Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (Yellow Tune Remix) | Synthwave

This is a really original take on this track. The synthwave delivery creates a much different emotional dynamic than the silly, fun energy of the movie version. The dreamy, ambient synth opening has a cool retro vibe, and the energy gets boosted by the introduction of percussion and vocals. The vocals are slowed down just a touch to fit the tempo, and the song then works to create melodies that compliment them while offsetting their original energy as we fly over the synth landscapes. I really like the bass heading into the chorus, which adds a satisfying thump, and the bits of effects accents sprinkled throughout the track add a nice depth. The chorus synth melody keeps the vintage vibe going, and a picture of the movie characters in leg warmers and headbands would fit the package perfectly. It’s an interesting and well-done remix, and I hope that you share my enjoyment of this creative approach!


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