Etherium Apex – Within Me (The Tantibus Waits) (feat. Boor_Metal) | Alternative Metal

An amazing tribute to Luna and her character depth as depicted in S05E13 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, Etherium Apex’s newest release is full of Breaking Benjamin vibes and fittingly reflects the theme with the power of rock music and vocals! Etherium’s songs made about ponies and episodes are always such a delight!


Blackened Blue – Silent Rage | Metal

Blackened Blue’s first song with vocals is such an awesome follow-up to S08E23 Sounds of Silence and the deep psychological meanings from it! With lyrics reflecting the story, vocals expressing a kirin’s suppressed emotions, and a rocking instrumental bringing all the heavy metal vibes, Silent Rage is such a masterpiece of concept and music!


Black Electric – Guardians | Metal

Black Electric’s new track is a tribute to the Royal Guards, and it’s such a welcomed treat as we don’t get that many tracks about them (though Evgeniy Doctor and Brilliant Venture’s track Royal Guard certainly does come to mind), and their hard work around the castle and beyond definitely deserves some love and attention! Black Electric brings the intense and epic vibes with this Metal instrumental that definitely works so well as a cool anthem for the dedicated knights!


Brownie – Smile (Pinkie Pie Smile Metal Cover) | Metal


Brownie has an incredible talent for metalcore composition, and this cover of the Smile Song is a great example of his range. Starting out in more of a pop-punk style to match the lightness of the original song, Brownie transitions into metal while playing impressively technical guitar riffs over fast, moving drums. The track features a fantastic metalcore breakdown before bringing all of the styles together for the big finish. Brownie went all out to even make a music video featuring his many play-styles with great effects and humorous scenes.


Crashie Tunez – Tattered Romantics | Album | Nintendocore / Cybergrind

Expressing a personal story through music, Crashie crafted this album using his signature musical style and it’s so good to get a new release from him as part of’s latest marathon of releases! Fast, brutal and with chiptune notes, the tracks are delivering much power! Get the full album from Bandcamp, it’s available as physical CDs too which is so awesome!


[ASOS] Cynifree & Reverbrony – Windigo | Electronic / Metal

Compilation albums are always home to such lovely collabs, and Ice Cream certainly saw the birth and rise of many! In addition to his collab with Zizkil From Here To Where, Cynifree gathered the help of the one and only Reverbrony to lay out such blissful guitar riffs among the gorgeous electronic instrumental! The whole track is quite epic and the progressive aspect certainly is reminiscent of Reverbrony’s signature style! A very successful collab, shining with the union of the two musicians’ talents!


Osoch – One More Day (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

To celebrate the holiday season, Osoch has graced us with a high-charged, metal version of One More Day from the “Best Gift Ever” special. He orchestrates the instrumental around the vocals from the show and does so very well! The guitars are crisp and pack a punch while the drums drive the beat very well (and impress with powerful double kicks at times!). Of course it wouldn’t be holiday music without some violins which Osoch uses as the perfect accent to bring everything together!


PrinceWhateverer – Not Letting Go (Redux) (feat. Poni1Kenobi, MantaTsubasa & Scrambles) | Metal

Another classic from PrinceWhateverer, this time he and the crew are singing about Fluttershy! Not Letting Go is a group collaboration dealing with the concepts of low self-esteem and self-idealization from the point of view of the beloved yellow pegasus. MantaTsubasa takes over vocals for a verse, using her talents to tell Fluttershy’s feelings from the first person point of view, and P1K and CGScrambles fill in beautifully on vocal harmonies.