m2the3rd – Friends | Pop

Sometimes we fall and hit the ground, but M2the3rd will be there to show you that it isn’t that bad. M2the3rd has written a song about friendship and more specifically how friends are always there to lift you up, using the allegory of Twilight and the mane six. It would really be a shame to let it slip under the radar, as its cute melodies and emotional and mellow lyrics are a delight to the ear and very heart-warming. The guitar adds a soft and acoustic homelike feel, and the piano chords will harmonize the elements of your heart.


Atagan – Quest (This Can’t Be All) (Covering BlackGryph0n and Baasik) | Electropop

Agatan’s back on his cover streak, and this one is of BlackGryph0n and Baasik‘s Quest. While the instrumental is the same as the original, Agatan’s smooth vocals breathe new life into the old track about everypony’s favourite newly-winged dragon, Spike. With this being his last planned upload for this year, he’s got some projects planned in the future for 2020. Hopefully they’ll be just as good, if not better than this greatness!


Vylet Pony – The Magic Show | Pop

We’ve got ourselves a treat here. Track 19 from the upcoming Queen of Misfits is a 10 minute long three-part pop track revolved around Trixie’s desire to be the center of attention, while also hiding her anxieties behind a metaphorical mask. On Your Knees is laid-back and features soft, glitzy synths alongside a simple yet powerful beat and Vylet’s beautiful voice. After fading out, the song transitions into an 80s inspired interlude with a piano and string combination, before jumping into The Moment, an uptempo segment reminiscent of early-mid 2000s trance. Seamlessly transitioning into the final segment, Thrill of the Fight, we hear more of Vylet’s typical style that comes full circle with its lyrical themes, borrowing the hook from On Your Knees and closing out with a synth solo and the familiar piano and string combo from earlier before fading out naturally. Queen of Misfits comes out on Hearth’s Warming Day, so be on the look out!


Maressey – Some Mares Are Bigger Than Others | Jangle Pop

There’s a lot of returning faces in the music scene lately… Maressey, a large collaboration project based around ponified versions of The Smiths songs, has just returned after a 2 year gap with a ‘Some Mares…’, a parody of their song Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. This track is one of many from their upcoming album ‘The TwiLuna Album’, and features Faux Snyder on vocals with Freewave performing the music. Snyder’s vocals are top-notch and fit perfectly with the genre, and Freewave’s musical skills make for a great tribute worthy of standing up to the original. TwiLuna doesn’t have a release date, but be sure to keep an eye out!


Vylet Pony – As Strong as Horses | Indie Pop

Vylet’s new album Queen of Misfits will be released December 25th, and this pre-release certainly shows the color of the Trixie-themed album! I love Trixie and to have an album dedicated to her is such a treat. Looks like the tracks will have a personal meaning to them from the musician this time around too, judging from the thought-provoking description! Time to bliss out to cute vocals and synths alike…


[P@D] Koa – To The Nines | Electro Pop

Koa has really made her presence felt this year with a couple powerful live performances in addition to hit tracks like this new release from Ponies at Dawn: Eternal. To The Nines captures everything about Rarity’s work perfectly with the well-polished, flashy pop composition mixed fabulously with a moving bass to an excellent, upbeat tempo. The incredible synth work brightens up the song exactly how Rarity makes her dresses stand out. The vocals are elegant and dangerously catchy – but you’ll want to be singing along to this song all day anyway!


Ponyville Ciderfest – 2019 Official Convention Album | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ponyville Ciderfest, the MLP:FiM convention coming up this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has just released a new compilation album featuring many of the musicians that will perform at the big concert! This year, the convention is holiday-themed and several of the songs on this album are new or remastered holiday tracks! The range of music is extremely diverse and flows very nicely from start to finish. Here are just a few of the many highlights on the album.

The first track is an unreleased song from Vocal Score and really sets the stage for the whole CD. Extremely festive and flowing beautifully into The Heart Carol from the original Hearth’s Warming Episode.

Prince Whateverer makes a few appearances on the Holiday Album, most notably with his new metal cover of the classic, Nightmare Night. John Kenza and loophoof, who will be performing a back-2-back together, feature remixes of each other’s songs. Galen of the Wonderbolts band and Brilliant Venture release brand new holiday hits. MC Arch also has a brand new and powerful track entitled Oathkeeper.

Other well-recognized names include 4everfreebrony, Black Gryph0n and Baasik, JoinedTheHerd with CadetRedShirt, Seventh Element, Nevermourn & TCB, MelodyBrony, Francis Vace, and more!

All proceeds go to Generations Against Bullying – the Ciderfest charity which aims to reduce childhood bullying through research and education, so be sure to help out if you can!