Mane In Green – Wherever You Go | Orchestral / Soundtrack

The upload of a new Lady Fluttershy artwork teased it, Mane’s fluffy new pony song is here! Full of OST vibes, it tells the story of the yellow pegasus boarding a ship to reunite with her love Rarity, and you can just immerse yourself in the journey thanks to the very fitting and progressive music, crafted with love toward both the ponies and the community!


FelonOnBass – Undercover (GrazySmash Remix) | House

GrazySmash puts their spin on FelonOnBass’s ‘Undercover‘. The remix calls back to an era when dutch and big room house styles reigned supreme in the fandom’s 2014 music scene. Grazy establishes a heavier four-on-the-floor groove against the original track’s laid back atmosphere. Additionally, this release is accompanied by some great illustration work by Viwrastupr. You wouldn’t shy away from a Glim Glam track, would you?


Everfree Sovereign – Forgot About Flow | Rap / HipHop

I’m gonna go in this write-up with keepin’ it real with ya’ll; It takes a lot of courage to spit on a Dr. Dre Beat. Since to me also, his beats have a high standard class to me. And therefore, I keep stuff real when people spit on classic beats. But this duo consisting of Genesis & D.imotion, representing Everfree Sovereign in da house, have performed a marvelous parody track of this Classic! S/O to Rhyme Flow! A smooth flow over this classic chill beat with some dope Pony references, I like this! Genesis & Diz both slayin’ it with the Flow. and with a powerful message to all of the skeptics;

Pony Music is still here.

❤ great work everyone! ❤ show some love fam!


The Melody Bros – Equestrian Roads (Take Me Home, Country Roads Parody) (feat. Roundtrip) | Country

MelodyBrony, Tyler Peace and Roundtrip teamed up for a very lovely ponification of the famous song Take Me Home, Country Roads from John Denver, and the result is so cute and blissful as we can just imagine ponies singing this in Equestria while traveling back home! It certainly feels like Equestria is our home, for us bronies stuck on Earth, and maybe we can still get there in some way!


4EverfreeBrony – The Highest Tower (feat. EileMonty) | Orchestral

Another momentous release, this one stars the vocal talents of the one and only EileMonty and enacts Luna’s perspective as envisioned by 4EverfreeBrony! A breathtaking progression lays out a lot of Orchestral elements as well as awesome drums and electric guitar, and along the impressive vocals and deep lyrics, it all makes for quite the stunning experience! It’s part of the eponymous new album that is available as physical CDs!