GLIMM – Stony Pony | Synthwave

I’m going to be honest here. Rarely has a song left me this speechless. Inspired by artwork by NekoSnicker, GLIMM set out to make a song about a stoned pony. The entire song, from the awesome Synthwave beat to the (actually pretty hilarious) lyrics, is strangely fantastic. Well, what can I say other than this song is just great in its own special way!

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Glimm – HARMONY | Synthwave

Glimm’s streak of pony princesses-themed tracks continues! Here a foray into Synthwave is dedicated to purple smart… I mean Twily and there are even some cute Chiptune melodies in the second half of the track that make for Equestrian spirit! A huge success for sure!


Powerful Rein – The Clock is Ticking | Synth Pop

Ah, we have some very classy style to this tune today. Going on the fandom headcanon of Twilight, watching her friends aging as she doesn’t. The lyrics are full of her questioning about becoming a princess. You feel for Big Alicorn Twilight as the song’s emotion pores on the feels. However, there some artistic effects within the melodies. The sound of the clock ticks with his very classic techno-pop, and bop is charming with these melodies of stress and anxiety. The tune is catchy and done well for someone who is brand new to the music scene. Not bad for your first impression here, Powerful Rein! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Dandelion & Alex – PonyTron-Ic 2000 | Synthwave

Here we go, everypony! After Dandelion had Alex perform “Art Of The Dress” and make a stunning cover out of it, the duo have now picked up the EDM music again and made this fantastic original piece.
The song starts out with a slow build up that includes a lovely piano, and then we get the first of many vocal chops taken from both pony games and the show. Then we get the first drop and, oh god, it’s amazing! The drop is an astounding explosion of Synth melodies, and it’s just lovely! The song then doesn’t calm down for a while; when it does we once more get a focus on the main leads that Alex made. Later, intro-ed by a rarity vocal chop straight from the show, we get another build up, and then we get the amazing drop again, this time also featuring claps which give it just this last bit of fullness and make it so much more awesome. To end the song we get some more vocal chops, and the track slowly goes silent.

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Dandelion – Daring Doo’s Theme | Synthwave

Today we’ve got ourselves something of a throwback in the sense that the technology used to make this song is of the older variety. This is a lovely Synthwave track actually played real time with a bunch of different instruments, a list of which can be found in the description on YT. The song starts out with a small sound bite which, believe it or not, is not actually taken from the show but rather is voiced by the amazing MeleePrincess, and then we go straight into the Synthwave sweetness with a lovely melody. The melody itself has loads of changes and never stays the same for long, and everything has this amazing progression to it. We end on another awesome sound bite by MeleePrincess.
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Note: This song is actually a reupload of a song released before under the alias Shining Mane. Find the post of the original upload here.


One Track Mind – Cyberpony EP | Electronic

Okay, everypony, I’m going to level with you. I almost didn’t listen to this album. The first time that I played “Flyby at Night”, I got about a minute in, and I bailed. “This is too much 80s-style synth for me,” I remember saying at the time. I guess I was busy with some other stuff, and it didn’t engage me at first. Then I looked at the Bandcamp page and modus_ponens’s review. It was a glowing review, and it listed “Flyby at Night” as the reviewer’s favorite track. “Okay, okay,” I thought to myself. “I’ll give it another shot.” Later that day I found myself in the kitchen needing to get a bunch of cooking done and wanting a little background music. Long story short, that time flew by, and now I have to agree with modus_ponens–these are all great songs. Please give this album a listen! Feel free to read on for my take on this soundtrack to a story that I wish that I knew better!

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Sawtooth Waves – Flurry’s Part (feat. Vylet Pony) | Alternate Electronic

Today we’ve got ourselves another great song by Sawtooth Waves which is once again paired with an amazing PMV by daspacepony. For this track they got the help of Vylet Pony, who provides the awesome lyrics. The track starts out with a lovely melody and then adds a drum loop with a background buildup that comprises the entire track buildup even though it’s just one sound and the rest stays the same. And for the drop we get treated to a little reference; the start is essentially an extended version of Sawtooth’s intro with some pitched background vocals by Vylet Pony. After that we return back to the normal melody and more lyrics by Vylet Pony, but this time it’s not pitched vocals anymore, and Vylet gives us more or less a partial cover of the show’s “You’ll Play Your Part” while the PMV changes the meaning from Twilight’s Part to Flurry’s Part. While all this happens we once more get the build up to another drop along with a more extended intro and the pitched background vocals, and we end on the last part of the original “You’ll play your part” show song. As I mentioned before this song has an entire PMV attached to it; daspacepony once again went all out on the visuals incorporating different things along with his animation including visualizers and lyrics being displayed throughout.
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Arabesque Sympony – One More Day (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Synth Rock

Ok, everypony, today we have another song by Arabesque Sympony! This time he brings us a fantastic Rock cover of “One More Day” from the Christmas special “The Best Gift Ever”. The lyrics are kept pretty much the same as the original and are sung by Arabesque himself, so let’s get to the bottom of this piece! The song opens with the original melody remade by Arabesque as he sings along with his guitar accompanied by traditional folk strings. As he sings the instrumental builds up, and for a brief passage the instrumental takes center stage while Arabesque’s voice is more in the background, which makes for an amazing change. There is a brief instrumental section as the song builds up to the chorus, which has a very bass-forward rock delivery. After that the instrumental calms down a bit for a slower part, and we actually get a synth-y folk beat in the background. As we leave the slower part the instrumental builds up again until it peaks in the chorus. After the chorus the instrumental and the lyrics actually interchange, and the song ends on some lovely piano notes.

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[Helpie’s Corner] Altius Volantis – Retrospection | Synthwave

You have accidentally traveled to the past, now you are in 1980, but it is not a problem, because you have finally found a perfect place to find yourself again and do retrospection on your decisions. Well, this would be the perfect soundtrack for such a situation.

Altius Volantis transports us to the past with his newest song, during the first seconds of the song you can feel all the eighties air, with the reverberated drums and the primitive synthesizers that dominated that era. Little by little, it surrounds us with airy pads that gradually dominate the song, until in a moment they fall silent and make way for a new synthesizer that makes a sticky but dark melody, little by little those pads that were echoes of the past return to appear to harmonize with the nostalgic melody, it is quite a journey, undoubtedly the soundtrack of some science fiction movie of the 80s, but with ponies as protagonists!

This song is just a preview for the upcoming album Helpie’s Corner: “Shelter of Hope”.