Brilliant Venture – Moved On (Extended Outro Mix) | Dubstep

An emotional closure to a meaningful live mix, this “Extended Outro Mix” played at Trotcon 2018 is very intense in how it extends the melodies from the original Moved On, always so powerful, all while including pony vocal samples and bringing all the pony spirit one last time during the mix. The last section is extremely emotional as well and it’s actually hard for me to write this song up without bursting into tears. Brilliant’s music always tends to be emotional for me and this one certainly is very potent in that regard! Don’t forget, you can watch the full recording of the music live here!


[ASOS] Zizkil – Mirror in the Dream | Complextro

Zizkil’s solo contribution to A State of Sugar Ice Cream is as unique and polished as you could expect, with a stunning progression of many electronic wonders! The melodies and sounds feel very MLP-like and cute, and it’s no wonder since it’s about our beloved Glimmy! This track has actually got quite a deep concept to it too, you can read about it from the description on YouTube!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable Vol. 1 | Compilation Album | Dubstep

Heavy basses coming up right now, pony artists joined forces to make the most heaviest album ever featuring genres such Riddim, Brostep, Drumstep and Hybrid Trap! Featuring some big names as Wootmaster, Hoofy, L.M. and VooDoo!
I recommend you give a big listen to this album, because it showcases what the fandom can provide with heavy wubs and aggressive drumming style. Never Say Neigh is here to stay, and the ones who probably say that are the owners of the label -> Hoofy and VooDoo, that with love and dedication created the next big thing along with A State of Sugar and Go grab the album! And, for suprise suprise, the album is free to download on Bandcamp so go grab it you lazy!


[NSN] Suskii – Zombug | Dubstep

Suskii‘s highly-awaited contribution to Never Say Neigh‘s compilation album Black Stable Vol. 1 is as hard-hitting as you could expect from the master of Changeling Dubstep, with fitting vocal samples reflecting crowd reactions to the insane mix and Queen Chrysalis herself making an appearance along the wicked wubs and the tasty sound design. And spreaking of special appearances, Hoofy might be in there somewhere too… :eyes:


Brilliant Venture – I Love This Fandom VIP | Dubstep

Continuing his rollout of Trotcon exclusive tunes, Brilliant Venture breaks out a VIP of his ode to the fandom from Ponies at Dawn’s AwakeningThis one is grittier and harder-hitting than the original, featuring some very recognizable samples, including the NRG PonyDub and a new section featuring the cathartic The Magic Inside, and interpolations (I think I may have heard a Trixie the Pony Troll one in the drop!). The gritty basses and upgraded sound design should certainly please any fan of Brill’s!


Daniel Ingram – A Kirin Tale (Vylet Pony Remix) | Dubstep

Now here’s a unique take on the now-famous A Kirin Tale, and I don’t mean just musically! Its concept is around a vengeance-thirsty Autumn Blaze (depicted here by art by Yona), and that concept is reflected awesomely through sick wubs and wicked drops, perhaps representing Autumn’s wrath, going for the kill! Vylet does wonders and lets his talent at hard-hitting music shines once more, while A Kirin Tale gets an unexpected new version that definitely isn’t afraid of going hard!