J. Free – Big Mac (AJ Young Remix) (Parody of Boss by Lil Pump) | Hip-Hop

(Warning: Adult Language in lyrics) (Listen to the original here if you so wish)
When it comes to hip-hop. I like my rap to have some kind of a style to it. Listening to my colleague J.Free for the first time. He fits the bill. The delivery of his rhymes is hard, fast and powerful. The newly remixed beat really backs this up with a boost of aggression. The lyrics themselves are full of all kinds of pony puns. His OC daring every creature in the evergreen forest to mess with him, and all Tartarus breaking loose when he shows up a party. This Parody of Lil’ Pump’s boss is kinda wild thanks in part of AJ’s remix of’s original. Fun. smack-talking hip-hop, pony style!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[Equinity] GeekBrony & Drummershy – Last Tempest (feat. Vylet Pony) [MrMehster Remix] | Hardstyle

The original Last Tempest is a really fun treat in its own right, but what if there was a more jumpy, and heavy hitting version out there? MrMehster answers that call with their remix submission to Equinity 01: Stellar.  Pumping up the original with a classic hardstyle twist, the screaming leads and pounding bassline breathes a different kind of energy and is sure to appease fans of the genre and is a very well produced addition to the album!


Daniel Ingram – Living in Color (Toby Macarony Remix) | Electronica / Fun Fair

Giving a nod to the newest special Rainbow Roadtrip, Toby Macarony injects some more power and a bit of his own style into the song Living in Color. The original version of the song depends heavily on the voices without much instrumentation. Toby composes his own instrument parts and beefs up the beat to round out the piece and amp up the energy. His work pays off as his remix completely changes the style of song, without losing any of the parts that make it fantastic, creating a new experience out of a beloved track.


Daniel Ingram – Lotta Little Things (loophoof Remix) | Electro Pop

This is a very cute and catchy remix of the royal sister’s duet in the show. The fandom has been waiting for so long for Tia and Luna to have their own song and it doesn’t disappoint in the fun factor!. LoopHoof’s remix focusing on the lyrics, with the melody, changed to be like an 80’s techno pop. Its fun and charming much like the royal sisters are in this song. This Qilin can say for living it. All work and no play can and make life pretty boring. Please judge for yourself and make yourself a fruity drink why you’re at it.


Daniel Ingram – Apples to the Core (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Ever inspired by the OG Eurobeat Brony, Rod Steven has recently taken it upon himself to start developing his own style of Eurobeat. Just a few days ago, he blessed us with a remix of the classic Apples to the Core, which seems like it would be ripe for a Eurobeat remix! This one is about what you’d expect from a solid pony Eurobeat remix: an extremely dancey beat, infectious melodies in the breaks between the choruses and verses, and high energy throughout, so don’t miss out on this one!


Tripon – Titan (Single Purpose Remix) | Neurofunk

An ominous threat looms.
Single Purpose has remixed Tripon’s ‘Titan’ and has heated things up quite a lot. The drums roll the beat extremely well and the complex neuro basslines are on point. Single Purpose has built a very ominous atmosphere with this and even the breakdowns don’t let up and keep you on edge with the sounds and tension. This one truly is a special one, and you better not sleep on it!


Daniel Ingram – Lotta Little Things (Toby Macarony Remix) | Electro / Ragtime

Only a day had passed from the airing of this episode before Toby came in with a very sweet and fun take on its song! This time with a swingy, ragtime vibe coupled with very punchy and groovy percussion. This remix does a lotta little things; so-to-speak to really bring out a new vibe on an already great track and is refreshing to have a little pizzazz and flare shine through even more!


Nyancat380 – Rappin’ | Moombahcore

Now this is a fun one! This is a remix of The Wonderbolts Rap that took me by surprise! A genre I haven’t heard much in recent years, its veeery refreshing to here some straight, and solid Moombahcore. Nyancat has done a very good job here capturing the groove of the original while adding some intense flare with some complex vocal splices and fun gritty basslines. This will be a treat for many and I’m looking forward to see what else they have in store!