Eurobeat Brony – Luna (ROKII Remix) | Future

A true Classic being Remixed once again this time by ROKII! Eurobeat’s Luna has always been a favourite track to bump on the speakers. Witnessing it LIVE at HarmonyCon this year was most definitly a magnificent experience! ROKII re-evamping that Experience with this awesome remix is a great enjoyment! I really like every variant of how you can listen to this song, and I say with full pride that this one is no exception! The bass drops are marvelous, and the mixdown is great!

Well done Rok! This remix is great, and I look forward to adding this one into my music collection! ❤


Vylet Pony – Convergence | Cinematic

VYLET back at it again with the good stuff! Again from her Masterpiece Album Homeward! Link to that can be found here.
Convergence is a track that conveys the feeling of both Enlightment and Desperation with The Starship Ponyville (A Hyperspace-cruiser Space Ship.) To explore the Galaxy for habitable planets to Colonise and unite upon! A most certain desperate but necesary step for Equestria according to the Storyline of Homeward. It represents both a Major Scientific Evolutionary step with prosperity for all, but none the less with a Sad reasoning behind it. The Contrast is very Interresting.
Next to that, It is portrayed masterfully in this Track! Legit, I enjoy songs that bring such passion and potrayal of magnificent untold storylines in Music! I am most definitly eager to hear more of Pieces such as these!
VYLET Girl, you rocked it! ❤


Koron Korak – Applejack’s Theme (Covering RC88) | Soundtrack

Aaah Fighting is Magic, the memories from that game… It’s always sich a delight to see People get Inspired / Motivated by it still! And Koron Korak’s his cover Of Appul hors theem is no Exception. It’s in full honestly really cool to find out that koron also drums however! Very cool, I didn’t know that he does that. 😛
It’s very Upbeat and Happy vibes including while kicking in the teeth of your Enemies! I love it! every second of it! legit, if you guys have the chance then most Definitly support Koron! Keep up the great work bro your Violin work is wonderfull as always!


Vylet Pony – Square One (feat. Slyleaf & FlyoverRob) | Indie Pop

Suuuuup fam Arch is back in da business to bring forward new and dope af horsetracks for ya’ll! It is a huge honor to let my first HMH post in this generation be about a Specific Golden-Age Musician I look up too ALOT. I bring you; VYLET
You see, I love Space. I love Adventure. I love the feeling of starting something new and Exploring the Unexplored. It’s a Beautifull and Extrodinary feeling that always feels Refreshing and Heartwarming. No matter how much you go a new way, you can feel it. And aslong as you can Feel it, you know you Can do Everything! For that is what Life is about in my Honest Opinion; That you do it because Can. And You Can Because you want too, And you want too because others say you Can’t. It’s not about showcasing it with the thought “I Hope they will like me.” It’s about showcasing that you’ll be fine if they Don’t. It’s a long Universal Journey with alot of Unexplored experiences yet to be discovered and Witnissed. It all offcourse, starts at Square one. And VYLET, Slyleaf, and FlyoverRob most definitly did a marvelous job of bringing that into this Track.
The Instrumentals, the Vocals, The composition as a whole, this whole Album in general… It’s a Wonderfull adventure! and the fact this alone is Square one, really shows that what else is out there, is something worth strifing, exploring, learning, and going for! (And it’s worth it!) Legit, peep Vylet’s album! Link to it can be found here.
It’s great to be back ya’ll, hopefully I’ll be able to do more posts like these! Love to the Pony fandom and to all the amazing Artists out there!


TCB – Discord Trouble | Hybrid Trap

TCB back at it again with the Memery and Machinery for a Beautifull Track. Bringing in some Chaotic flavour too this time. Discord tunes are always enjoyable tunes. This one taking the cake in my honest opinion! this Remix of Odysey’s while adding in Doodled’s & Ditherers Track really brings out the energy and hype. A Classic I hope to hear next year at Ciderfest! hope to see ya’ll and TCB there! ❤


Vylet Pony – Pancake | Synthpop

Seems Vylet wasn’t the only one thinking parent horses need some Love. Its very cool to see that become in frution with Pancake. A cool song about Twilight’s Mom living The high life vibes while being self-aware of how you can come off with Disingenuous Attitudes and Such when becoming one with that Vibe. Its a great Self-Reflective Caricature wich is really coming off greatly! (Infact, after finishing this write-up imma hit-up some GTA 5 Because I love Ideological Messaging like this. Its really Reminicent regarding Rockstars message in GTA about the American Dream.) I’m really digging The Synthwaves and Electronic Instrumentals and they go along just greeeaaaaat with the Beat and Melody. I love it. uwu
Coming from the Vylet’s new Album called; Glitter, don’t miss out on this Sparkle!


[P@D] Silva Hound & Wubcake – DazzleVision | Bass House

Silva Hound back at it again with the Really cool wubs and Synth effects in his Track. This time Accompenied with the awesome voice actor WubCake Bringing in the Adagio Vibes hard and Powerfull! (Just the way I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) The way the Siren style is brought forward is Phenomenal and very Enlightening incase you are looking for an Awesome Vibe for Partying, The Glamour, and just not giving a horseapple about what others think of it. This is tha DazzleVision babe, come on!
Show ’em love! ❤
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


[P@D] John Kenza – Looking At The Stars (feat. Agatan) | Future Bass / Trap

I am still emotional from hearing this. Legit, John Kenza & Agatan bring us Looking At The Stars, a Beautiful song about Flurry Heart all grown up. Despite having faced many obstacles, still standing strong and doing what she loves. Shining brighter than ALL the stars! It’s like, watching Agatan. Me and Him have been through and we both keep growing and learning. I am so proud of him making all these steps and to see him Grow, getting the recognition he deserves. And I love him for it. Legit, I will always have your back bro! I gotchu. ❤
As for John; Thank you for letting my bro do this with you man. Legit, this is dope and you did amazing.
Everybody, show some love!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


GhostXB – Sunset (feat. Angel Love, Acarcion & TheWanderingKit) | Rap / HipHop


This heavenly track produced by GhostXb truly speaks out pure intensity and invites you on a rollercoaster full of beautiful notes and emotions played wonderfully. Acarcion and Kit keeping it real with the bars they spit while Angel sings in angelic melodies and brings in a beautiful vibe that completes this track. Legit, it’s difficult not to get emotional while writing this. I feel this man, every vibe that is brought in this… I feel it. ❤ Very well done everybody! Show some love. ❤


Rarity Advocate – Looking Back | Orchestral

Man man man, this Composition really hits the right strings. Both in the Melody, and in the Feels. Seeing Princess Luna sleep to this Song Lets me know that she is having a Beautifull dream because of this. I hope that many others will discover this track and witness its Grand emotional impact. Because legit, this is Wonderfull. Very well orchestrated Rarity, you’ve done a great job!
Everybody, show some love ❤