The Wilders – It’s the Pony Hip-hop (EveryDayDashie remix) | Electro House

I still haven’t seen any G5 stuff since the movie, but songs like this might just convince me to get round to checking it out! EveryDayDashie’s remix of It’s the Pony Hip-Hop puts a dancefloor-filling spin on this song from Tell Your Tale. The use of lots of effects on the vocals are a great little touch too!


[P@D] Zizkil – I’m Fine | Electro

Zizkil’s most recent Ponies at Dawn contribution is like a sonic candy store: there’s something sweet in this track for just about anyone. Sparse, moody vocal chops and a number of different flavors of sound design dance over a beat that’s perfect for head-bobbing and hoof-tapping, with sharp, scratchy noise splashed in to shake it up even further.


Various Artists – trīgintā [EP] | Electronic

“Trīgintā” is a word in Latin that means “Thirty”. This EP is a mix of old and new from Brilliant Venture and friends that reflects on the past thirty years of his life and this fandom, with optimism for what the future holds. Its a wonderful mixed bag of goods including an original piece, remix, and a mashup!

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Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Songbird Choir Remix) | Electro Pop

Flawless was one of those songs with one of the most thought-provoking messages in the show. Daniel Ingram provided a dramatic touch in how the mane 6 understood themselves so much. The music itself was bold, deep, and intimate in the mane six being so unafraid in expressing their character flaws. Songbird, instead of going to that level of grandeur, here opts here for a more toe-tapping melody. The same emotion is there, but it’s more lightly and subtly in the theme. The piano and the profound use of these deep synth harmonies within the melody, at almost horn-like beep-boop thunder, roll with the ups and downs. It’s very different from Daniel’s track, but honestly, it gives way the same deep and personal touch with the mane six expressing themselves to the world about this subject. It’s what you honesty expect from someone like Songbird Choir to stand out in this manner!


Daniel Ingram – Smile Song (Peasant Jay Remix) | Electro Pop

If you’re a fan of cheerful, bouncy tunes and juicy chords, this remix of “Smile Song” is perfect for you! Peasant Jay proves that fresh takes can still be made on the most classic of pony show songs, fusing a number of styles together with bright synths, jazzy basslines, and even a raucous guitar solo. The combination of Pinkie’s familiar melodies and Jay’s chipper new instrumentation are sure to leave you with a spring in your step – and, naturally, a smile on your face.


Jyc Row – Tempora’s Requiem (feat. Decibelle) [Malachi Mott Remix] | Electro Pop

Malachi Mott has done a great job of revamping Jyc Row’s original version of Tempora’s Requiem, an epic orchestral track that captures the inner turmoil of Princess Tempora (from the fan comic “Timey-Wimey”) as she struggles to keep time and events under her control. Malachi refreshes the track, making it more upbeat and using impressive percussion and vocal chops to convey both the chaos of war and the hype of the dance floor. This new rendition deserves praise for retaining the epic intensity of Jyc Row’s track while enhancing the enjoyment factor by adding the energy of EDM.

Koron Korak – Huge Amounts of Pressure | Dark Synth

Koron Korak has been on a hot streak lately! With the release of their Neverending Scars album comes a lot of powerful tracks, heavy themes, and personal growth! Huge Amounts of Pressure is certainly a fitting name and theme for the track as the instrumentation and production create a tense and oppressing sound design. The low-tone synth and heavy bass drum kick you right off the bat while the rest of the percussion keeps the tempo fast. Add in an eerie high synth to carry a lead melody and what you get is the musical equivalent of every thought in your head telling you to get more work done and to be better.

A lot of hard work and emotion went into this track and album, and it definitely is reflected in the final result!


Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (loophoof Remix) | Complextro

Well, let’s address the blatantly obvious: every note and beat of this song is amazing, so half of this article is going to be me gushing, and it’ll need theCANderson’s touch to make it sound coherent, so this might sound slightly different then my normal writing. The song is just too amazing!
We start this absolute masterpiece with the amazing vocals by Vanessa Hudgens and just a small melody, but as Sunny skates through the town of Maretime Bay the melody slowly builds up. Then we approach one of my favourite parts of the song: as Sunny skates through the streets we get this really stunning bit where only every few words or so we get an amazing beat, and the rest of the time it’s just Miss Hudgens’s stunning vocals. Then the beats and melody slowly ramp up to a build up that was sent from the heavens. And just as heavenly is the absolutely gorgeous drop where we keep our beat from before as the melody and other synths ramp up to 300 percent, resulting in a wonderful drop that words fail to describe! There’s also some awesome vocal chop work in there! We jump straight out of the chorus in the next verse, and the beat first starts out like in the beginning of the song–rather calm and really highlighting the vocals–but soon it ramps up again, into a funky, more disco sounding beat, something I didn’t quite expect but love to hear! We quickly get back into the lovely, beat-vocals-interplay, and then before you know it we’re back to the absolutely fire build up before jumping right into the even more fire drop! This is so unbelievably much fun; I promise you that even if you hate EDM you will love this! This time as we jump out of the drop we get some more amazing vocal chop work that’ll make every EDM-addict’s heart beat faster! Next we get this small, more quiet beat that is reminiscent of the intro beat but isn’t the same. Along with the vocal build from the original we also get an amazing build up in the beat: Now the beat from the earlier interplay joins a riser as they form one of the best EDM buildups I’ve ever heard! The drop is amazing as always, and for the ending we get this amazingly done bit where the beat just suddenly cuts out and we only get a slight bit of melody to accent the final lines of vocals.
All the thanks to theCANderson for proofreading through my incoherent gushing!


Evgeniy Doctor – Hibernation | Electro House

It’s pretty funny that Evgeniy Doctor based this song on Benny Benasi’s “Satisfaction” (don’t follow that link if you’re at work!) considering how different the subject matter is, but it works! The track opens with cymbals and a buzzy synth line and quickly gets into some great house percussion. Some excellent vocal chops set up the track’s story, and the insistent vibe of the track is explained as Rainbow Dash stresses out about Tank’s need to hibernate. I love the “hibernation” Flutterchop that is used for a bit of vocal melody–it’s a hilarious parallel to the “satisfaction” lyric from the inspiring track. There is some nice depth to the mix and satisfying synth design throughout the song, and the arrangement keeps the energy high and dynamic. I was expecting this song to be a lot more chill when I saw the background art, but I didn’t mind being surprised! Add this track to the holiday playlist!