Checkerëd – Appleshake (General Mumble Remix) | Psybounce

Checkerëd’s first release in a year, and it’s a remix of an older song from fandom veteran General Mumble! While it puts a new spin on the old classic, it keeps some elements of the original track, such as samples from the show and… you can probably guess the other thing. Anyway, for fans new and old, this is a bouncy, enjoyable tune that’ll no doubt shake up the club!


[ASOS] Cynifree – What Lies Beyond (eksoka Remix) | Chillstep

I am consistently astounded by the quality of music that eksoka produces. From all of their ASoS tracks, to the Origins EP I dowloaded last year, to this masterpiece, I am always vigorously transported to an entirely separate dimension. The soundscape is simply sublime, and everything takes its time in revealing itself, keeping me hooked at every moment and every transition.
Cynifree’s original track came with its own beautiful soundscapes and Flutterchops, and eksoka keeps the integrity of this, taking the whole musical world one step higher with absolutely euphoric drops and heavenly percussion. An incredibly solid performance from both artists. Enjoy!
This track is from the upcoming A State of Sugar Waffle.


General Mumble – Perfect [Toby Macarony Remix] | Dark Ambient/Electro Swing

Now, I know it’s a little too early for Halloween. However, if you feel like getting the spookies on before everyone else, you may do your decorations to this track! The dark, gloomy industrial overtones, coupled with interesting vocal effects on “This Day Aria”, which is kind of a signature of this particular artist, makes for an intensely creepy yet strangely satisfying experience. All in all, another great remix from Toby Macarony!

Also, check out the album which this remix is part of here.




Daniel Ingram – The Pony I Want to Be (Cyan Lightning Remix) | House

Give away to a new remix of the legendary Ingram! Join a party of oscilloscopes as they guide you through a smooth re-imagining of a beloved show hit! Hitting all the best notes of the original, the vocals in Cyan’s remix glide like margarine over top the downbeat-heavy remix elements. Finally, the poise of the violin and the glockenspiel will surely take you back to Season 5!


Etherium Apex – Second Prances VIP feat. Nicole Carino (Lorris Remix) | Synthwave

Second Prances is already a great work of art, receiving some vocal love from a wonderful singer Nicole Carino. Her powerful voice makes the ability to really speak for herself and what she wants to achieve. Lorris, a French producer with an extreme amount of talent, decided to give it a go. The track obviously portrayed the same story, but with a different spin on it. Synthwave was always a happy place for me and Lorris continues to make that statement true. The cassette being played at the beginning speaks of a new beginning for someone who wishes for a second chance. Atmosphere of the track is unique and it manages to be very calming but still alive, now but yet … happy.The end of the song is very nostalgic, reminiscing of the past that made you who you are, and the things that will come. An emotionally impacful experience and a wonderful piece of music that is definitely replay worthy. Oh! And let’s not forget the man who made it possible, Etherium Apex, go give him some love, he definitely deserves it!


Daniel Ingram – Time to be Awesome (TPressleyJ Remix) | Hybrid Future Bass

Time to be Awesome is a song that to be real with all of you. Is that you like it, or you hate it. It’s one of Rainbow Dash’s best songs when it comes to her character. I cried watching the movie for the first time. I loved this song! She is my best pony after all. Now Mr. TPressleyJ comes out with a banger that just takes this song to a new level. The upbeat, motivating music by the musical pony genius Daniel Ingram has been built into this heart-pounding powerhouse remix by Pressley! The beats add to the energy Daniel composed for this song. All the elements of the original are there and some fitting sounds bites of RD best one-liners for more flavor. This song is a banging awesome time! AHHHH YEAHHHH! As always, I ask you to judge for yourself.


John Jennings Boyd, Lisette Bustamante & Nick Confalone – Invisible (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

This song has always needed some more love in my opinion. Rod Steven does just that adding a very tasteful flair that nails the Eurobeat aesthetic with its signature basslines and screeching leads. Its a really fun and jumpy take to the original and its great seeing this song getting some love! Excellent work Rod Steven!


J. Free – Big Mac (AJ Young Remix) (Parody of Boss by Lil Pump) | Hip-Hop

(Warning: Adult Language in lyrics) (Listen to the original here if you so wish)
When it comes to hip-hop. I like my rap to have some kind of a style to it. Listening to my colleague J.Free for the first time. He fits the bill. The delivery of his rhymes is hard, fast and powerful. The newly remixed beat really backs this up with a boost of aggression. The lyrics themselves are full of all kinds of pony puns. His OC daring every creature in the evergreen forest to mess with him, and all Tartarus breaking loose when he shows up a party. This Parody of Lil’ Pump’s boss is kinda wild thanks in part of AJ’s remix of’s original. Fun. smack-talking hip-hop, pony style!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.