Daniel Ingram – You’ll Play Your Part (Pone177 VIP Remix) | Drum & Bass

Formerly known as Rangga177, Pone177 treats us to a quality VIP of their You’ll Play Your Part remix, presenting the original vocals along with vocal chops in such comfy DnB beats, and providing an enthralling experience revisiting the classic original that will never get old!


Yanamosuda – Little Energy | Album | Multi-Genre

Here is the perfect set of tracks for when you need to just unwind, or maybe want to have something on in the background while you are getting stuff done! Yanamosuda has compiled quite an interesting array of tracks blending the right amount of peacefulness and groove to both relax and keep you interested.

There are a healthy variety of genres inspiring the album that all touch on the chill theme. One thing you can be sure of is that each track will have it’s own compelling, jazzy bass that blends almost too well with an exciting drum beat.

The album is comprised of original mixes like the titular Little Energy and Dusk Song (which has an amazing funk rhythm!), remixes from show songs like the theme and Evil Enchantress, and finally remixes of fan music like Dawn Song from Kitsuneyu and Get Lady by eksoka (featured on Cider Party!) It is plain to hear from the album that Yanamosuda put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this tremendously unique album.

Little Energy is available on Yanamosuda’s Bandcamp website as a free download, so there is absolutely no excuse not to have these 13 tracks in your library right now!


[P@D] bank pain, Tripon & Progressive Element – Ghost In The Dream VIP | Drum & Bass

Here we go again! The original ‘Ghost In The Dream‘ was an amazing collaboration I fell in love with and now as of the recent P@D: Enigma album, we have a stunnning variation of the original. Opening with the aggressive energy from the original, things start shifting and morphing and giving the original a new light and is a great nod to the original. The addition at the climax was something I wasn’t expecting but man, does it ever give it a nice chilling epilogue.
I dream


Ponylution – Falling in Sky (bank pain Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Falling in Sky has always been a great song and bank pain does an excellent job here giving it a breathe of air. Breaking away from the original’s epic and energetic chord structure and instead going with a more laid back and flowing melting pot of harmonies, bank really brings forward the feeling of ‘falling in the sky’ in a new light and is a soothing take on the original.


[P@D] Single Purpose – Fond Memories | Liquid Drum & Bass

I’d only previously heard Single Purpose’s It’s Ok off of A State of Sugar’s Bubblegum
from earlier this year, but their song from Ponies at Dawn’s Enigma is an incredibly sweet treat itself! This track has some hypnotic guitar samples and keys, with some super punchy breaks to boot. It’s always exciting to see a new Drumscape Library upload, and this track is definitely another liquid DnB tune to get lost in!


[P@D] bank pain – Breaking Of Dawn (Hay Tea & ExplodingPonyToast Remix) | Drum & Bass

Isn’t it lovely when pony musicians team up to pay tribute to another pony musician’s tune? This time it’s bank pain‘s otherworldly Breaking Of Dawn that gets the special treatment from DnB expert Hay Tea and the head of Ponies at Dawn himself ExplodingPonyToast! It results in a gorgeous DnB spin of the original, with such a rich composition, stylish synths, and lovely melodies. It’s available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


[P@D] Tripon – Stone Giants | Neurofunk

Tripon’s solo contribution to Ponies at Dawn Enigma is an adventure by itself, as epic as some Tolkien-adaptation movie! If Stone Giants were to appear in Equestria and endanger ponies, you can bet Rainbow Dash and Applejack would answer the call and fight those baddies, with the power of a mighty Neurofunk banger blasting mad sound design, creative vocal chops, and an intriguing progression! And it’s all made possible by Tripon!


Faulty (feat. ThatMusicBrony) – Path Back To Harmony (bank pain Remix) | Drum & Bass

Ponies at Dawn albums are, among other things, an endless source of inspiration for remixes, and out of the blue we get a crazy remix of Faulty and ThatMusicBrony‘s Path Back To Harmony from musical god bank pain! Going the creative DnB route, this remix delights with heavenly vocal chops and a gorgeous arrangement not lacking of dark wubs! One could say this remix represents both the darkness and the light on the Path Back To Harmony!


[P@D] DJT & NeverLastStanding – Leap Of Faith | Drum & Bass

Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection. This masterpiece from Ponies at Dawn Enigma is another proof of that, with DJT and NeverLastStanding working together to create a beauty of a Drum & Bass, creative in many ways. It’s quite emotional with that Hay Tea-like intro making for such an atmosphere, and the Applejack vocal chops are sublimating her voice so well and making for much emotion too. Not to mention the sheer amazing-ness of the electronic composition and variety of the drops! A stunning musical experience, to savor over and over again. Now with art from the amazing WhiteDiamonds aka the artist behind the famous and beloved blog RariJack Daily!