Blackened Blue – Flight 2020 REMAKE | Metalcore

(Listen to the original here to see just how much more improved the remake is)

It is no secret that many new Musicians are heavily influenced by Linkin Park in someway, They are one of the greatest bands of the modern era of music. That can be heard in this track by Blackened Blue. The style of nu metal instrumental and percussion, but more so by the mood of this song. A young Pegasus is incredibly sad and frustrated by seeing it’s friends that can fly but it has yet too. The lyrics are very emotional and convey a bitterness about it, especially when blackened lets out his natural screaming vocals that just happens to sound like the late Chester Bennington. Absolutely phenomenal and a great way to end his self-titled EP which you can listen to Here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


BVYANX – Magic | Dubstep

Ah it’s always fun when I hear what some fresh faces with talents have to offer in the modern brony music community! BVYANX here rolls out a showcase of experimentation in Bass, Sounders and wavy synthesis! Using our beloved big brain book horse as a conduit. There is a nice degree of magical synthetics and riffs to represent Twilight playing around with electronic music along with the deep bass and hard synths with a mythical sounding melodies mixed in with the hard beats of Dubstep. Not too bad. I always enjoy a musician taking what a character represents and makes a story out of it through music. This was enjoyable. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself


Toby Macarony – San Maredreas (GTA: San Andreas Theme Parody) | G-Funk



(Warning: Imagery may be upsetting to some. You have been warned)

There is nothing that Toby can not create and be money about it? Accurately taking the Grand theft Auto: San Andreas theme. He throws the MLP theme song into a blender with gangs, drugs and other illegal activities, prompting this result to spit itself out. A perfect instrumental hip hop, blend of ponies and GTA. it’s so good you think it’s from the actual game as a modification. Toby plays things by his rules and does what Toby does lol, All courtesy of his Shenanigans II album. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[NSN] Soundnix x AJ Young – Biohazard | Dubstep


-Ominous: indicating the nature of a future event, for good or evil; having the significance of an omen; being a portent.

Boy, that definition is the nature of the tag team of Soundnix and AJ Young. The calm before the storm with that atmospheric build up is simply breathtaking. And then it’s ground zero as that heavy bass drops! Those dangerous wubby and zingy riffs make you head for the hills! This track wonderfully tells the tale of the ponies in Equestria dealing with a pandemic much like we are now. While still chaotic and atmospheric, this fusion of dubstep and orchestra elements is fluid in its combination! Listen to chaos at its best musically for NSN Vol 3: Black Stable! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Faulty – Light Me Up (feat. Koa) | Progressive House

So more Ponies At Dawn for ya! Absolutely incinerating of a track to open the entire album. This track features the enticing vocals of Koa that are heart pounding, combined with Faulty’s exciting energy to fuel those romantic energies with such exciting melodies and riffs. Such a fitting track to open P@D: Ignite. I really don’t have to say much more other than this is a perfect track for all you love birds out there in the fandom. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


LuckRock – Bad Ending (ft. Drummershy & CategoricalGrant) | Punk Rock


I’ve been getting pretty deep and emotional on my articles as of late so let’s dial that back and have some fun. Here for your listening pleasure is a group of my friends using their talents for a bit of silliness. Featuring some suave drumming from Drummershy and punk rock flavor from Luckrock. A track was made from of all things DoTheDaringDo’s choices of his taken in the fanfiction, My Celestia does LuckRock sell in his vocals on how just much fun he is having with these cheeky and taunting voices that is just entertaining until the end of being rejected by RD with a resounding “BAD ENDING” from the author of the fic Categorical Grant in his trademark Deadpan voice that me and LuckRock have come to know from him in our local meetup group. It’s down right funny. Have a laugh and read the fanfic Here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.



