Shal Music FX – Daybreaker’s Future | Drone Metal / Orchestral

Strap yourselves in, because this is a long one. Inspired by an alternate future where Daybreaker reigns, this track is completely filled with a sense of dread. It starts out with an edited sample of Daybreaker monologuing from A Royal Problem before diving right in, showcasing its atmospheric chops through the use of evil organ chords, a dark choir and a deep, distorted guitar. Being a drone metal song inspired by bands such as Sunn O))), it progresses at a snail’s pace, with other elements such as drums and other vocal samples pushed far away from each other. Don’t let that discourage you from listening, as this is yet another Nightmare Night listening experience that’ll stick with you.


Pinkamena Party – GABBA-CA‚Äč-DABRA FOR PONIES | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s Nightmare Night, and the Pinkamena Party crew got a bag full of treats for you all to savor, in the form of a compilation album themed for the occasion and featuring Abra-ca-dabra on the cover art! The contributing musicians did awesome venturing in the roads less traveled once again, while having heaps of fun, and you can definitely hear it! Gabber, play on pony vocals, experimental endeavors, eerie atmospheres, ambient adventures… So many lovely initiatives are so wonderful to see, as we celebrate the shenanigans of this spooky night along with everypony on the album! And if you missed the live release party, you can watch the recording of it!


StableTwoStallion – Alptraum Mond | Industrial Gothic Metal

For nightmare Night, StableTwoStallion fittingly explored Nightmate Moon’s psyche again, and the result is a breathtaking piece in his signature style that features such impressive vocals as well as some references that you may or may not get! A very appreciated treat!


Koron Korak – Possessed | Dark Ambient

The master of Dark Ambient in the community, Koron Korak presents his latest experiment in the dark, themed around “Lesson Zero” Twilight and acting as a personal follow-up to it too. Just like the kind of atmospheric bliss you’d hear in an horror game, the piece is featuring amazing sound design and even effect-powered vocals from Koron himself, enacting the story with those lyrics that you can read from the description. A masterpiece of ambience and dark atmospheres!


Alexey Kotlyar – Driven | Soundtrack

Today is Nightmare Night, and what better way to celebrate it than with a song that perfectly suits the mood? This one hits the creepy mark in all the right places, starting off with a somber collection of bells and strings that weave in and out of tune after a small passage of time.

A minute in, a stronger collection of strings play, joined by a tense group of percussion and a piano, all coming together to create something truly terrifying. 30 seconds go by, and everything calms down again.

The combination of just a piano and some strings forms a calming atmosphere, but soon enough, they both begin to lower in pitch, bringing the sense of dread back full force to the listener before only amplifying it with the return of the percussion and dissonant strings.

The track closes out with a cacophonous chorus of a piano and an organ, eventually fading out just like a flame from a candle. As if that wasn’t enough, an unsettling image of Twilight staring towards the viewer is the sole visual piece throughout the video, only further adding to the creepy atmosphere. This’ll be one Nightmare Night to remember!

Aside – Music for the Headless Horse III | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

For Nightmare Night, we can always count on the #1 pony music label venturing in the obscure and dark musical roads less traveled, to bring us something tasty to bite! The organizers went all-out and so did the contributing musicians who deliver many treats and creative musical experiences to savor while trick and treating. Many familiar faces as well as regulars of the experimental music scene had fun joining and partaking in the madness for all kinds of spooks and silent walks in dark forests and abandoned amusement parks, empowering the experiences with the power of music! Get the album from Bandcamp here, check out the recording of the live release party here, follow’s Twitter to stay updated, and go follow all the contributing musicians too!


FlightRush – Toward New Things | House

Cute pony vocal chops from the classic Winter Wrap Up are echoing in a stylish and deep instrumental that doesn’t lack punchy beats. The atmosphere is quite emotional as well, and it’s so easy to dive into the bliss of this new pony release from FlightRush!


Camelia – Happy Memories | Electro House

Camelia paid much tribute to G4 with this sparkling gem submitted to Cider Party! The pony vocal chops are creative and emotional, and so are some of the classic vocal samples used, that definitely bring much nostalgia. The drops reflect such a high skill at EDM too, and overall this is such a masterpiece displaying much feelings for the show and the community!


Spiral Harmonies – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Orchestral

The Magic of Friendship is palpable, with how many heartfelt tributes are getting released in the community recently! Talented OST composer Spiral Harmonies presents us his own, by way of this amazing new Orchestral take on the finale’s song. You can just feel the love and thought that have been poured into this masterpiece of a cover, that is certainly very emotional! And it is also available as a version with the original vocals layered in, check it out here!


John Doe – Spoopy | Soundtrack

For this year’s Halloween Update of the fan game Pony Town, John explored a different path to spookiness and eeriness, with the classic “creepy amusement park” and “scary clowns” vibes! Once again the musician’s talent can be felt with their ability to nail such precise and distinct styles, and all while designing it as a BGM track!