Jonny Music & Yensid Organist – Open Up Your Eyes (Organ Cover) | Organ Solo

The MLP movie soundtrack has plenty of bangers, and Open Up Your Eyes is one of them. Jonny Music and Yensid Organist have come together to create a fresh arrangement of the song on a church organ, and good thing too, because this song translates perfectly to the instrument. All of Emily Blunt’s vocal lines, the chords and soft instruments seen in the original fit perfectly here; the organ really captures the menacing tone we heard in the original!


Rinnie – Celestia’s Ballad (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

Rinnie’s latest cover from the show is of Celestia’s Ballad, one of the more memorable numbers from season 3. The added guitars and drums add a new feeling to the original, complimenting Celestia’s voice. The overall sound feels like something from the 80s thanks to the electronic drum sounds and additional keyboard riffs towards the end, and the original audio from the episode where she transforms (without the visuals, mind you) adds a lot of suspense!


Ardeleiz – I Will See Them Fall (Covering Francis Vace) | Acoustic

The ska song I Will See Them Fall by Francis Vace, released on Ponies At Dawn – Celestial Planes was a delight. Ardeleiz made an acoustic cover of it, their voice solely accompanied by the sound of an acoustic guitar, which they manage to make a great diversity of sounds come out from. The energy of the original is still here, conveyed through the stunningly high quality vocals, but more controlled, serener. A pleasing common trait both the songs share are the Hispanic vibes emanating from them.


Koron Korak – Twilight Sparkle Music Box Melody | Music Box

Ever wanted your very own Twilight Sparkle Music Box? Now you can, for the low price of 1,000 Equestrian Bits! The music that plays in the box is a recreation and extension of the music that plays from the box Twilight forms in A Royal Problem, sounding cute as ever. 30 seconds in, it sounds even more twinkly and lovely to the ears! Along with this came a hilarious commercial for it, which you can check out here.


William Anderson – Friendship Report (BGM Recreation by Harmonic Six) | Soundtrack

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I listened to Harmonic Six’s latest release, a recreation of the Friendship Report background music from the first season of MLP:FiM. I really got a nostalgic vibe from it, especially considering how well it was recreated from the ground up. It’s short but sweet, and I hope you also enjoy it.

Your faithful student (I guess?),
Blackened Blue


Dusk – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Heavy Metal

I don’t think we’ll ever forget about this song. Dusk has created a metal cover of The Magic of Friendship Grows, keeping the original vocals to give it a ballad-like feeling. While it remains heavy, the instruments play with a laid-back dynamic so as not to overpower the vocals or create a clashing feeling. Everyone’s voices fit the instrumental, especially when they’re all singing together towards the end. If you like his music, go see him at TrotCon if you can!


Hackamore – twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas | Album | Alternative

[Content warning: profanity]

Hackamore shows up every now and again with touch-ups of old classics. This most recent compilation album is an interesting take on several well-known originals from when they went by Jeff Burgess. The instrumentals have undergone a noticeable improvement, but that’s not what you’ll notice about this album. twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas appears to be an increasingly drunken Fern trying to remember the lyrics to old hits and laughing over memories of performing them live.

Of the songs on the album, many are renamed for the joke based on recognizable tracks like Aphelion (we are all luna on the moon), Beyond the Rainbow (doctor scootaloo), Chaos is My Lullaby (discord), and of course Manehattan Nights (manehattan). In addition to the retouches of originals, Hackamore included a cover of well-known classic The Rescue by Cherax Destructor.

If you’re looking for something between a stroll down memory lane and a meme-type post, then this album is up your alley.