My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 9 Trailer Theme (Lorris Edit) | Orchestral

It definitely has been a ride, huh? Who would have thought how far we would have gone ten years ago? What started as a joke on a forum board has blossomed into something truly magical and the raw talent, creativity, and quality that came with it will never be replaced. The trailer to the final season for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic had a heart wrenching rendition of the main theme of the show which Lorris has decided to take a step further with an Orchestral edit to flesh out that emotion and help envision our trip down memory lane. I absolutely love what he did here and this will truly take you back to where it all began!


Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Odyssey Eurobeat’s Lovers Mix) (feat. Jessa) | Eurobeat

It’s 2019. The final season is halfway done. Our fandom is questioning was will happen after its all over? Let the legend himself Eurobeat Brony tell you then. Brony music will live on, and he is still doing what he loves. His dedication to this fandom should still give you hope. He shows no signs of his love going away, remixing one of fandom’s most beloved songs of Applejacks parents ballad of love to each other. Using those amazing eurobeat melodies and some electric guitar, the pace is fun and just right! The lyrics still give you a wonderful feeling in your body. You should grab that special somepony of yours, dance with them, the meaning doesn’t change.

What an amazing take on this song! It’s different from what most of his songs are known for. By reinventing and showing off more of his musical arsenal, it is a clear sign that Odyssey is still challenging himself. It’s a nice tribute to Daniel’s work! Travis buddy keep doing your thing and setting a standard for your love for MLP!


BlueBrony – Yona Sing Sad Song | Lo-fi

Anytime BlueBrony releases a new track, you never know what you’re going to get – from funk to steampunk pop to orchestral pop to lo-fi, it’s an adventure and a half for your ears! Yona Sing Sad Song is a wonderfully creative take on Yona’s brief tune of depression from “She’s All Yak” put to an amazing soundscape that only BlueBrony could think of! The instrumentation really evolves throughout the course of the track, making it one you definitely need to check out!


Suskii – Ponies Are For Little Girls (RIEL Remix) | Dubstep

(Please have a listen to the Suskii’s original track here, as always you be the judge on which you like better!)
The message of this song is very personal to me. It honestly should be to any brony for that matter, old or new. When someone questions why you would be into this show or this fandom. Don’t be shy, tell them that it saved your life in some way. It made you grow. You found some real friends. Did things for you that could only be dreamed of ever happening! Hold onto that and yell at the top of your lungs with other bronies Huzzah! This song is a perfect way to dance and show that passion off. It’s Heavy. It has fun builds and drops in the beat. Some good old sound clips from the show. Its the type of song to have a good ol’ fashion Brony Dance Party. Don’t let Luna down and make sure that fun keeps being doubled.


Jessica Vaughn, Jess Furman & Jarl Aanestad – Find the Magic (Envy Bootleg) | Hardstyle

The Dazzlings made their awesome comeback along a new song and clip, and it’s time for an early remix of it from the community, courtesy of Envy! Chopping the Dazzlings’ voices and giving them a banging Hardstyle arrangement, the musician brings the excitement to an even higher level, as we marvel at the sirens’ performance all over again and party hard!


Glaze & H8_Seed – Awoken (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Drumstep / Drum & Bass

(I am sure everyone knows this song in our fandom. However for those who are listening to this for the first time. Listen to WoodenToaster’s/Glaze 2012’s Classic Here!)
I’m sure this will please longtime bronies in our fandom! Oh and something Woodentoaster related in about 4 years! StrachAttack’s exciting remix of this golden age classic, to this dragon pony, is very good. I just love this kind of D&B with electronic piano tones mixed in. The song about a rainbow factory worker on the brink of insanity and wants out! The remix has its own identity. The beat flows so well between these haunting dance tones. That picks up in speeds, with the drops being this epic harmony with these amazing piano tones. I will admit this was my first time hearing this fandom classic. I approve!


[ASOS] CRUVOD – Reignfall (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

New upload from Whirly Tail, new occasion to rejoice and bliss out along the positive music! This remix of CRUVOD’s celestial Reignfall is creative and lovely, while of course being very uplifting, Happy Hardcore oblige! The track is one of the many sugary treats from A State of Sugar Ice Cream. Let’s party hard along the bright synths and cute melodies once again!


Daniel Ingram – Smile Song (Nyancat380 Bootleg) | Hip-Hop / Chiptune

A recent favorite of mine that came out of nowhere, Nyancat380’s Bootleg is quite emotional with such a creative use and effects on Pinkie vocals from the beloved Smile Song. The bassline all throughout is adding even more emotion, making for quite a unique remix like we don’t get that often. The last part is especially powerful for me!