[P@D] Frozen Night & PrinceWhateverer – Lunar Eclipse III (feat. Holly Frances Royle & Andra Stefan) | Symphonic Metal

Track 11 on the freshly released Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse is Lunar Eclipse III, the third in Frozen Night’s series and coincidentally his third collaboration with PrinceWhateverer! Lunar Eclipse III is a 7 minute long orchestral metal epic and some of the two’s best work to date. A minute long string build up opens the song (featuring violins courtesy of Andra Stefan), followed by the inclusion of drums before the heaviness really kicks in. Strings and crushing guitars really dominate the mix here, as if a metal band suddenly just showed up to ambush an orchestral show. Halfway in sees the inclusion of Holly Royle’s beautiful and harmonious voice, really helping this piece shine amongst everything else. Towards the end, things pick up in pace with a brilliant guitar solo and blazing fast drums, before all the other guests join in with the two musical titans to create a powerful climax. Can’t get over how awesome this one is! Easily one of the album’s highlights.


MelodyBrony – Better Life | Metal

It is always exciting to get an original track from MelodyBrony. While he is relatively new to the fandom (and young too!), Melody has proven himself a skilled songwriter and producer who is always improving. Better Life was written for the recent DustCar competition centered on Luster Dawn as a theme.

The first things you notice in this track are the metal guitars and the brilliantly mixed drums bringing a ton of energy. Melody sings from the perspective of Luster – curious about Twilight’s friends, the downsides to friendship, and how to become an accomplished unicorn like her mentor. Better Life is catchy, quick, and fun – a great pickup (as long as you don’t mind hearing magic still getting rhymed with tragic after ten years 😛 )


A State of Sugar – Chocolate | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following collaboration article piece on “A State of Sugar: Chocolate” is presented by Horse Music Herald, and is Co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the MadhatterBrony and Makenshi. Article proofread and edited by Canatime.

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SlightlyAmiss – Visions | Metal

Metal and alicorns seem to go hand and hand when the narrative is them on the verge of being consumed by the darkness inside of them and all of the magic and power corrupting them into what is deep within them. In a very aggressive and almost mythical arrangement from my Horse Music Herald teammate, SlightlyAmiss. We get inside the heads of Celestia and Luna with this explosive song of pure metal goodness. Let’s take a moment to put aside what they like in the show and even the comics and focus on what Lauren Faust said about them. They’re superpowered ponies with god-like magic to boot; they know what their true powers are and the lyrics that are sang with such power and force, oh boy, those vocal leads into those angry vocals really give you the idea of why the sisters, even after their retirement that even in the most dire and emotional vulnerable moments, still have that feeling of giving into Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. The lyrics speak of those dark yet fully powered sides of themselves yelling the messages into their minds to remind them that if they ever get the chance, they will take over and true alicorn power will come out. The powerful heavy metal elements of those guitars (that solo, holy Celestia!), the dark and grim melodies and those drums! This is how to tell a story of struggling with your dark side. Brony metal is the best metal. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Blackened Blue – Between Two Worlds | Metalcore

Have you ever had to make a hard decision? Have you ever felt frustrated for not fitting?
Blackened Blue brings us another metal masterpiece called “Between Two Worlds”. An energetic drum base accompanied with the distorted guitar that conveys the feeling of frustration, but the great lyrics gives the song a touch of hope. This track, inspired by the chapter 6 of the eighth season, is definitely an excellent metal rock song that characterizes Blackened Blue, remember to never give up, and take a look to this fantastic work!


[ASOS] Burning Gryphon – Hate (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Bree, Scoonie and Stallionslaughter) | Metalcore/Deathcore

What a debut track for his first major compilation album! Burning Gryphon has been making himself known in 2020 with his live sets over the number of online pony conventions. Now he steps into a huge stage on ASOS: Chocolate!

