Nicolas Dominique – The Spark of Inspiration | Liquid Drum and Bass

An inspiring piece to say the least. Nicolas always dishes out a masterful helping of ambiance in their songs. In fact they have a hand in sparking my motivation and design choices. The Spark of Inspiration is a fast-paced atmospheric masterpiece with a piercing melody that doesn’t give us much information to go off but thats the beauty of it. Its not about the song its what YOU make of the song. What do you enjoy? What inspires you?
What is your spark?


Daniel Ingram – Open Up Your Eyes (Tripon Remix) | Neurofunk

Tripon is back with a really cool twist on Open Up Your Eyes! Starting off with some sharp and eerie plucks the track quickly builds into an absolute banger with an intense bassline with a shuffled rhythm adding to the madness! Tempest cuts through the mix surprisingly well and the ‘softer’ part that we all know from the original also gets the full treatment with a calmer atmosphere and a little room to take a quick break before we get back into the meat of things! This is one of my favourite remixes of this song to date and if you’re looking for a unique remix, you’ve got one right here!


Lorris – Rafales | Drum & Bass

Lorris bringing out a great D&B track Inspired by Rainbowdash and Omnipony! Another reject from P@D: Skyward but none the less its still Shining! Its a very embracing melody yet very Intense! I like the contrast between eachother and it does my ears great pleasure with listening to it as I’m writing down this HMH article! I look forward to hearing both more from Lorris, as I look forward to Skyward. Great work Lorris!


Daniel Ingram – Luna’s Future (MirroredReality Remix) | Drum & Bass / Acoustic

Luna’s Future is always a fun song to see remixed, and MirroredReality does something a little different here. Setting the scene of desolation with the wind blowing over silence, the song begins with some acoustic guitars playing a fun, yet ominous tune. However, things don’t take long to pick up as Aloma Steele’s signature vocals come in with a blast of energetic, yet not “in your face” percussion and melody, allowing you to focus more on the story and as it progressively builds and wanes, always keeping a nice balance of tension and flow. All in all, this is a nice refreshing take on one of my favourite songs in the series and I’m glad I had the chance to hear it!


Dynamite Grizzly – TECHNOPONE VOL.3 | Album | Electronic

Dynamite Grizzly has been dropping hot albums in this fandom for almost 6 years now and still going! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is the culmination of lots of time and hard work throughout 2018, and the final result is a great reflection of that effort!

This album features a healthy collection of originals based off season 8 as well as a couple hot remixes from HACKD and Spikey Wikey tracks. There is a good mix of genres from acid to techno to drum and bass all the way to hardcore which keeps the flow of tracks interesting and fun.

Dynamite Grizzly is a big fan of brony music and even gives a nod of appreciation on the bandcamp page for this album! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is listed as name your own price, and with all the love Griz gives us, certainly we can all give a download back!


[ASOS] MEQA & Pony Killerz – Stygian | Drum & Bass

One of the collabs of many wonders from A State of Sugar Ice Cream, MEQA and Pony Killerz‘s Drum & Bass treat lives up to the depth of its theme with a refined hard-hitting-ness that takes over our senses as we get blown away by the sound! Clean percussions, twisted synths, and an intricate progression are all showing the infinite potential of the pony psyche, and recreating the moment when Stygian gives in to his Shadow, in musical form!