Quicksilver – Bad Seed | Pop Punk

New pony song by master of Pop Punk Quicksilver and it’s such a delight! This time paying tribute to the episode that introduced Babs Seed, the musician is covering the original song while proceeding to retells the events of the episode with lyrical greatness powered by rocking musical wonders! One More!


Quicksilver – Ever After | Pop Punk

Quicksilver is back delighting us with a love-filled song about Shining Armor’s feelings toward Cadance, and how the story unfolded! In his signature Pop Punk style, the musician is rocking those vocals and displaying his skill at playing the instruments once more in the video! The lyrics are really heart-warming and fuzzy, and I so love fan works like these!!


Crusader! – A Summer in the Stars (covering Forest Rain) | Pop Punk

(You can listen to the classic tune here!)

Crusader! Every time I hear new music from you, you sound better and better. If you listen to this cover of the classic Forest Rain song, you’ll notice that some machismo has been injected into this track. The song is about two friends or two lovers enjoying hot summer nights exploring the world of Equestria. It might also remind some of us of the many fun summer nights at pony con or a brony meetup enjoying those times that we have together. The fun factor is boosted by the catchy and hard punk rock goodness on those guitars and drums. Boy oh boy, does Crusader send some serious Green Day vibes with the vocal performance of this track. The cute little melodies of the classic are intact with his own flair to them. Tell me you can’t listen to this track and think about having pizza at a parlor with a group of bronies, taking a break from the con and just enjoying the moment! The fun factor of Crusader’s energy sends the vibes right into your ears! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Metal Core Pony – Wishful Reminiscence | Post-Hardcore

Metal Core Pony returns with his newest song since 2018, Wishful Reminiscence! Showing that he hasn’t lost his touch at all, this track displays some really soulful vocals over a heavy melodic instrumental. It’s all about the fandom (as his tunes usually tend to be) and its current state, with the hope that things can change for the better if we stick together, like the days of old. A powerful message for sure, coupled with a brilliantly made song. Welcome back, MCP!


SlightlyAmiss – I Write Songs Not Fanfics (I Write Sins Not Tragedies Parody) | Pop Punk

A friend sending you fun lyrics, sometimes it’s all you need to have that spark of inspiration leading to great things. And in this case a tasteful parody of Panic At The Disco’s song, featuring Sakairi’s lyrics, SlightlyAmiss’ rocking vocals, and a blissful rock instrumental that will make you feel good to be a brony!
Somewhat explicit lyrics warning!


StealingShad3z – Pretty Penny Betting Her Last Dime | Pop Punk

Today we return to StealingShad3z with a Friendship with Benefits Song! The song starts out with a bit of instrumental giving it some time to build up before the vocals begin (as I did with the article for Vylet Pony’s “LESBIAN PONIES WITH WEAPONS”, I’m gonna tackle the lyrics for this one in a separate part later on). While the vocals are going on the song builds up in the background preparing for the chorus. For the chorus Shad3z delivers some lovely vocals while the background music is still building up, culminating in a short but sweet Instrumental part before we go on to the next verse. In the next verse the background music maintains the awesome level of the chorus to keep you rockin’ along, and as the chorus returns the instrumental just keeps ramping up!  Even after we start the next verse the music keeps building and building! The music only calms down for a little pre-chorus before immediately returning to the upbeat final form of the instrumental before ending on a sharp note, which is a really great touch.

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MelodyBrony – Better Rush! | Pop Punk

Right in time for Hearth’s Warming, MelodyBrony rushes (heh) back into the scene with an appropriately speedy song for the season, Better Rush! All about Best Gift Ever, the message is all about rushing to make ends meet and finding the perfect gift. I’m sure some of you can definitely relate to that feeling!


MelodyBrony – I’m Not Gay (feat. Acouste Wholenote and Blackened Blue) (Covering PrinceWhateverer & Djohn Mema) | Pop Punk

Lol! What a way to revive an absolute fandom CLASSIC!! The original parody of My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not Okay” took the fandom by storm last year, and this cover does a great job of keeping the energy going! The more instrumental focus makes for a wild and new experience, especially if you liked the original. I do wonder how Slightly Amiss feels about this… I love this fandom XD just remember: it’s not gay 😉


Lord Sunfyre – Nothing’s Perfect (feat. GazPony & BreeBree) | Pop Punk

More Pony Life music! The track is brought to you by yet another brony punk rocker, Lord Sunfyre. They are joined by GazPony’s energetic vocals and mixed by Bree, and together they have created a track with some classic punk rock guitar and pace, and lyrics with a message to the fandom. Things are never perfect, nor is the show Pony Life, but the fandom can live on regardless. The vocals and the rockin’ instrumentation speed through this track with the same madcap energy of the show. The video itself has the nice touch of showing moments from all nine seasons of FiM, which is another strong reminder of why we are here. Give this dude some love! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] StealingShad3z – Living The Life | Pop Punk

In the wake of Pony Life finally seeing a wider release on Discovery Family at long last, it should be no surprise that our fandom’s musicians are looking to it for inspiration. Exhibit A is Living The Life by StealingShad3z, a jumpy pop punk track from Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse. Shad3z sings about the feeling of enjoying life at its simplest: hanging with friends and living in the moment, even featuring some little moments showing off his mastery at guitar and bass. If Dookie-era Green Day wrote about ponies, this would be what they’d sound like. Shad3z impresses once again!