Evgeniy Doctor feat. Brilliant Venture – Royal Guard (NeighGative_ Dark Tech Mix) | Dark Tech Trance

This track is based off of this fantastic original version meant to evoke the feeling of Canterlot Castle at night from the perspective of the Royal Guard, but it takes the original techno delivery and gives it a wonderful Nightmare Night twist! This track debuted during the NeighGative_ set at Ponyville Ciderfest this year and now gets unleashed upon listeners through this amazing individual release. NeighGative_ videos have fantastic background art and effects, and this track is no exception. Sonically, Luna’s formerly ethereal vocals get a crunchy, blippy, distorted treatment which makes sense when the intensity ramps up and the image of Nightmare Moon appears in the background art. Ominous vocal chops round out an arrangement that pulses with dark intensity. A cool shift in the synth melody at the end accompanies a shift in the background art, and the song concludes with Luna announcing, “I am a nightmare.” The citizens of Ponyville may not be safe, but at least we listeners received this entrancing contribution to the catalog of amazing Nightmare Night tunes!


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