Daniel Ingram – Lotta Little Things (loophoof Remix) | Electro Pop

This is a very cute and catchy remix of the royal sister’s duet in the show. The fandom has been waiting for so long for Tia and Luna to have their own song and it doesn’t disappoint in the fun factor!. LoopHoof’s remix focusing on the lyrics, with the melody, changed to be like an 80’s techno pop. Its fun and charming much like the royal sisters are in this song. This Qilin can say for living it. All work and no play can and make life pretty boring. Please judge for yourself and make yourself a fruity drink why you’re at it.


MC-Arch – You got me, I got us | Album | Hip-Hop / Audio Drama

“This review is dedicated to a person that embodies the very believes to his core of what being a brony honesty is. That person is the one and only Joey-O. If anyone lives by the messages of this album laid by MC-Arch. It’s you, Joey, I know you’re resting up good. I and MC-Arch could not think of a better way to show how much this fandom loves you. Then to honor you this way.”

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Ataraxia – Starlight (Moving On) | Indie Pop

(You can hear Ataraxia’s Album “Lost and Found” Here )

When it comes to Starlight Glimmer. She is a character forever struggling with herself. Starlight (Moving On) paints that picture very well. My first time hearing Ataraxia filled my head with such an emotional scene. The melody has this feeling of sadness, anger, sorrow, challenges, happiness, fear and courage. The lyrics tell this story of Starlight looking at all of this at last. Dealing with it, she’s ready to just move on with her life for better or worse. Ataraxia has this amazing and soothing voice that makes this song come together. The piano solo at the end is a fitting end to it.

I love this song. I can see Starlight walking the path of her life, looking closely at where she has been, and what she has done up to this point. It is this feeling of hope – Starlight has found hope. You don’t even have to like Starlight to even enjoy this song, which you should definitely go listen right now!


Rusty – Always be there | Indie Pop

Rusty has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They have such a notable vibe and style to all of their releases and ‘Always be there’ is definitely another example. A happy upbeat tune with a simpler yet lovely sound; This one is actually about solving problems. More specifically about unhappiness and hope. Rusty’s vocals are on point as always and there are always some fun little quips to look forward to with their storytelling.


Velvet R. Wings & Andy Feelin – Chrysalis (Can’t Get Away) | Disco

It’s Disco Night at the Changeling Hive! Velvet and Andy provide the perfect changeling track to dance the night away to, and the lovely lyrics are a perfect match for Velvet’s cute vocals. Andy did amazing on the instrumental too and they both certainly paid much tribute to both that musical genre and to Chrysalis! An uplifting and delightful treat, from the Transition album!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Roses / Overrun / The Prince of Sorrow | Indie Pop / Progressive Rock

The last tracks off Homeward to be uploaded to YouTube, these 3 definitely show the extent of Vylet’s musical skills and inspirations. All while calling back to the story in musical ways, the tracks exhibit atmospheric bliss, Funk craziness, and Prog Rock reawakening, all in style! Listen to all 3 in this single video for a gorgeous and stunning experience featuring art by GloomyNyan!


Forest Rain – CHRISSY | Pop Punk

I’m so happy that Chrissy is getting some more love all around in the community, and the pony music scene certainly is on it, with Forest Rain doing us the honors of an amazing Pop Punk treat about the Changeling Queen! Spontaneous fan songs echoing feelings for our beloved characters are just the best! Follow Forest along the rocking riffs, inspired lyrics and lovely vocals, and let’s spread our love and passion loud and wide!


Vylet Pony – The Armada (feat. FlightRush & Roymond) | Orchestral / Dubstep

Continuing their releases from the stellar Homeward album This track opens with a tense, icy arpeggio and orchestrated leitmotif. Before transitioning into a much grittier and intense rush of energy and intricate bass and piercing leads to announce the attack of Spectre’s fleet. The breakdown is amazing as well with a chilling and heavy piano melody and a very dense and airy atmosphere that gives off a brave and hopeful mood and overall is a very stellar piece from the album and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend listening to the album in its entirety (the songs are designed to transition together seamlessly which is amazing) and to give the story a read while doing so as it really helps build the world each song is conveying.


[P@D] BlueBrony – Flight Machine | Orchestral Pop

BlueBrony‘s pony passion and imagination are always such a delight to witness in his pieces, and his contribution to Ponies at Dawn Skyward is quite the display of both story-telling and musical prowess! Along with much emotion from the rich composition, the unique vocals are gracing the album and telling BlueBrony’s tale of ponies building an airship, and it’s so very appreciated! We love you BlueBrony!