Tw3Lv3 & Lorris – Neurosis | Dubstep

A sick collab bringing an equally sick concept, Neurosis is a dark musical take on some of Pinkie’s character depth, and vocal samples from S03E03 Too Many Pinkie Pies work so well along the wicked Dubstep drops and haunting glockenspiel melodies! Check out Lorris’ upload too!


Lianella Stilson – Fireworks | Dubstep / Trance

Watching fireworks with another pony friend has never felt so awesome! Lianella Stilson shares a personal cuddly pony experience with us through music, and the result is a breathtaking Trance-y track featuring gorgeous vocals and a dreamy and stunning electronic arrangement! Beautiful sounds and melodies all around make for the night of a lifetime for the two ponies, amazingly animated in the video!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Swarm (feat. The Living Tombstone & KLRX) | Dubstep

In this song from Homeward (Link here), Satyrn is doing her Epic stand Against the Swarm. This is a Thrill and a Warming composition that translates itself to tell a part of the Story that is a very Desperate and Nerve-wrecking Experience. and you can most Definitly feel that within this super fluent and smooth Track! The switch truly is amazing from the Intensity to the Calm parts, this truly represents doing the last stand and fight against the coming storm so others can get away and Escape… with EVERYTHING you’ve got. Satyrn is a Badass. And so is this Track!
With several amazing artists doing their part for this track aswell! YES, I’m talking to ya’ll Tombstone, Sylver, Namii (Bless you), and KLRX! You all rocked it! ❤ keep up the great work!

Aside – Lunar New Year: Trash3D | Compilation Album | Experimental

The collective is back with a new compilation album, this time for celebrate the Chinese New Year. And the music is more experimental than ever! Full of music mostly using chinese/japanese scales – Featuring music from a lot of artists including Agents of Discord, Cynifree, FrostFyre, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Shuffle Horse, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, Crashie Tunez, Enuna, r_chase and flankƨy!
A mixture of aggressive, calm and experimental! You should grab the album and help the label!


Totalspark – Retrospect | Chillout

Totalspark is back to grace us with his amazing musical vision, with this new track themed about Celestia and part of an upcoming new EP! The theme of Tia’s feelings after she banished her sister will never get old, and Sparky paid much tribute to her character with this very emotional piece that creates a blissful atmosphere and showcases many electronic and orchestral wonders alike.


Corpulent Cartel – Pinkie’s Epic Lie (Feat. Olly Hancock) (​Remaster) | Breakbeat


Corpulent Cartel (AKA Agents of Discord) teams up with Olly Hancock to bring us this very inspired Pinkie Pie breakbeat track! Based very loosely off WoodenToater’s Pinkie’s Lie, Corpulent and Olly utilize a solid beat with various elements of different genres to create a song all their own. Pinkie’s Epic Lie includes a moving piano riff, spacious feel to several instruments, cool effects on Pinkie chops, and a wild synth to bring together a mesmerizing track!


Acouste Wholenote – Lesson | Acoustic


In a surprise release we should all be excited for, Acouste Wholenote returns with a great tribute to everypony’s favorite grade school teacher, Cheerilee! Played using excellent guitar work and impassioned vocals, Acouste demonstrates the personal issues of the pink educator and her plea for her students better understand the lessons she is only just now learning herself. Lesson is a wholesome track that leaves out a lot of processing and fancy mixing schematics, allowing for a more honest, raw sound to resonate the earnest message.