Daniel Ingram – Unleash The Magic (The Empty Tomb Remix) | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

The EQG world has become quite strange. How is one to find her way? This amazing remix by The Empty Tomb provides all the necessary strength to go through the darkness, complementing the mad choirs and dark atmospheres with creative drops and high energy. Let your need guide your behaviour, suppress your instinct to lead, pursue Principal Cinch! *grin*


Respin – Believe (PSFMer Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Will PSFMer ever stop impressing us with such delightful compositions and remixes? I don’t think so, and it doesn’t stop at the music, the inspirations and choices of songs to remix are an absolute delight as well!! Here the heavenly Flutterchops from Respin’s cherished original are getting sublimated by a new Liquid DnB arrangement, and I will never stop believing in the emotion from the Passion that we feel upon hearing the voices of our beloved characters in music like this!


Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing | Album | Multi-Genre

When this song hit the fandom back in late 2020, nobody had any idea just how dire we needed this. Yes, you have your fandom anthems about how great and fun the fandom is. But this track that Tw3Lv3, Drummershy, Koa, and MC-Arch did. It spoke a message we needed to hear. The “friendship” part of all of this. The core of it for being a true brony. With how bad 2020 was. The lyrics and energy that rained down from this fandom were a breath of fresh air. This song inspired others again. A song about having that one spark or moment of friendship, support, love, or kindness is all you may need to start turning things around. The message was inspiring and one of the biggest bangers of 2020. How inspiring? Enough of some of the fandom’s best talents today to recreate the power of this track in a list of different genres and styles of expression on how this song inspired them. Suppose you listen to each of these tracks. They will speak to you about how each of them inspired them as it brings out the different strengths of the track. Let’s check them out!

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Chang31ing – 4DaPlot (feat. mycutiemarkisagun) (TCB Remix) | Dubstep

(Listen to the equally ridiculous original Here)

Geez, I listen to the original done by over-the-top goofballs of the brony musician community in Chang31ing and Mcmiag making this kind of over-the-top dank nonsense as I inspect them too. I wasn’t inspecting TCB, however, to not only to up the nonsense meter to past ten and make things kinkier. TCB makes a remix that will have you laughing, but you will be vibing to it. The beats are super banging with that trademark Machine gun bass drops the litter this track behind the various silly vocal chops through this track. Just listen to this track and understand that SOMEHOW TCB managed to make something danker and entertaining, don’t mind the artwork, or just ask more questions you don’t want to know, LOL. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Maybe really more so this time…


Budzy – Riddim Duel (Spikey Wikey Remix) | Riddim

Today we’ve got ourselves a remix on our hooves, everypony! Spikey Wikey picked up Budzy’s “Riddim Duel” and made an awesome remix of it! From the amazing riddim beats to the great vocal chops, this song has got it all and will even win over those of you who aren’t all that big on Dubstep, riddim, and all that.

This article was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (Snow Swirl Remix) | Garage

Snow Swirl’s interpretation on the season six number A Changeling Can Change makes things more homely. The intro features an ethereal synth behind some charming bell sounds and vocal samples before Spike’s vocals kick in proper. This beat really works well with the song’s melody, bringing in all those homely vibes! Can’t get enough of this one.


Technickel Ted – Technically (Seventh Element Remix) | Acid House

Seventh Element returns with their latest release since last year, a remix of Technickel Ted’s Technically! 90s vibes all around with this one, even bringing in some iconic TR909 drum sounds! The synths are moody and atmospheric, and the Maud/Mudbriar vocal samples only serve to make this song even more trippy. Makes you really wanna play some PS1 games, doesn’t it?


Daniel Ingram – Awesome As I Wanna Be (Budzy Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Time for an Equestria Girls remix! This track starts out with a thick electronic drum segment, setting a fun and energetic tone for the song. The track quickly ramps up after the drum intro, with more bopping music and the mixing in of the original vocals from Dash herself! The whole song in general is just packed full of energy, and kind of reminds me of early fandom music, which is definitely a good thing!


TIFWhitney – Le Derp (Aventrix Bootleg Remix) | Electro Swing / Complextro House

The original version of this song by TiFWhitney is a bouncy delight that fuses electro swing and glitch hop to great effect. This version retains those wonderful elements but delivers them at House pace creating a danceable and delightful uptempo remix! The song sounds as if it was always intended to run at express pace, and the Derpy vocal chops are a nice addition, too. Also, if you got a little bit of a Star Wars cantina vibe from the music then you might enjoy the choice of artwork for the video. The Derp is strong with this one.