feel like a whole new song. In addition to all the things I mentioned above you can also at times hear a clarinet playing as a bit of a background melody.

Once more thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading and happy holidays to all of you!


Noc – Main Theme (Sunken Horizons OST) | Soundtrack

‘Empty Horizons’ is a breakneck adventure, its sequel, ‘Sunken Horizons’.
If you are a fan of Goldenwing’s work and have been itching for the next in this series, you are in luck–you can listen to it here! BUT! You can also enjoy this beautiful track by Noc with some outstanding composition featuring epic Spanish style guitar work and breathtaking use of bass and strings in this opening theme of this pony fanfiction series’ next installment! The cello solo really is a real standout in this track, and the music is put together so well that it makes me want to read both stories! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


StealingShad3z – Cross State Letters | Acoustic Pop

So everypony today we’ve got a song that had me honestly up for days trying to think of a way to write about it. In conclusion: I can’t really do this song justice, so you should definitely listen to it yourself. The song is a love letter to Shad3z’ girlfriend, and the combination of acoustic pop and the sweet and lovely lyrics make for a romantic combination that has yet to be topped. Shad3z acknowledges how difficult life can be when it seems like the world is burning and society is collapsing, but having a special somepony can help you keep perspective and realize that it is all temporary. Over all those clouds is a rainbow, and together you’ll make it through.

As always this article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


[P@D] 4everfreebrony – This Is What It’s Like (feat. Envia Sun, SaxPon3, and TheMusicReborn) | Alternative Rock

Track 3 from Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse is This Is What It’s Like, the first of three appearances of 4everfreebrony (along with Envia Sun, SaxPon3 and TheMusicReborn) on the album! The song depicts a scenario where Celestia visits the moon while Luna’s still imprisoned there, to see how she’s hanging on. Celestia here is portrayed by Envia Sun, and her voice is absolutely spectacular. She really completes this piece, making this happy-but-secretly-sad song sounding amazing. If that’s your thing, you’ll love this!


Harmonic Six – Someday | Orchestral

Harmonic Six continues their string of crafting heartfelt orchestral tributes to beloved series characters with this beautiful tribute to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo! The song’s title and first half are reminiscent of the episode “Sleepless in Ponyville” where Scootaloo begins the episode hoping that “someday” Rainbow Dash will notice her and take her under her wing, which is evoked wonderfully through a soft, building orchestral arrangement. The song takes a dramatic turn midway through that echoes Scootaloo’s fall into a river and rescue by Rainbow Dash, who saves her from being swept over a waterfall. The song then returns to a more gentle theme, which seems very appropriate for two daredevils whose love of speed and adventure is ultimately secondary to their love for each other. Overall, the song has a wonderful cinematic feeling that successfully emulates the qualities of the movie scores that inspired it. The result is a really well-made, emotionally satisfying track that should not be missed!


[ASOS] Painters & Poets – Everything Here | Acoustic

Today we’ve got ourselves another song from Chocolate, Painters and Poets bring us this great Acoustic track. The song starts with just the guitar for a bit until the lyrics start and later we get a beautiful lead guitar solo. The lyrics tell us that we have to try to make something great from what we have and that we have everything we’ve ever wanted right here and we just have to discover it. And on a more personal note some of the lines really made my eyes water up simply because of how beautiful this song is and how much nostalgia it brings to me, back in the day when my parents had a CD full with songs like this one when we drove into another country for our vacation and I hold those memories so dear.


Kareniya – Hush Now, Little Sister (covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

Kareniya brings us his amazing cover of “Hush Now, Little Sister” a rather lesser remembered song from the episode ‘Somepony to Watch Over Me’ and no matter what you think about the original you will like his cover of it. Using only a guitar and his voice Kareniya gives this song the feeling of an old classic you listen to when you go on vacation cause you´re parents put it on a CD. The song is perfect too just chill out for an hour or two with it just in the background or as background music for working on anything. The song really conveys the feeling of security the original gave to Apple Bloom.


Round Trip – Pony Life The Musical (warning: very deep) :'( | Piano Ballad

Round Trip is up to their brand of stick pony nonsense again! You have to love their humorous takes on MLP! Pony Life is off and running, and ya knew it was only a matter of time before this was coming. The song pokes fun at Fluttershy’s obsession with the Equestrian celebrity Finn Tastic (Watch: Pony Life episodes “The Trail Less Trotten” and “Death of a Sales-pony” for context), and Round Trip amusingly touches on this subject and adds some clarity. Her obsession drives Flutters to run her friends into the ground getting trail badges and selling insane amounts of cookies. Round Trip just fills in the blanks with what her friends are thinking and their fun singing voice is perfect for having some fun with Fluttershy and throwing in some common sense for the mare “to boot”! Just watch and have a fun time! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Bonus: Also Please check out MuseScript‘s Cover as well!



NyxTheShield – Flutterwonder (feat. Vannamelon) (Covering PinkiePieSwear) | Acoustic

Longtime fandom music fans likely need no introduction to the original “Flutterwonder” by PinkiePieSwear. There have been many remixes and covers of this fantastic track, and NyxTheShield made an acoustic cover of it themself years ago (with the help of some great vocals by Shiny Song), adding some simple but lovely lyrics in place of the masterful vocal splicing of the original. Definitely check out the previous versions if you haven’t before!
This new version is absolutely beautiful. It benefits from NyxTheShield’s improved production skills, and the acoustic music format is even more immersive than before. The song even features some great recorder (yes, recorder) work! The secret sauce here is that Vannamelon‘s voice suits Fluttershy’s character really well, and, paired with the accompanying art and animation, it transports the viewer to the time of young Fluttershy discovering the wonders of life on the ground. The overall effect is mesmerizing and uplifting. Please give it a listen!