Ponytronic – Celestial Promises EP | Electronic

Editor’s note: better late than never, right? (sorry Tron)

Following up on their 2019’s EP Luna’s Essence, Ponytronic brings you a day in the life of Princess Celestia’s royal duties as protector of Equestria! Ponytronic takes a different approach to express that through an album where Celestia is trying to figure out how not only to rule Equestria with her Sister Luna but aid her sister in re-adapting to modern Equestria. That is, however, not expressed in melodies that tell a story of struggle but these fitting beats of positively charged D&B and Drumstep tell a tale of overcoming challenges that Celestia takes on head-on! Have a listen!

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Daniel Ingram – This Day Aria (Vale & Fl0 Remix) | Dubstep

Who said now that we’ve already got a G5 miniseries the old bangers wouldn’t get any more love? Well Vale and Fl0 are here to show that even one of the oldest songs from Friendship is Magic still are fire! And what better genre for an evil villain track then dubstep! Vale & Fl0 manage to perfectly fit the vibe of the original with threatening beats and a drop that has enough punch to it for a whole changeling army! And especially the parts where the melody pitches up high to make the vocals really make your skin crawl in all the best way!


Vylet Pony – ANTONYMPH (Vylet Ponystep Remix) | Ponystep

EVERYPONY PUT YOUR HOOVES UP /) (\ as we travel back to 2015! As well as a 1337 “2009 N3wgr0undz V3rs10n“, in tribute to art inspired by the song, Vylet has made this dubtrot ponystep remix of her smash hit ANTONYMPH in celebration of its first anniversary. It’s reminiscent of some of her earlier work in the pony music scene, and the MLP-inspired dubstep that drew so many of us in to the brony music scene in the early 2010s (but with better mixing 😉). Check it out if that’s your jam, or you’re just feeling the nostalgia.


[P@D] TCB – For The Taking (feat. General Mumble) | Colour Bass

Songs about MLP villains are nothing new, as musicians over the years have used creative talents to make music that embodies that character with their skill sets of music. Then you have this track from TCB and General Mumble from P@D: Zenith – a villain song with major style points! TCB captures the essence of Nightmare Moon with those sly drops and his trademark bass crunches, blended with these melodies that sound from the outer limits of the galaxy itself! Oh, and Mumble adds these 80’s like pop vocals that are far out and so deliciously speak for the motives of Dark Alicorn of the Moon herself. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


4everfreebrony – The Fall (feat. Namii) | Chillstep

“The Fall” is a beautiful deviation from 4everfreebrony’s usual flavor! A mesmerizing atmosphere filled with subtle synth arpeggios and a wide breathing soundscape, it really feels as if you are falling through an expansive and unforgiving sky. The song is short and sweet, and Namii’s impressive vocal range is the icing on top for such an airy song while the natural drums add an organic feel to a genre so used to a more digital percussive element!


Maldecid – Changeling Plague | Deathstep

Changeling Plague is a fun one! Maldecid sets a dark tone right out of the gate with a myriad of voice lines from the Queen of Changelings during the Canterlot invasion. The slow and heavy percussion marches poignantly and delivers the rhythm to a hard-hitting drop with unique and eerie sound design, without overwhelming the listener with too much at once! The choir stabs work incredibly well as a foundation for the rest of the music, creating an experience to behold!


Silva Hound – The Siren Song (feat. Wubcake, Namii & Brittney Ackerman) [Aventrix Bootleg] | Dubstep / Breakbeat

Here we have a short but solid take on Silva’s siren song, in the form of a bootleg remix from Aventrix. It sits at a tempo somewhere between dubstep and drum and bass, and has a couple of nice switch-ups between drum patterns to keep things interesting!


[P@D] Canvas & Evr! – Find Me (feat. Kleyna & Liefsong) | Melodic Dubstep

It’s that time again, pony folks – another Ponies at Dawn compilation is soon to be released, which means pre-releases are dropping in anticipation, and hiking up our anticipation in turn! The first to be released from Ponies at Dawn’s 25th compilation record, Zenith, is this sweet, atmospheric track from Canvas and Evr!. Perhaps the song is titled as it is because it’s all too easy to get lost in Kleyna and Liefsong’s soft, wistful vocals and the driving melodies of the drop. Crisp percussion and tasteful chops polish the track to perfection and only leave you wanting more!


Vale & Fl0 – The Legend of Somnambula (Dubstep Remix) | Dubstep

There’s something almost nostalgic about dubstep that samples clips from the show… Vale & Fl0 nail this classic style in this short but sweet piece about the legendary sphinx-busting pony. It’s full of deep and heavy modern bassy sounds, with a nice use of the harmonic minor scale to hint at a Middle Eastern vibe.


Midnight Wave – End Task | Dubstep

The second track from their CTRL+V’ EP Midnight Wave breaks out a classic dubstep style melded with some synthwave-esque supporting instrumentation in a unique mix of sound signatures! ‘End Task’ does a great job at keeping things interesting with switch-ups in the drops while building a fairly cool atmosphere around it.