[P@D] L-Train – Horizon | Metal

If you’re savoring some tasty and brutal metal, then one of the cornerstones of brony metal wishes to deliver! Nightmare Moon’s emotion speaks with every fiber of this composition. Those instruments build up with the drama and rage; the drums add just the exemplary brutality to the mood. The return of Nightmare Moon? Those lyrics tell us just how patient she is, watching and waiting to return and strike vengeance. It’s not metal from L-Train without that guitar solo to convey that sentiment. But, if you listen closely, you hear all the little things L-Train has done to enhance his sound over the years, the elements that make his music storytelling a step above the rest. P@D Zenith is full of what the brony metal scene is about, and this is just one of many on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


BGM – Smooth Sailin’ | Synthpop

You might listen to this song and think it’s ironic for My Little Pony. But pony came out in 1983, and the electric graphics and that melody you hear are definitely of that time! As a child of the ’80s, I’d say this song hits all those vintage check marks. BGM perfectly recreates pop songs of the era with these blissful melodies about Trixie enjoying time for herself after a hard day’s work at the School of Friendship. Even that nostalgic hair metal guitar solo and the appropriate use of the Pony AI vocals will make you smile! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Trixie fans, rejoice!


4everfreebrony – We’ll Get Through (feat. PrinceWhateverer) [Blink-182 ponified] | Alternative Rock

Sometimes, a pair of vocal talents click and are so smooth together! It’s like a delicate cake with tasty, smooth frosting. Giving the legendary band Blink-182 a nod of respect, 4everfreebrony and PrinceWhateverer take the basis from “I Miss You” and get into the head of Sunny StarScout and her mission in G5. The lyrics take the heart of the original song, expressing the frustrations of Sunny and how she thinks and feels throughout the movie. These two musicians seem to have a blast together, achieving perfect tone and mood to their vocal delivery. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


4everfreebrony – Paradise (feat. Cookie Dough) | Pop

This song is precious! It may be the most fitting Dr. Whooves/Derpy centered track ever. If anything, getting introduced to Cookie Dough’s singing voice alone is wholesome! (She is the wife of 4everfreebrony) The uplifting and wistful melody takes hold of your heart and doesn’t let go, with a message of pure romance and love, giving you just blissful goosebumps of positive vibes. A mega feel-good song, the vocals further embellish on how excellent this track is – like the song is right out of the ’80s and ’90s! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


PumpkinZ – Lakeside | Liquid Drum and Bass

Take a stroll with your favorite ponies! No, it doesn’t matter if it’s just the Twilight gang or Sunny’s gang. To a rhythm like this, courtesy of PumpkinZ, it’s the perfect evening to take a walk by the lake with a cold cider and one of your best friends under the dancing stars of Luna’s night. As you look up, the heartbeat of this track gives off this charming scene. The D&B with the sparking and enchanting allure to it set the mood of this track to a dreamy summer night. Oh, and the vocal chops; well, you and your friends are having a good time, as you should when hearing this. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


lunar_amity & Seyden – Friendship Was Magic pt. 1 (Desperation) | Metal

You all knew this was coming at some point. You know, musicians putting their talents towards the big mystery of what happened between generations? We drive right into the head of Big Alicorn bookhorse, emotionally broken and her back to the wall. Holy Celestia, does this aggressive string of guitars and drums bring down this feeling of desperation and despair! Seyden’s vocals and screams rip through this track, grabbing at your dang soul to help poor twilight cope with the loss of her friends and unsure of how to move forward with her rule of Equestria. Could this be the very point where the magic in Equestria started to fade? An incredibly haunting guitar solo tops this track off courtesy of Biscuit! Brony metal goodness at your delight, my friends!


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Songbird Choir Remix) | Electro Pop

Flawless was one of those songs with one of the most thought-provoking messages in the show. Daniel Ingram provided a dramatic touch in how the mane 6 understood themselves so much. The music itself was bold, deep, and intimate in the mane six being so unafraid in expressing their character flaws. Songbird, instead of going to that level of grandeur, here opts here for a more toe-tapping melody. The same emotion is there, but it’s more lightly and subtly in the theme. The piano and the profound use of these deep synth harmonies within the melody, at almost horn-like beep-boop thunder, roll with the ups and downs. It’s very different from Daniel’s track, but honestly, it gives way the same deep and personal touch with the mane six expressing themselves to the world about this subject. It’s what you honesty expect from someone like Songbird Choir to stand out in this manner!


Nicolas Dominique – Cuddles | Chillout

(Listen to the original here!)

Nicolas Dominique has an incredible talent for making pieces of music that turn on the serotonin in your noggin’ in a big way! Cuddles is the latest release from his latest album, Lanterns. This song makes you want to sit and imagine Celestia and Luna are there with you in a vibrant atmosphere. Your eyes close as this deeply warm and electric melody surrounds you in a symphony. It feels like a legion of epic positive vibes hugging you tightly! Give Mr. Dominique a round of applause for this dynamite revamp of this track as you kick back and relax! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


Skyshard – Hearth’s Warming Stories Vol 2: Skyshard in the Multigenre of Madness (Special Pony Edition) | Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: better 2 months late than never!

Suppose you want to talk about a musician who has been on the move. Innovating herself, experimenting, and ever-expanding on her musical talents. Skyshard is known for her abilities in the orchestra brony community, highlighted by making a splash in 2021 with her impressive string of compilation album releases!

Hearth’s Warming Stories Vol 2 shows a different side to her talent pool. Building on her composing talents, we’re treated to a musical dive into mixing her orchestral core with various genres. The tracks are tongue-in-cheek tales of Twilight and her friends trying to plan a late Hearthswarming party highlighted by the Mane 6 poking fun at the brony music community with an amusing use of mane six speaking through as a bonus feature in this version!

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[ASOS] Alicore – The Faithful | Symphonic Metal

Late October last year ASOS released their 9th compilation album, Eclair. As you would expect, that album had a lot of genres of music to offer – especially this gem which in turn is the explosive debut of Alicore. The band comprises Sakairi, SlightyAmiss, Whirlwind, Acoustic Wholenote, and Cadenza Heartsong; names you may have known for their solo talents and success.

The music speaks for itself when you hear this song. Symphonic metal works beautifully when mixed with quality ingredients like a good dessert. The story of the return of Nightmare Moon never sounded so glorious, moving, and adrenaline-inducing! The guitars and bass are harsh and crisp thanks to Acoustic and Amiss; Whirlwind puts his 2 cents in with aggressive blast beats, drumming at a pace that gives your heart a jolt. Oh, you cannot have symphonic metal without those lovely and blissful harmonic synths that you hear throughout this masterpiece, thanks to Heartsong. If you get chills hearing Sakairi’s singing voice for the first time, that is just another element of this band done well, an excellent front to lead you along to grab at your emotions, That harsh rage of nightmare moon’s anger? Perfect for the brutal vocal talent of SlightlyAmiss.

If that wasn’t enough, a FULLY and GORGEOUS animated music video was done by the talented JilltheOtherPony, immerses you deep into this music! The talent pool of the brony music community is impressive. Getting noticed is not always easy. How you make a first impression, my fellow bronies, is this. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.