BGM – Highest Level Unicorn | Drum & Bass/Breakcore

If you were looking to add some punchy auditory intensity to your day, BGM’s Trixie track is exactly what you need. Appropriately featuring plenty of our favorite magician’s sass, “Highest Level Unicorn” is full of spicy breaks and aggressive synth design, and sports an impressive guitar solo to boot. The visuals are nothing to scoff at either, cementing Trixie as a final boss to be reckoned with.


loopy x Koa – Pull Over (Siren Song) | Remix Album

A big hit off Ponies at Dawn’s Oceansong from a year ago was the single Pull Over (Siren Song). While popular in its own right, the collaboration between Koa and loopyy really took off after the duo pair launched a remix contest with the prize including admission to this remix album.

I spoke with Koa recently who said the album was conceived because it sounded like a fun idea. She told me that she really enjoys the diversity in creative elements that come about from such a contest. The number of directions different people can take with the same source is astounding! With 26 initial remix submissions, this winter was certainly full of unique interpretations of the same project!

AnNy Tr3e Remix – You wouldn’t know you are listening to Siren Song at first with this remix. Perhaps the best at subverting expectations, AnNy Tr3e brings a very big room feel to the album.

Payyn Remix – A big buildup at the very beginning lets you know something big is coming! The mix lulls you in with soft space-y vibes right up until it punches you in the face with heavy bass and crazy wubs.


Artattack – Still Shy VIP (feat. Metajoker) [Assertive Remix VIP] | Happy Hardcore

Assertive was pretty big in the pony music scene back in the day with a number of classic tunes, such as those released as part of Balloon Party’s early albums which I still remember fondly. With many years having passed since then, they’ve now decided to update some of their older pony tracks! There’s definitely an improvement in production quality with this new updated version of their Still Shy VIP, with Metajoker’s wonderful vocals shining through alongside some killer happy hardcore synth design and plenty of the euphoric vibes you’d expect from the genre.


Maldecid – Magic Master | Deathstep

Maldecid harnesses the intensity and some great vocal chops from Twilight’s conflict with Trixie in the episode “Magic Duel”, and the result is this gripping Deathstep tune! The track pulses with magic and emotion, seemingly mimicking Twilight’s struggle with being bested by Trixie and her challenge to find a way to block out the negativity from this experience and defeat her. It’s a fiercely melodic journey through a wonderfully textured soundscape!


Nyancat380 – Beyond the Eyeball | Uptempo / Jazz

Nyancat is always someone who brings surprises to the table! In this case they introduced me to a new genre I have never heard of before! Uptempo is certainly new for me, but it’s loads of fun! Nyancat perfectly combines the very different elements of Uptempo and Jazz to create fun melodies and fire drops in a way I just love!


Corrosion – Hateful Night | Deathstep

This is one of those songs that absolutely surprised me! Personally I’m not that much into Deathstep, but every once in a while you come across a gem you can’t help but enjoy, and this is one of those gems! The beat works really well to establish this scary, dark atmosphere, and it combines with vocal chops from the show that include an echo effect to spice up the song really well. Towards the end we get a switch of the main melody into something equally fun, and pretty much every drop is a unique piece in and of itself!
Proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


Aventrix Fixes Assertive Fluttershy Fixes ArtAttack – Still Shy VIP (feat. Metajoker) | Drum & Bass

First ArtAttack created this terrific song with the goal of capturing Fluttershy’s capability for being both gently nurturing and forcefully protective. Then the Original VIP updated the arrangement and added Metajoker vocals to make the song that much more epic and impactful. Then Assertive Fluttershy created their Fix that reworked the song to create a UK Hardcore version for My Little Remix War V. Now Aventrix has created their own version that takes the hardcore mix and polishes it up. The tempo, key, and EQ have been adjusted, and new synths, drums, and FX create a super clean sound. You’d never know that this track was made on a phone using audio from YouTube. It sounds great, it’s a wonderful link to horse music history, and there’s a higher quality free download link in the description that I would recommend for full audio goodness. Get in there and create some new nostalgia!


Altius Volantis – Flutterfright | Hardcore

Altius Volantis has contributed a frightful Nightmare Night tune, and the effort is much appreciated! The track opens with some Flutterchops over a spooky melody, and the progression ramps up intensity by layering in additional synths before adding some percussion that could be footsteps on the path behind you…or maybe just the wind? Another Fluttershy chop and some rumbling bass introduces a shift to a more stripped down but no less intense arrangement before Fluttershy screams “RUN!” and the drop hits. Things go really off the rails at this point as the intensity skyrockets and the background image shifts, and you can really hear the artist’s fondness for tracks coming through here. A return to a calmer delivery just sets the listener up for more madness, and the track wraps up with a Rainbow Dash cackle, letting us know that everything will (probably) be okay. The experience made me wish that I was enjoying this song as part of a Headless Horse album, but I’m glad that an alumnus of the label stepped up with this ripper of a track that channels the spoopi elements of the holiday in such a wonderful way!



Well, this is one hell of a fun track from CAPT that will have you all jumping, so let’s get straight into it! The track starts out in full-on Happy Hardcore vibes, and soon we get this happy, upbeat kawaii-ish melody as the Happy Hardcore elements build up more and more straight into the drop! The drop is a wonderful explosion of all thing Happy and Hardcore and upbeat and kawaii, and this one lasts for a good while, even building up into a drop inside the drop, something I’ve personally only seen once before and really enjoy. The track keeps on cranking as this one mega drop continues all the way to the end and never loses its cheery, happy sound, which works surprisingly well because it’s just so much fun! We end this masterpiece of cheeriness and happiness on an outro beat that brings the whole thing to a satisfying end with one final build up straight into the end.
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Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Well, this just feels right: this wonderfully upbeat song has been given a deft Eurobeat treatment! This remix launches straight into the chorus vocals repeated over the original melody followed by an encouraging “let’s go!”, and it feels like the party is now in full swing, which the irrepressible Sunny would absolutely appreciate. The gloriously upbeat Eurobeat melody and percussion support the arrangement without running roughshod over the original, which is a credit to the artist’s skill and experience working with this genre. The marrying of styles is so good that you’d swear that the song always sounded this way. Let’s get dancing!