[P@D] SDreamExplorerS – Pathetic Excuses | Alternative Metal/Metalcore

Today, as part of our coverage of Ponies at Dawn’s newest album “Zenith”, I’m delighted to bring to you this fire metal track by SDreamExplorerS! “Pathetic Excuses” is a fast paced metal track at the beginning, but after the first two minutes in seamlessly shifts into a slower part that provides a nice bit of variety before going right back into the fasted paced parts, delivering an amazing track that can stand its ground completely without any vocals!


Biscuit – PAY YOUR PENANCE | Metal

Metal is such a perfect storytelling medium for a character like Spout. Biscuit, who is making a splash for themselves in the brony metal scene, ideally takes the actions of Spout and turns the up-in-your-face emotion and elements of Metal. The intensity of flow from Spout’s total transformation from a jealous insecure brat to a hateful tyrant is solid. Especially the little bits of Sunny and Hitch’s insight in the lyrics. It is a much more serious take on spouts actions which adds a needed edge to the story in contrast to the comedic dumb tyrant presentation of Spout in the G5 movie. Plus, be sure to listen to the end as it adds weight to Spout’s relation of how dire his action was. Powerful stuff!. Keep an eye on Biscuit’s work, friends! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] L-Train – Horizon | Metal

If you’re savoring some tasty and brutal metal, then one of the cornerstones of brony metal wishes to deliver! Nightmare Moon’s emotion speaks with every fiber of this composition. Those instruments build up with the drama and rage; the drums add just the exemplary brutality to the mood. The return of Nightmare Moon? Those lyrics tell us just how patient she is, watching and waiting to return and strike vengeance. It’s not metal from L-Train without that guitar solo to convey that sentiment. But, if you listen closely, you hear all the little things L-Train has done to enhance his sound over the years, the elements that make his music storytelling a step above the rest. P@D Zenith is full of what the brony metal scene is about, and this is just one of many on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Voodoo Pup – Parasite | Pop

Making a big splash onto the scene, Voodoo Pup unveils Parasite, an incredible Chrysalis-themed album! Each track brings something fun and new to the overall compilation with a style not often heard in the modern fandom. The vocal performances throughout are top-notch, and the compositions are dark and edgy, perfectly complimenting the villainess for whom they are written.

Face Value – The first song on the album easily hooks in listeners with catchy pop synths and Dangerous Moonlight’s incredible vocal performance. A haunting metal guitar lead perfectly accents the overbearingly evil soundscape while the lyrics showoff several clever plays on words with the changeling queen and how her “face value ain’t worth a dime”.

Be My Only (feat. Michael Picher) – this jazzy, old-timey lounge singer song once again features Dangerous Moonlight’s smooth and tempting vocals. Adding influence from notable fandom composer Michael Picher, “Be My Only” is driven by a great piano composition, accompanying band, and features a crazy instrumental that will have you moving!


[P@D] Osoch – Journey Home | Prog Rock

Closing out the new Ponies At Dawn album, Zenith, Osoch works his magic again to bring us this epic instrumental track. His musicianship and attention to detail really shine through, and you can really hear how much work has gone into this. Over the course of this song a solo guitar sings a story, slowly shifting dynamically through a triplet groove towards an ending that changes gear and shifts into something so majestic! The composition of this piece is also fantastic – so many aspects from the chord progressions to the harmony choices in the solos are just so unique.



[P@D] L-Train – To Sail The Skies Above (Celaeno’s Tale) (feat. Blackened Blue, Rico Starlight, and O. Vannen) | Pirate Metal

Another awesome P@D track by L-Train! L-Train has taken this song in a direction only he could do, with some amazing featured guitar work by Blackened Blue, a top-notch flute performance by Rico Starlight, and some cor anglais assistance from O. Vannen! A perfect combination of pirate metal and Captain Celaeno, make sure to check out this awesome track, which will no doubt take you on a ride! 


Blackened Blue – Nothing But Flame | Alt. Rock / Metal

Blackened Blue is back again with a great theme about Twilight Sparkle having enough of Celestia’s non-stop badgering for weekly letters! Everything that flies has to fall, Like an animal in a cage I’m writing meaningless words down on every page – this song is filled with incredibly meaningful lyrics that tell a great, emotional story. The flips between styles from acoustic rock ballads to heavier metal riffs with subtle tone shifts are both seamless and convey Twilight’s emotions incredibly vividly!


[P@D] Thrasher – Fall Again | Electronicore / Metalcore

As part of our coverage of the newest Ponies at Dawn Album, Zenith, I’m delighted to introduce you to this track that is a wild and fun mix of several genres! Thrasher presents us with Fall Again, a song that starts out like it’s synthpop but then quickly turns and adds some amazing metal elements from all sort of subgenres! Combining elements of Electronicore, Djent, Metalcore, Melodic Black Metal and Ambient, this track is a mix of a lot of influences and there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! Definitely have a listen to this song and the other awesome tracks from Zenith!


Voodoo Pup – Be My Only | Blues / Jazz

The most recent pre-release from Voodoo Pup’s Chrysalis concept album is abundant with sneaky, sleazy vibes, perfectly descriptive of the changeling queen herself. The track’s tone is set by a scheming, sassy bassline and carried by Dangerous Moonlight’s honeyed voice. Listeners beware – this track is sure to “trace its claws over your heart!”


SDreamExplorerS – Neverwake | Metal

Today I have the pleasure to once again bring you an amazing metal track courtesy of the amazing Soul Strings aka SDreamExplorerS! But let’s cut down on the chatter and get straight to the song! This song was actually written all the way back in 2009 but only really picked up again last year, but it nevertheless sounds very fresh with a fun melody, amazing drums and all-round wonderful instrumentation. For all you metalheads out there this slightly-over-seven-minute-long track is perfect to just put on repeat and listen to all day long, and even us non-metalheads will get a kick out of the creative melodies and amazing riffs.