Aventrix Fixes Assertive Fluttershy Fixes ArtAttack – Still Shy VIP (feat. Metajoker) | Drum & Bass

First ArtAttack created this terrific song with the goal of capturing Fluttershy’s capability for being both gently nurturing and forcefully protective. Then the Original VIP updated the arrangement and added Metajoker vocals to make the song that much more epic and impactful. Then Assertive Fluttershy created their Fix that reworked the song to create a UK Hardcore version for My Little Remix War V. Now Aventrix has created their own version that takes the hardcore mix and polishes it up. The tempo, key, and EQ have been adjusted, and new synths, drums, and FX create a super clean sound. You’d never know that this track was made on a phone using audio from YouTube. It sounds great, it’s a wonderful link to horse music history, and there’s a higher quality free download link in the description that I would recommend for full audio goodness. Get in there and create some new nostalgia!


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