Whirlwind – Escape | Album | IDM / Electronica

(Please visit Whirlwind’s Bandcamp to support it)
Whirlwind is not just a drummer in this fandom, oh no, my fellow bronies. He is quite the musical storyteller. It takes special talent to take real dreams and translate them into relatable music. His debut album tells a story of his OC seeing Equestria. It’s amazing to me how much MLP:FiM means so much to people, and how dreams like this can translate into music such as this. The elements in use are there, creative uses of ambient, electronia, IDM. even a bit of drone, D&B and even glitch-hop. These all bring out the experience of so many ups and downs, drama-filled excitement or moments of peaceful bliss. Whirlwind alone should be commended in the creative experimentation of electronic music that he’s trying to break into, but enough of me talking… Let’s have a listen.

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MrMehster & Tw3lv3 – Work In Progress (Whirly Tail Remix) (feat. Venetin) | Happy Hardcore

(Listen to the original here! And find this remix album here)


Yes, it’s one more of these, and oh! It’s a wild Whirly Tail! This remix is the literal definition of low to high octane. This gorgeous keyboard melody of the original bass line is so rich as it starts off this track courtesy of Venetin! Do you remember the original slammed you hard? WELL! Just let Whirly Tail’s controlled insanity and genius throw you into the wall! You are launched into an adventure, with some amazing hyper wubbly sinthetics and riffs. That keyboard is then combined with some heart-pounding bass and positively charged riffs that only Whirly’s happy hardcore obliges your presence with! These two then top this sundae off with an awesome electronic solo that is so emotional and exciting, and Whirly’s love for rock and roll speaks right there! If you left happy, Whirly and Venetin’s combined insanity and creativity has done its job! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Toby Macarony – Still Unclear To Me | Smooth Jazz

(Check out Toby’s Album Shenanigans II)

You know purity when you hear it. Pure authentic jazz is something magical. It has the ability to sweep you off your feet or reflect in the moments of truth. Leave it to this man to take one of Twilight Sparkle’s crucial character moments and turn them into something so emotionally deep and smooth.

Toby has a distinct reputation of being one of the most original musicians and frankly unappreciated for this talent for music making in the Brony fandom. That might be up for debate depending on who you talk to, however. He has a reputation of making incredibly unique pieces of music, and this track is right on par with those, or even more special. Incredibly smooth piano and saxophone playing, even jazzy drum beats with a dash of Lo-Fi for the electronic flavor. The manipulation of Twilight’s vocals from “You’ll Play Your Part” into more jazz-styled vocals is stunning. Interestingly enough, the music is purely original, created from the ground up from Toby’s craft. Credit to him for making the vocals flow with it!

The most amazing thing about this track is that even without Twilight’s vocals, this song is still good. All the melodies and magic of jazz music is super smooth and fluid.

Imagine this for a moment. The newly crowned princess of Equestria is standing on her balcony with Spike, and these vocals are going through her head with this glorious melody. It really puts into perspective how important that moment in season 4 was for her character growth. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Djohn Mema – EYES (feat. Sable Symphony) | Metal


I know after listening to this song you will have questions. It’s understandable. Eyes represent something that’s been done in music for centuries.

Heavy metal is such an amazing genre to use as a conduit to send a strong message to get you to think really hard. Djohn here has produced a fine use of those elements of anger and frustration, amped right up with a message that should ring into your heart. The guitars, Djohn’s masterful drumming and Sable’s orchestration gives this track its legs. But is the voice of Djohn that is the heart of this track. The message in those lyrics… It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he’s talking about and he is so good at letting that emotion just come right out.

Now the message in those lyrics is probably going to be controversial to some who hear it; we as Bronies don’t like to hear the truth sometimes. But what Djohn has done is nothing new in music. Bands like System of a Down. Slipknot, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park and Korn are examples. Rappers like Public Enemy, NWA and Eminem are also known for it, and even classic artists like Bob Dylan and Phil Collins.

Every single one of these groups caused controversy to some degree and some people were not happy. But the public curious took a closer look and found those messages and understood.

Take a step back and listen. There is wisdom in those lyrics. Very relatable ones that not only talk about our fandom, but people as a whole. The episode in My Little Pony. “The talk of the town” moral this song is the same as that episode about Zecora; it’s just a lot more blunt and honest in this songTake an honest listen of this song and think about it. This Qilin more than ever asks you to really judge for yourself.