EnergyTone – Babs Seed (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Punk Rock

You know what I really enjoy? When someone takes Daniel’s work, then makes it their own. EnergyTone’s cover of this song brings the light guitar in the song to the forefront. If punk rock is your jam, then you’ll love this! This to me has that 90’s punk rock feeling to it. His delivery of the lyrics matches the sound of his cover. So you will sing along just the same as it stays true to the original? Does it improve the song itself? That as always is your judgment. It’s a really fun take on a well known CMC song with a fitting rock sound to it. One that would have anyone dancing and swaying there head around!


FilledSilhoutte – P.O.N.Y (feat. Wootmaster) | Hip-Hop

(Lyrics and vocals used from WootMaster’s Funky House track of My Little Mixtape.)
Who loves smooth and funky hip-hop? How about some brony love and life? This remix tribute to Wootmaster is just the right mix of the humor of this fandom, and the smooth sound of old school hip-hop. A song about an everyday brony’s passion for Friendship is Magic. Have a listen. Have a chuckle. Enjoy this song. For this is Brony hip-hop done well.

[P@D] PegasYs – Dental Damn VIP (feat. Midnight Melody & TheMusicReborn) | Glitch-Hop

What a wonderful track from the latest installment of the Ponies at Dawn saga! This VIP of one of PegasYs‘ most iconic tracks really showcases some of the depth of talent in this fandom, from the catchy, boppin’ bass guitar from Midnight Melody, to the jazzy trumpet licks from TheMusicReborn, to the deep neuro basses in the drop. All in all, a wonderful, inclusive track sure appeal to both musicians and listeners alike.


Forest Rain – CHRISSY | Pop Punk

I’m so happy that Chrissy is getting some more love all around in the community, and the pony music scene certainly is on it, with Forest Rain doing us the honors of an amazing Pop Punk treat about the Changeling Queen! Spontaneous fan songs echoing feelings for our beloved characters are just the best! Follow Forest along the rocking riffs, inspired lyrics and lovely vocals, and let’s spread our love and passion loud and wide!


Daniel Ingram – Smile Song (Nyancat380 Bootleg) | Hip-Hop / Chiptune

A recent favorite of mine that came out of nowhere, Nyancat380’s Bootleg is quite emotional with such a creative use and effects on Pinkie vocals from the beloved Smile Song. The bassline all throughout is adding even more emotion, making for quite a unique remix like we don’t get that often. The last part is especially powerful for me!


StableTwoStallion – Ember | Industrial Gothic Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte

StableTwoStallion did it again!! Once again inspired by such popular Neue Deutsche Härte music, the talented musician paid tribute to Ember this time, the assertive side of her character fitting so well to the aggressive guitar riffs! And the vocals are just incredible and so perfect for the genre and musical inspirations! A huge success once again!