Vale & Fl0 – The Legend of Somnambula (Dubstep Remix) | Dubstep

There’s something almost nostalgic about dubstep that samples clips from the show… Vale & Fl0 nail this classic style in this short but sweet piece about the legendary sphinx-busting pony. It’s full of deep and heavy modern bassy sounds, with a nice use of the harmonic minor scale to hint at a Middle Eastern vibe.


H8_Seed – The Pickup (PegasYs Remix) | Pop

Is it a remix? Is it a cover? Doesn’t matter, it’s just great! PegasYs’s take on H8_Seed’s fandom favourite showcases a production style somewhat reminiscent of the original. It’s outside the norm for what I’m used to from Pega but he’s managed to put his own spin on it with his own solos performed as well. And did I mention the vocal processing? Not just the use of talkbox (which is always appreciated), but the way pre-chorus hits gives me chills! Take a listen for a new spin on an old classic!


Drixale – No Second Chances | Lo-Fi

When Drixale describes this release as a “sentimental type beat,” he’s not kidding. Equal parts brooding and bittersweet, “No Second Chances” provides a warm palette of sounds perfect for zoning out to, punctuated by tasteful percussive glitches and quips from Starlight and Trixie.


AnNy Tr3e – Gonna Be My Day (Hasbro Tool) | Hardstyle

AnNy Tr3e continues to flex his hardstyle skills with this fresh take on “Gonna Be My Day!” His strengths in melody writing really show in both the soft piano backing up the verses and, of course, the lead in the drop, which holds a tone equally uplifting as Sunny’s words. If you’re looking for a solid burst of positive energy, this track is sure to satisfy and then some!


Midnight Wave – End Task | Dubstep

The second track from their CTRL+V’ EP Midnight Wave breaks out a classic dubstep style melded with some synthwave-esque supporting instrumentation in a unique mix of sound signatures! ‘End Task’ does a great job at keeping things interesting with switch-ups in the drops while building a fairly cool atmosphere around it.


loopy x Koa – Pull Over (Siren Song) | Remix Album

A big hit off Ponies at Dawn’s Oceansong from a year ago was the single Pull Over (Siren Song). While popular in its own right, the collaboration between Koa and loopyy really took off after the duo pair launched a remix contest with the prize including admission to this remix album.

I spoke with Koa recently who said the album was conceived because it sounded like a fun idea. She told me that she really enjoys the diversity in creative elements that come about from such a contest. The number of directions different people can take with the same source is astounding! With 26 initial remix submissions, this winter was certainly full of unique interpretations of the same project!

AnNy Tr3e Remix – You wouldn’t know you are listening to Siren Song at first with this remix. Perhaps the best at subverting expectations, AnNy Tr3e brings a very big room feel to the album.

Payyn Remix – A big buildup at the very beginning lets you know something big is coming! The mix lulls you in with soft space-y vibes right up until it punches you in the face with heavy bass and crazy wubs.


Koron Korak – Queen of Paradise | Zouk

Summer is coming, and Koron is getting ready with a Celestia-inspired song! This track just creates a nice happy vibe, and combines upbeat synth sounds and chilled elements to create a perfect relaxing summery tune. Did I mention there’s a sax solo? You can’t go wrong with a sax solo!

Nicolas Dominique – Flickering Fire | House

Nicolas Dominique is no stranger to making tunes to chill out to, but this lovely track just might keep you warm instead! “Flickering Fire” truly lives up to its own name, filled with lush synths, crackling percussion, and plucky melodic lines that dance like sparks – a perfect listen during the remaining days of cool weather.


Daniel Ingram – A Friend For Life (Snow Swirl Remix) Remake | Drum & Bass

This is actually Snow Swirl’s second venture at remixing this song – their original version came out a couple of years ago. Like the first version, this has a nice smooth liquid DnB feel to it, and combines piano and string sounds with melodic synths to keep the whole thing super upbeat. It’s not that heavy because it doesn’t need to be! Just happy vibes c: