Aside – MARVELOUS TRACKS: Two Years of noise​.​horse | Compilation Album | Experimental crew is back on track everypony! With an album that celebrates everything! Come and celebrate the 2 year anniversary of, the life and legacy of the great Stan Lee and celebrate Makenshi amazingness and coolness!

The album features not only the normal crew of Kako, ours truly, r_chase, PeKaNo, flankƨy and Drixale, but also features the comeback of Agents of Discord, an amazing musician! And some new faces: Reverbrony, Olly Hancock, Frøst​Fyre and the album even features the experimental breakcore God from Japan, CDR!!!

Go grab the album, not only for celebrating 2 years of experimental music, not only for remember Stan Lee and his legacy, but to help Makenshi to go to Bronycon next year!


Daniel Ingram – A Kirin Tale (Technickel Pony Flip) | Hip-Hop

Our friendly neighborhood Technickel Pony responded to the cuteness of the Kirin with a smooth beat chopping Autum Blaze’s vocals and presenting them in a unique way! The “flip” does wonders at reflecting Autumn’s personality, with carefree winds melodies and a very tender instrumental overall!


Daniel Ingram – A Kirin Tale (Vylet Pony Remix) | Dubstep

Now here’s a unique take on the now-famous A Kirin Tale, and I don’t mean just musically! Its concept is around a vengeance-thirsty Autumn Blaze (depicted here by art by Yona), and that concept is reflected awesomely through sick wubs and wicked drops, perhaps representing Autumn’s wrath, going for the kill! Vylet does wonders and lets his talent at hard-hitting music shines once more, while A Kirin Tale gets an unexpected new version that definitely isn’t afraid of going hard!


Pony Abstract – Star Swirl (Drixale Remix) | Hip-Hop

Pony Abstract is a rapper I didn’t know before, and I thank Drixale for letting me know about him through this remix! That’s another magic of a remix, it lets you discover new artists sometimes! Drixale certainly did amazing presenting the original vocals in such a cool new way, with electronic and reggaeton influences making for such a varied track full of different flavors!


Daniel Ingram – The True Gift of Gifting (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | Big Room House

JoinedTheHerd keeps paying tribute to amazing show songs, to our great delight! His bright style does wonders as his production quality impresses once more, and it is along all of our beloves ponies’ voices that we partake in holidays spirit, united as bronies… for our Friendship is the greatest gift of all, and you’re the best there is at giving it!


Daniel Ingram – Dance Magic (The Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix) (Hoofy Edit) | Hardstyle

Hoofy brings all the crazy and uplifting Hardstyle to his channel, Cosine Pitchshifterz style! This edit of Cosine’s remix of Dance Magic certainly has that signature sound that we’re often hearing on Cosine’s channel and it’s so cool to get Hoofy’s tribute to it. Now we certainly have enough material to dance all night along our EQG girls, and those party visuals in the video!


Yanamosuda – Little Energy | Album | Multi-Genre

Here is the perfect set of tracks for when you need to just unwind, or maybe want to have something on in the background while you are getting stuff done! Yanamosuda has compiled quite an interesting array of tracks blending the right amount of peacefulness and groove to both relax and keep you interested.

There are a healthy variety of genres inspiring the album that all touch on the chill theme. One thing you can be sure of is that each track will have it’s own compelling, jazzy bass that blends almost too well with an exciting drum beat.

The album is comprised of original mixes like the titular Little Energy and Dusk Song (which has an amazing funk rhythm!), remixes from show songs like the theme and Evil Enchantress, and finally remixes of fan music like Dawn Song from Kitsuneyu and Get Lady by eksoka (featured on Cider Party!) It is plain to hear from the album that Yanamosuda put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this tremendously unique album.

Little Energy is available on Yanamosuda’s Bandcamp website as a free download, so there is absolutely no excuse not to have these 13 tracks in your library right now!


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Paloris Remix) | Indie Dance / Future Bass

Paloris’ debut pony music upload on their channel is definitely not their first musical contribution to the community, with tracks such as Feeling Free and Smiles, and that experience definitely shows in this impressive remix of the now classic Flawless! A punchy kick is driving energy through the track filled with both the original vocals and vocal chops, and the composition and sound design are much creative and pay much tribute to the meaningul original from the show!


Daniel Ingram – The True Gift of Gifting (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Synthwave

After quite a while, the prolific Nicolas Dominique has released another show song remix! The atmosphere on this tune is quite somber, fitting of the tone of Spike’s song to Rarity from the new holiday special. The vocal cutting on this track is impressive, the piano accompaniment screams vintage early EDM, and the synthwave-y vibes are so deep. As of this posting, it’s the only existing remix of the lovely song from Spike, so check it out!