SeriousDamir – Changeling Attack | Eurobeat

Eurobeat with heavy metal mixed into it. SeriousDamir has recently been popping up in the Brony music scene, making some noise and making a few compilation albums. There is a pretty good reason why.

When you listen to this, you may just be thrown off by the righteous heavy metal guitar because you’re expecting Eurobeat! Fear not because the metal elements side right in the drop that kicks off the high-energy Eurobeat. This song is entertaining with this tale of Queen Chrysalis and her horde on the assault and will make you bounce as you this. The lyrics are hyper and tell the ponies’ story trying to endure the attack; all why doubting that the changelings would not do this is if not for Queen Chrysalis. The lyrics kind of hint at the reformed changelings, the season 6 finale to further that point. The music itself is some serious fun with how upbeat and intense the Eurobeat elements are. The metal guitar riffs always have a part in supporting the strength of this song’s composition, adding some added bang to the track. I can only hope that SeriousDamir keeps getting better, and this song is a good sign. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

P.S: He is also a pretty good artist, as he did the Queen Chrissy thumbnail. be sure to check out his DA linked in the video’s info section!


[ASOS] SlightlyAmiss & Sakairi – Days Infernal (feat. Acouste Wholenote) | Symphonic Metal

My friends, I’ve been looking forward to coving this track even since Sakairi and Amiss gave me a preview of it why working on it for ASOS: Biscuit months before the release. It is one of the most explosive, and better yet, one of the MUST listens on the album.

The track centers around Daybreaker. Celestia slowly being driven insane, inching closer to Daybreaker, calling out to her to be unleashed by the lyrics. Starlight Glimmer’s dream in “a royal problem.” only planted the seeds into Celestia’s mind. Until the day comes when she snaps, letting Daybreaker take hold of her, The lyrics tell the story of Celestia wanting to feel more than she is and not feel weak anymore; her words ring out as she targets her sister luna and her past, then turns to twilight with rage. She tells them both that Celestia’s limits will no longer bind her. The song gets intense with the minds of Daybreaker and Celestia clashing for control before Daybreaker sends Equestria into an age of hellfire and death, with Princess Luna and Twilight being her first victims.

You have to listen for yourself, but the song is only as good as say it is if not for the talent behind it. SlightlyAmiss on this album alone has stepped up his game to a whole new level. The entire package of how hardcore the metal is in this track fits the inner spirit of the story. The guitars and drums channel the brutal power of Daybreaker with the tempo on an overdrive.  There are very harmonious Orchestra elements composed by Amiss, which I didn’t know he had in him! The lyrics so well fit this story. You can step right into Celestia’s head and understand and get into this song. Well-written lyrics bring life to songs such as these, But the vocals bring that story to life. I got to tell you that if you don’t know who Sakairi is? You know now. Her singing gives the emotional energy and fire of Daybreaker telling her story. You feel the anger, rage, and lust for power through the powerful harmonies of Sakairi’s impressive singing voice. Oh and just make that sweeter? Amiss lends his rage scream vocals to harmonize with her vocals so you know Daybreakers firey rage behind Sakairi’s vocals

Didn’t I mention that she made it onto her first significant compilation album on her first try! He can feel Celestia trying to fight back and take control back and Daybreaker laughing at her just by the passion and tone of Sakairi’s voice. She has put this fandom on notice by her break-out performance, and to sweeten this more, Amiss and his pal Acouste Wholenote throw in some epic, and emotional guitar solo’s to amp the drama of this fantastic track! This track is what Symphonic Metal sounds like when done right! This track alone is worth supporting the album. Ya’ll need to keep your eyes on this group, I can promise you. It’s only the start! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself, but enjoy one of the best Daybreaker songs ever made in my book.


Thrasher – breaking_point | Progressive Metal

What’s going on here?! Thrasher’s latest release is a unique mishmash of many genres, combining numerous metal subgenres with trap and EDM elements. Atmospheric guitars, trap beats, blast beats and low-tuned guitar riffs galore here, and even without vocals to help carry it, the song blends these elements together in such a brutal way that it annihilates everything in its path. You won’t regret listening to this if you love your metal unique.


Deavas – Brony Metal Medley II | Metal

A tribute to Bronyfied’s 2012 metal masterpiece “Brony Metal Medley”, Deavas has compiled a list of personal favorite fandom songs and arranged them into a delightful shred fest! It’s a great mixture of some truly classic offerings and some perhaps more surprising inclusions, and each song gets its chance to shine through its respective metal arrangement. As with the original song, Deavas has linked to all of the videos in the video description making it easy to appreciate the original versions alongside their rocking renditions. Deavas themself is a recent returnee to the fandom music scene, so please check out the track and give them your support!


PrinceWhateverer – Remember Me (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metal

Is it me? or is PrinceWhateverer improving on telling a story through his music? This deep track from Starlight Glimmer’s point of view integrates the events of seasons five and six. Prince sings about Starlight’s desires to improve herself and the events of yearning to once again see Sunburst. Starlight hopes that her old friend remembers and feels the same, and maybe something more. Prince is on top of his vocal game along with the help of Blackened Blue in the harmonies, to screaming with sorrow for her anger and sadness. The heavy metal and sweet piano chords are oh so fitting for this track; gets you right into the head of Starlight, front and center. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


MC-Arch – You got me, I got us II: Our Brave New World! | Album | Multi-Genre / Audio Drama

BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU! to Blackened Blue for proofreading and editing this article, can’t not be more thankful my friend.
(If you have not checked out the first YGMIGU album, you can do that here. I strongly suggest it for story reasons)

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Brownie – Out On My Own (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

Hey friend! Do you like CMC songs, but you get bummed out by their traditional orchestral arrangements? Well, never fear! Brownie has taken Apple Bloom’s sad soliloquy and given it a most triumphant metal twist! Brownie stays faithful to the original lyrics, giving them both a great melodic rock delivery and providing some satisfying screams as backing vocals to give the track a crunchy metal edge. The song opens with a full-on guitar attack backed by some great percussion, and after sprinkling in a little softer guitar melody, the video kicks in. The vocals sync up really well with Apple Bloom’s mouth, which definitely adds to the fun. As an added bonus, there is some fantastic guitar work and rock percussion that continues on after the original video ends, and there is a hilarious bonus message at the very end that almost made me fall out of my chair laughing. Overall, a most excellent effort by one of the stalwarts of horse rock!


StableTwoStallion – Maud | Industrial Metal

There’s no questions StableTwoStallion is the reigning king of the industrial sound, having released several tracks in the genre last year. Sung in German, this dark, heavy track is about the working live and personality of the titular Maud Pie. The guitars are tuned down and carry a dirty, distortion while the drum snare and kick hit hard to emphasize the powerful nature of the track.


Crashie Tunez – BUCK! EP | Nintendocore

The master of Nintendocore is not so retired after all, with even a brand new EP following the other recent release Always in my Heart! It’s so awesome getting such a unique genre in the community from somepony who knows what they’re doing. Crashie lets it all out in these short yet very rocking tracks, fusing Chiptune and Metal elements! Find the whole EP on Bandcamp here!