SpinScissor – drawing near | Ambient

SpinScissor is no stranger to exploring characters’ psyches with their music, and this song is another fine example of what they can achieve when thus inspired! This amazing ambient track examines Twilight’s mental state when Principal Cinch forces her to join the school team in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. It must have been devastating for Twilight to have her academic future threatened, and you can hear her wrestling to keep things mentally compartmentalized here. The pulsing beat lends a wonderful “heart in the throat” vibe complimented by bits of vocal chops and distorted synths and ambience that swirls around the listener. There are also wonderful breaks with ambience and keys that give calm moments before the arrangement pulls the listener back into Twilight’s doubts. SpinScissor really nailed the ambient effects–they have a delightfully unsettling nature as they tinkle, buzz, and percolate through the song. The vocal chop melody toward the end of the song is so well done as well, and adding that more concrete element and then taking it away is a perfect touch.


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