Not holding back in this deep and angry track, he was inspired by Starlight Glimmer’s lesson in not holding your feelings in. The track is based on personal life experience, and boy, is it not for the faint of heart. The deep and howling melodies go with this harsh track about BG dealing with emotions that he had long suppressed and much like what happened with Starlight, it has done a number on him. The guitars and drums are hard and full of spite. There is this epic and haunting melody to go with those lyrics, really driving home this feeling of anger and sorrow in these elements.

Speaking of that, BG composed the music and wrote the song, but it’s the guest vocalists that bring it to life. Bree sets up both verses with spoken word inserts, with Scoonie and Stallionslaughter joining them in the emotional growls of those heavy lyrics. So heated and hardcore! With the chorus, the one and only PrinceWhateverer lends his powerful voice into the mix with everyone else, expressing the emotional message of anger. The clean and screaming vocals work so well. BG knows what he’s doing I tell ya. Don’t sleep on him now.

Oh, and a couple fun facts about this song. The album also marks the first compilation album Stallionslaughter has been on, as well as Prince’s first time on ASOS and Bree’s first compilation album in the fandom. What a historic track! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SDreamExplorerS – Vandroŭnickaja (feat. Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski) | Folk Metal

This time we got ourselves something special everypony! SDreamExplorerS brings us a folk metal song in Belarusian language and with the help of Koron and Pavel he put together an epic 5 minute track. The lyrics are fully in Belarusian which you think may make it lose some of the flair if you don’t understand the language, while that may be true a bit I also don’t speak nor understand Belarusian but either way I like this song. The combination of guitar violin, Belarusian and the bits of narration by Pavel Lipski gives this whole thing a very epic feeling.


[Equinity] Suskii – Crystal | Metalstep

Track 2 from Equinity 03: Breach is Crystal, a unique contribution from Suskii! Beginning with a deep electronic riff with a sample of Celestia speaking about Sombra, a quick build up is telegraphed by her saying “now go!”, before building up to an insanely heavy dubstep drop with powerful punchy drums and intense synth sounds. We’re given a small break with a deep synth melody before the second half kicks in… A light synth sound makes up the bulk of this section before we’re treated to the sound of Suskii’s vocals, which are harmonius and filled with emotional. Right after is a sudden change of pace with the addition of heavy drums, distorted guitars and screaming. This metal/dubstep fusion showcases a lot of his musical chops while being a welcome fit on the compilation. And this is only the beginning!


StableTwoStallion – Böse Stuten (Koron Korak Remix) | Dark Synth

(Listen to the original here!)

Translated to “Bad Mares”. Korak said over a hundred hours were put into making this track. If you ask this metalhead’s opinion, I will tell you that everything going on here is awesome! The dark and hard goth metal sound was not replaced but integrated into the dirty and grinding synths, but that’s not all! We got chainsaws and this wonderful and chilling symphony organ at work here. The electronic elements complement the unsettling feel of this track so well, yet however with a hollow sounding choir in the background and those awesome lyrics in German. It feels like you walked into a buzzsaw of twisted MLP characters. This would also work out great in a fight scene in a grimdark fanfic honestly. Grimdark narrators, take note of this! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SDreamExplorerS – Ildy pad Ružovymi Kryłami (feat. Velvet R. Wings, Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski) | Folk Metal

SDreamExplorerS or Soul Strings is about to release a new album, Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia, a folk metal album with vocals in Belarussian and the third part of the Ephemeral circle. It will release on the 28th of August, but pre-orders are available. Alternatively, bandcamp will cut out its fees on the 4th of September, which is a great opportunity to support awesome artists like SDreamExplorerS. This track is a single from the upcoming album. As per usual from him, there’s a lot to listen to in the song, including plenty of acoustic intruments like Koron Korak‘s violin or the dulcimer programmed by Pavel Lipski, all professionaly mixed. And as always, Velvet R. Wings and Soul Strings’ vocals work together beautifully despite being polar opposites, each vocalist getting a solo part too.