Dandelion Ass – A Pegasusgirl in the Secret Garden (feat. Helen) | Chillout

Fluttershy fans, this track is for you. This really captures why Fluttershy is such a beloved character of the show; I love Flutters too. The backstory of this track falls under the familiar headcanon of Twilight outliving her friends. Fluttershy has opened up her own vet clinic, found love, started a family with a stallion named Buddy, they had a foal named after the G1 pony Posey, which is fitting because she is essentially the G1 version of Fluttershy which Lauren Faust molded into the Flutters we love (the full story is in the video’s description). You will be fighting back tears as the melodies of this track tell the story of Fluttershy’s final day. The lyrics are sung by Helen as the singing voice of Posey as she fulfils Flutters’ final request. The elements used are a mix of Lo-fi beats, a pretty and soulful piano, and those harmonies… Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous! And then the sad end with this moment of power and sadness with such a tear-jerking moment. Helen releases a high note accompanied by all the elements and this violin melody that signals Fluttershy passing away peacefully as her daughter sings to her. How can such a song be so chill and beautiful yet so sad and emotional but also be so good? Dandelion has made something very fitting of Fluttershy’s character. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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