CAPT – Trixie Likes Girls | Happy Hardcore

“Kawaii Hardcore” as the genre tag says on Soundcloud, Trixie Likes Girls is such a CUTE song responding to the craze of the headcanon-ed trans Trixie on Twitter, almost as cute as Trixie herself. This is a song of choice to play while you confess your feelings to Trixie. It is sure to be a success then, thanks to CAPT who gave their all into this fluffy track! Actually, Trixie will probably say that she already has Starlight, but aaaaanyway! Who could resist to express all the LOVE to Trixie!
By the way, CAPT is also an artist, check out their works on their DeviantArt gallery!


SeriousDamir – The Frost | Eurobeat

Did this Hearth’s Warming Eve come up a little bit short for you? Are you determined to cling to holiday cheer until you are absolutely certain that you have nothing further to fear from Windigos? Well, then might I suggest giving this excellent holiday-themed Eurobeat tune by SeriousDamir a spin or five! The fantastic instrumental opening sets the mood with both a wonderful sleigh bell rhythm and bell melody before the synth and drums kick in and launch the song into a blast of holiday cheer. SeriousDamir intended for this song to be an uplifting affair with the message that even though life can sometimes get you down you will always have friends who will help pick you back up, and the lyrics and vocals fit that theme perfectly. There are some really nice changes throughout the song where the Eurobeat melody is carried by the bells, keys, guitar, or vibraphone, and the artist also creates a nice choir effect heading into the chorus that compliments the main vocals really well. It’s all paired with a lovely lyric video complete with falling snow animation, so pour another glass cider and remember that good friends and holiday cheer will always be there for you!


PeKaNo – A Giant Pumpkin Is Trying To Eat Pinkie | Tribecore

PeKaNo has been around for a long time and it is always great to see a new song from them! This Nightmare Nights themed track has a lot of great elements, from the percussive horror-screeching, to the modulated synth, to the uber-catchy beat! It’s great to see niche sub-genres represented as well; tribecore is a fast form of free tekno and PeKaNo has a talent for using it to bridge fast, hardcore elements into something more melodic while maintaining all the intensity of a great Nightmare Nights track!


Daniel Ingram – Unleash The Magic (Nyancat380 Remix) | Trip-Hop

Ok, even for me, when you see Nyancat’s name on a track, the normal action is to strap in and hold on tight for his brand of over-the-top musical assault on your ears. HOWEVER he throws a very unexpected curveball here. A remix that is a mixing of his style with some pretty amazing hip-hop beats for one of the most underrated songs from the Equestria Girls. The song really plays up the vibe of Sci-Twi at a real crossroads in this song, and, honestly, it works. The lyrics are sped up and the vocals are distorted enough to really add to the drama of this song, and it’s a very welcomed delight thanks to the skills of Nyancat380!
As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ETC] Acid Applejack – Frequency of Nightmare Night | Hardcore

Oh man, “ETC: Luna’s Nightmare Society” has had some knockout tracks so far in my coverage of it! Here we get some hyper and dreamy hardcore. It’s as if Princess Luna decided to go into the world of dreams and put on a show for all of her ponies on this Nightmare Night. Have Luna regale her subjects not only with thunderous hardcore bounce but also the beauty of the night with some pretty and haunting harmonics, and you’ve got yourself a symphony of night thanks to this incredible arrangement by Acid Applejack! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


[ETC] Twisted Tail Kings x Nyancat380 – The Weapon | Kadacore

What a trio of musicians to tell the story of the day that Pinkie Pie gave into her insanity, Nightmare Night came with a blood red moon, and a curse fell over the ponies of Ponyville. Pinkie’s deep insanity is really brought out by the flow of this track. The dark sweetness of the start paints the picture of Pinkie in her home mentally breaking down until she slowly dives into the dark parts of her mind. After the first drop the horror begins as Pinkie reaches for her bloody toys and goes to see if the citizens of ponyville want to play twisted party games with her chainsaw or a game of pony roulette with her shotgun! This song just fits into the dark headcanon that deep inside Pinke is a twisted psycho. The back and forth of this track really fits into the theme of horror for ETC: Luna’s Nightmare Society! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – The Seeds of the Past (Riovelk Remix) | Eurobeat

So, everypony, we kick off the holiday season with a banger remix from Riovelk. Honestly I didn’t expect Eurobeat and Christmas to really fit together, but oh,  sweet Celestia, was I wrong. They actually fit together pretty well! The song starts out with a build up and some lovely Eurobeat music before the Applejack lyrics we all know and love set in with a continuously upbeat background track that slowly builds up bit by bit until it takes over for a drop so hype I can’t begin to describe it! Soon Applejack starts singing again, and for some time the beat actually calms down for a more subdued part of the song before it comes back on full blast for another awesome instrumental that you could even say is 20% cooler than the last. For the end Starlight and Applejack sing to a calmer beat, which makes for a great outro.

As always big thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading!


Crashie Tunez – BUCK! EP | Nintendocore

The master of Nintendocore is not so retired after all, with even a brand new EP following the other recent release Always in my Heart! It’s so awesome getting such a unique genre in the community from somepony who knows what they’re doing. Crashie lets it all out in these short yet very rocking tracks, fusing Chiptune and Metal elements! Find the whole EP on Bandcamp here!