Cynifree – Washout | Psycore / Hi-Tech

Cyberpunk vibes times! Going deep and dark again, Cynifree totalled aced that futuristic atmosphere with Washout, a gem from about 3 years ago that is finally seeing the darlight of the neon streets. Listening to this feels like exploring a brand new world, with such appreciated OST vibes!


Lexie – Cosmos Love | Future House

Lexie, a pony artist on DeviantArt and Pixiv, went on to make musical tributes to the ponies we love so much as well! And it sounds just as cute as the art looks! This amazing debut release is themed about Twilight and Dashie’s ever-lasting Friendship, as stated by the musician and quoted in the description of the Cider Party upload of the song! It’s just so sweet and lovely, all while being punchy and energetic with that Future House instrumental! Also check out Lexie’s other recent release, 星空リフレクション (Remastered)!


Nyancat380 – Ponies on Acid | Hybrid Trap

Nyancat380’s newest creative banger presented through Cider Party is here, and it takes a fun and wonky route! If anything, I’ll agree that for example Pony Life episodes have totally been written on acid! This Hybrid Trap beauty is defying expectations once again and proves to be another solid and tasteful experience of sounds! I tried to match it with fitting visuals in the video!


[P@D] L-Train – Mi Amore (Set It Off) (feat. StealingShad3z) | Electro Swing

Well, well, well, L-Train returns once more to Electro Swing for Ponies at Dawn’s newest Album, “Oceansong”. This time on his adventure through all the different Princesses it’s Cadence’s turn, and with the help of Stealing Shad3z he made this one just as much of a banger as the others. This one starts out with only the synth bass as the rest of the arrangement slowly builds up, and like his previous songs the synth bass is always there clearly to hear. The lyrics are one big flirt with the Princess of Love herself. As always the vocals take center stage pretty quickly. A bit later on the instrumentation changes around a bit as we get to the pre-drop lines, and soon we get this wonderful rhythm that gives off a bit of a “Daybreaker Boogie” vibe, but this one is short-lived as we return to the lyrics again. Soon enough we get two changes. First, we get another pre-drop, but then we get something unexpected in yet another verse but with another instrumental. Next up is my absolute favorite part of the entire song: They give us a little intro for the guitar solo, and this might be the most simple yet genius solo intro I have ever heard! After the solo the vocals and the old instrumental resume immediately. As the outro we get one more drop and a semi open ending to the whole flirting endeavour. Let’s see if she actually calls tomorrow!

This track was quite a fun one to go through! L-Train has got some more music on Oceansong for us with his track “Into the Deep (Escape of the Hippogriffs)“, so be sure to check out that one as well!

Proofread once again by the one and only theCANderson!


[P@D] TCB – Forever Is Nothing | Future Bass

(TCB has evolved this track over the years! The Orignal here! And the VIP remix here!)
(DrakeEmberHeart and ExplodingPonyToast co-writes this article for HMH)
I admit that I came very late to the party when TCB was starting to make noise in the fandom. Heck, back in 2015-2016, I didn’t know about the music scene too much. Much less was I in the fandom. The magic that TCB was only starting to make back then when “Tanks for the memories” aired in season five. Notably, you take a step back as you listen to the original, then listen to the VIP released three years later. You hear the difference. In the mixing, composition, and dynamic use of Dashe’s vocal chops from “I’ll Fly, ” you also notice the evolution of TCB’s famous deep bass and harmonic manipulation to the melodies getting better.

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