[Equinity] Cynifree – Kodama | Ambient House

I want you to picture something in your mind, as you hear the start of this. Rainbow Dash has been challenged to a fight by Lightning Dust. They both see each other in the distance as they fly at each other over the skies of Cloudsale. That’s the first 36 seconds of this song goes before the mood changes before both Pegasi are duking it out in an epic duel. There’s just enough intensity going in and out to give this song this epic dueling music with such an emotional atmosphere. It’s fitting that my colleague Cynifree is basing this off the real Japanese Kirin lore. I invite you to listen for yourself, As always judge for yourself and see if what this Dragon Pony says it true. It only the first track of the Equinity 01: Stellar album. Not a bad start!


[P@D] Doodled & Hoofy – Wonderful Summer | Hip-Hop

Do you know that feeling? Yes, you reading this I am talking to you! Do you know that feeling when you started to watch this pone show and everything thing started to be clear? The feeling that ya found your place. This song by Doodled & Hoofy with some swell flow of lyrics tells about that time for them. This warm feeling of remembering the time you fell in love with MLP. This beat that flows so good with the lyrics that it brings your own good memories out. Reminds me of my time I when to BC2017. It was a wonderful summer to be a brony. A song like this about real peoples time in this fandom needs to be heard more. Please as always from this Dragon Pony. Judge for yourself about this nostalgic tune on P@D.


MC-Arch – You got me, I got us | Album | Hip-Hop / Audio Drama

“This review is dedicated to a person that embodies the very believes to his core of what being a brony honesty is. That person is the one and only Joey-O. If anyone lives by the messages of this album laid by MC-Arch. It’s you, Joey, I know you’re resting up good. I and MC-Arch could not think of a better way to show how much this fandom loves you. Then to honor you this way.”

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[P@D] GhostXb – Burning Wings | Hybrid Orchestral

Music and the world around us. That really comes to mind for my self as I listen to this. P@D offers so much fandom music from across the world or world influences at that. GhostXb composes something very worldly in the atmosphere here. Some Jazz saxophone mixed with a mandolin. Smooth piano tones with some soft choir vocals. You feel like your an Equestria pony walking into a welcoming experience in a far off land. There is so much mixed together very well. Picture this, your one of the princesses visiting a new country. They sit you down and a bunch of dancers and musicians perform this for you to make you feel welcomed. I really enjoyed all of the epic ingredients that this tune is made of. [Art by Plainoasis]


Ataraxia – Starlight (Moving On) | Indie Pop

(You can hear Ataraxia’s Album “Lost and Found” Here )

When it comes to Starlight Glimmer. She is a character forever struggling with herself. Starlight (Moving On) paints that picture very well. My first time hearing Ataraxia filled my head with such an emotional scene. The melody has this feeling of sadness, anger, sorrow, challenges, happiness, fear and courage. The lyrics tell this story of Starlight looking at all of this at last. Dealing with it, she’s ready to just move on with her life for better or worse. Ataraxia has this amazing and soothing voice that makes this song come together. The piano solo at the end is a fitting end to it.

I love this song. I can see Starlight walking the path of her life, looking closely at where she has been, and what she has done up to this point. It is this feeling of hope – Starlight has found hope. You don’t even have to like Starlight to even enjoy this song, which you should definitely go listen right now!


Reverbrony – Relentless | Metal

Sometimes you don’t need something grand to be badass. This is quite simply just some classic metal guitar work. This shows the point with Reverbrony just laying those sweet hard chords down. Music that makes you want to do something awesome. This is the kind of metal music I would throw a pair of headphones on and it relentlessly gets the job done. The kind of music that would play if the royal sisters were done playing games with their enemies.


Rarity Advocate – Until the End of Time | Orchestra

[Advocate said that pianos had to be better than the original upload. You can decide for yourself by clicking here]
Orchestral music at its very core can tell you a narrative by evoking your emotions and your imagination. Rarity Advocate’s somber tone explains the message that the story of our beloved mane 6 is nearing the end. The composition and composer of the melodies tell this tale through gorgeous use of a piano & violin. I can picture this scene where the mane 6 and spike are walking a road, Canterlot then comes up in the horizon as they get closer. I can see the pretty land of Equestria in all its colors like a painting making this much richer. Twilight and her friends are taking a walk towards her crowning as the new ruler of Equestria. And do this as best friends until the end of time. I ask you, my fellow bronies, what do you picture as you listen to this?


Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Odyssey Eurobeat’s Lovers Mix) (feat. Jessa) | Eurobeat

It’s 2019. The final season is halfway done. Our fandom is questioning was will happen after its all over? Let the legend himself Eurobeat Brony tell you then. Brony music will live on, and he is still doing what he loves. His dedication to this fandom should still give you hope. He shows no signs of his love going away, remixing one of fandom’s most beloved songs of Applejacks parents ballad of love to each other. Using those amazing eurobeat melodies and some electric guitar, the pace is fun and just right! The lyrics still give you a wonderful feeling in your body. You should grab that special somepony of yours, dance with them, the meaning doesn’t change.

What an amazing take on this song! It’s different from what most of his songs are known for. By reinventing and showing off more of his musical arsenal, it is a clear sign that Odyssey is still challenging himself. It’s a nice tribute to Daniel’s work! Travis buddy keep doing your thing and setting a standard for your love for MLP!


Yellow Tune – Did I Love You | Trance

Well, looks like I am following a trend of dance party music with a brony vibe to it. Don’t let the artwork by ashkael fool you. This song is an upbeat and bop EDM jam By Yellow Tune. Hmm, maybe Cadence wants to feel full of energy before she deals with Chrysalis. A fight with this kind of beat? Sounds good to this Qilin. I find the goofy vocals in this tune fits right in the M.O of the song. However, I’m pretty sure Shining Armor isn’t feeling the beat here. Thank Celestia for his wife! Throw this up on your player at your next meet up will ya. Thanks for the party tune, Yellow Tune.


7th Stive – Princess Chrysalis | Drum & Bass

LONG LIVE THE BUG QUEEN! OH….HELL…YEAH! 7th Stive brings his brand of hardcore, in a tune that is the true essence of what is about her. It’s dark and intimidating. I get this feeling that as I listen to this. Chrysalis feels like she is marching on a tear, hell-bent and wants to snap. The melody has this psychopathic tone to it as it goes on. A very good tune for a beloved villain. Oh and please check TsaoShin for the amazing art.