Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Eurobeat Brony Remix) | Eurobeat

After nearly three years, a brand new Super Ponybeat remix has risen! The true brony music OG graces our ears once more with a healthy serving of everything we’ve come to expect from him: an extremely catchy hook to accompany the Mane Six’s chorus, crazy synth leads, a subtly frantic bassline, and an energetic driving rhythm that complements the ponies’ verses perfectly. Flawless remixes are usually very high quality, and this is no exception. Here’s hoping Eurobeat Brony can bless us with a few more tunes before the show’s end!

Below is an additional review by fellow writer Cynifree!
Start of Cynifree’s review
It’s been over half a year since we had a Eurobeat Brony track, and this time around we get a very energetic take on Flawless. Odyssey is a king of the genre so you can expect those iconic screaming leads with a pumping bassline and all in all its just a really, REALLY fun remix to listen to!
End of Cynifree’s review


Acarcion & Drixale – 900 Years | Trap

An amazing and very lovely collab, Acarcion and Drixale paid tribute to Luna and what she endured during that millenia on the moon, sending her support and showing much love. The space-y instrumental is just perfect for the theme, and the vocals of the duo complement each other so well!


[P@D] Replacer – Never Die | Art Pop / Indietronica

Classic replacer returns with “Never Die”, a song that is featured on the most recent Ponies At Dawn album! The artwork reminding of Cerulean Blue and the music style reminding us of Song for an Earth Pony. Both two brony music classics! “Never Die” is an amazing song, I really loved it listening to it! Good job on this one Replacer!
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Penumbra | Progressive Electronic

Inspired by Prog Rock and Starlight, Vylet wrote a 10-minutes progressive piece with the help of Sylver and they did absolute wonders! The very emotional synths and melodies are just divine, not to mention the whole track is accompanying a story appearing in the visuals of the video as well as on Fimfiction. The gorgeous-as-always vocals are pure bliss as well, and we can’t help but get entranced by such a masterpiece of concept and emotion!


John Doe – Altitude | Soundtrack

Emotional, entrancing, reflective, magical all the way, John Doe’s new masterpiece Altitude is the perfect BGM to play while exploring a snowy mountain in a RPG game, feeling so much emotion along the melodies and rich arrangement of many instruments. And if you focus on the journey you’ve been through, the memories you’ve made, and the team members you’ve met and who joined your adventure… then chances are a distinct powerful emotion will hit you, and prove once again, that music and Passion are magic!


Ditherer – Giddyup (feat. Network Music Ensemble) | Hip-Hop

Ditherer is on a roll (again), with a constant flow of pony-inspired tunes (see what I did there), to our greatest delight! This cover of the classic Giddy Up is so lovely, the rapping is sick as always, and the lyrics are thoughtful and honest. Also check out S07E03 Unnamed Earth Mare #1, giving some chara depth to an otherwise ignored pony, and many, many more recent uploads on Ditherer’s channel!