Sparklight Productions – Opening my Wounds | Chillout

Our emotions can be spilled through words or deeply touching tones of simplicity, but with lots of emotion of complexity. A heart-touching atmosphere conveys itself in the tenderness of the piano as mystical vocals encompass beautifully and a slow drum beat kiss gently the musical elements alike the rain caressing our skin. This song is a reminder to be open about our internal struggles and/or provide our time to listen those who display happiness in public, but suffer in private. Self-harm is never an option, either physical or mental.


Caedon Hawk – Let Me Be | Chillout / Pop

Both lyrically and musically, Caedon Hawk’s “Let Me Be” conveys a euphoric message of freedom – a freedom gained by courageously determining to be yourself despite what others think.  The track’s upbeat instrumentals and insightfully introspective lyrics strike a perfect balance, offering sound wisdom to live by, while remaining light and fun to listen to. Since this track is part of Caedon’s upcoming album, “Note to Self,” be on the lookout for more great music from this talented artist!


19 year old musician GLIMM has been around in short while and has featured previously on VibePoniez, ASOS and Ponies at Dawn. Adding to their pony discography of premium quality, we’re gonna have a lesson of musical intervention with their latest and mesmerizing release. Get a grip on of your chair, the aesthetic visuals and hardness of the bass will drift you back to season 4 of MLP G4 with Pinkie’s Wonderbolts Rap on a flaming Phonk beat; the popular Soundcloud subgenre of the 2010s and online car culture. You’ll be sent off at high speed with tempo changes as the wicked cowbell melody will bop your head unconsciously. We hope you have a fire extinguisher nearby for your stereo system after the listening.


DJSleepyHooves – Bedtime Story | Plunderphonics

Time for bed, but first let me tell you a story; once upon a time a very special unicorn made lots of friends and together they showed the magic of friendship. Now a very special musician shows us their musicality of harmony. Based on the movie A New Generation, DJSleepyHooves stirs 2 soundtracks and a diversity of vocal sampling from the movie with their glittering creativity. A clever and silky intro with retro sounds playing from a cassette tape having Argyle as the storyteller abruptly glows up with the energetic drums as the ponies’ vocalization joins in like pinballs propelling to this musical gem. A priceless banger full of magic….bing bong!


ALostCarolean – Changeling | Darksynth

Changelings, evil creatures feeding off emotions of others; morphed from birth, to deceive and hide in plain sight. And ALostCarolean, Swedish music producer debuting with the industrial horror sound of Darksynth, an unexpected subgenre in the fandom. The arpeggio synth approaches from the distance and hulking drums leap directly onto your face with a thick, heavily distorted bass line while dark synthwave melodies fly in the atmosphere and electronic metal rhythms escalates the energy. If you love the type of dark clubbing themes, you’ll feed on the darkness of this tune.


Toby Macarony – In Love With Another Man | Glitch-Pop

The creativity of Toby Macarony is incessant. You felt in love with their previous releases and now you’ll love another new and bouncy release by them. Carefree melodies, a bass bopping miscellaneously and prismatic chords are in joyment side by side that’ll get you prancing! Let love magnify equal as the radiating consonances of this song. Don’t forget to hug your partner today like the lovebirds of the video.


Awkward Marina – Anthropology (The Living Tombstone Remix) | Electro Swing

It is no mystery when the famous upbeat swing piano plays accompanied by the distinguishable ear candy vocals of Marina. Anthropology got renewed to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and The Living Tombstone bursted in along to remix it! With a 2D version of Marina dancing, TLT favors their music production style alike a swing band playing with lively electronic synths to fill up the ambience and jam the crowd! What a great time to relive and give tribute to the swing era and relive Lyra’s musical human obsession. Classic fandom songs don’t get old and to revivify the lyrics is no fake mythology. Join the crowd and rejuvenate your playlist with this remix.


Cherax Destructor – The Rescue (Algo at All remix) | Chillout

The origin of the song The Rescue dates back to 2013, inspired by the shipfic Vinyl and Octavia: University Days. The song and the fic keep aging like fine wine and remain unforgettable. A refined fresh remix recently dropped by Algo at All with a feel straight to the heart to pound to the beat of this new sound. The glossy singing of Cherax attaches ingeniously well with the dreamy sound of the synths, the smoothness of the drums and fluid melodies, all elements dancing like butterflies in your stomach. If you ship Octavia with Vinyl, then ship this remix with your music folder!


MagicMakesItAllComplete – Unfix It Quick | Plunderphonics

I ADORE how OG MLP goes along with this. The nostalgia and the times of now get combined here to create a wonderful piece of music. This track itself is an EXPERIENCE. So many smooth, lovely, and chill vibes with BOTH top tier electronic sounds and yet the acoustic instruments mixed within add a touch of class. The vocal chops as well add unto making this track just… perfect, cute and wholesome. Let this track showcase that IT DOESN’T MATTER what generation of MLP the samples are from; they will remain TIMELESS, just like this track right here!


4EverfreeBrony – Copycat 2: Repeat After Me | Cover Album

4EverfreeBrony has been constantly releasing exceptional music since 2013, dozens of original distinguished singles, great covers, pony parodies and resplendent albums done by the multi-genre musician. Back in 2019 he released Copycat, a wholesome album doing covers of songs by brony musicians. Now in 2022 he has released Copycat 2 and featuring a range of musicians! This album is like a time capsule made with the respectful intent of bringing to light some of the lesser-known hidden gems in the fandom; some tracks on the album are more well-known, but many of them are tragically overlooked.

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