Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) (Midnight Wave’s 2nd Remix) | House / Drum & Bass

Not content with just one small remix, Midnight Wave has taken another spin on Tw3Lv3’s super collab from 2020. And clearly one genre wasn’t enough either! As it transitions from verse to drop, this remix picks up the pace from a perky house beat and falls into a supercharged drum & bass section. It’s a great use of tempo changes and worth a listen if you typically enjoy either genre!


Daniel Ingram – Find A Way (SpinScissor Remix) | House

SpinScissor returns with a remix of a G4 classic “Find A Way”. This immediately takes a dark turn from the start with metallic warping textures overlain on an ominous drone. The mix of Twilight’s vocals and the tone of the mix are intriguingly unique and there is always a new element introducing itself to keep things fresh and flowing!


Ponies At Dawn – Wanderlust | Compilation Album

In case you missed the release party earlier this month, Ponies at Dawn have released their twenty-sixth(!) album Wanderlust. Sporting 76 songs in a variety of genres, the album features the usual mix of P@D and fandom veterans and some newcomers to the scene. Regardless of your taste, there’s something to please everybody in this huge collection of brand new music!

Wanderlust is available to buy on Ponies At Dawn’s Bandcamp or stream on various services. Some of the songs have also been uploaded to the P@D YouTube channel, with more to come on a regular basis!


Dijit & R3CTIFIER – Exiled (feat. N. Hollow) (TCB CIDERFEST ’22 BOOTLEG) | Colour Bass / Hybrid Trap

Originally debuting at Ponyville Ciderfest this year, TCB’s bootleg of this heavy hitting Fallout Equestria piece from Ponies At Dawn: Rebirth finally gets a finished and full mix! Staying true to many of the trap elements of the original, this remix takes things to a new dimension of sound, bending and skewing perspective with otherworldly and intense drops. A balancing act of colour bass flare and spectacle with the grit and rawness of riddim. A new perspective on an already great song, this one is a must listen!


The Wilders – Rule 4 That (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Glitch-Hop

EveryDayDashie has dived straight into the G5 scene with yet another remix, this time of a Tell Your Tale song. Considering it’s the first time they’ve made these kind of dubstep-adjacent sounds, they’ve done a pretty good job weaving all the sounds together to make a cohesive heavy beat!


BlackIceMusic & Namii – Memory (Dropper Vampire Remix) | Progressive House

Dropper Vampire’s put their own spin on BlackIceMusic and Namii’s album opener from Ponies at Dawn’s Zenith album and it’s managed to transform the song into something else. They’ve gone for a more melodic approach than the original with very trancey pads and adding in their own synth melodies which create a wonderfully triumphant feel every time it drops!


Makaryo – Lets Run Together (Pony Princess Remix) | Tropical House

This remix takes a drastic shift from the original song that was short, yet sweet and acoustic in nature and flips it to a completely new genre spectrum! This remix opens with an emotional excerpt from the G5 movie before bringing in the warm, hopeful lyrics teasing in the electronic elements. The drop is a more chillaxed and funky one! With bass plucks and staccato leads, followed with strong piano chords, claps, and shouts, this one is a little treasure with some awesome catchy melody variations and great fun!


The Wilders – Joyous Wishentine (Voltex Pixel Remix) | House

From the most recent winter special of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, Voltex takes the hearthswarming-esque song and adds a a vibrant, house theming to it! More rhythmic and danceable with a fun bouncy bassline that does a great job to not subtract from the vocals themselves, not always the easiest line to tow and results in a short yet fun piece to listen to!


The Wilders – It’s Gonna Be OK (John Kenza Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Taking the a major song from the “Make Your Mark” special, Kenza adds another level of hype to this song with a strong happy hardcore twist with screaming leads and a pumping bassline, while still keeping the original breakbeat rhythms in between. All in all this remix is able to keep things both familiar yet fresh!


Assertive Fluttershy – Boooring! (Algo at All Remix) | Drumstep / Drum and Bass

Algo at All has remixed a cult classic, and quite the remix it truly is! Opening with an upbeat piano chord run and breakbeats we are lulled into a particularly cheery and bouncy mood, however the build up breaks that up into a tease of higher energy before dropping heavily into a very nostalgic two-step drop harkening back to a lot of the classic sounds with a twist and don’t get me started on the rising pitch bent chords that add such an epic feeling to the entire thing!

What truly sets this remix apart is the segue into an emotional outtake from Twilight before bringing together ALL of the Mane Six singing back the melody in their own chopped flair followed again by a very clean AI vocal singing original and wonderfully themed lyrics!

An absolute gem of a piece and can’t wait to see what else Algo brings to the table!