[P@D] Ryazan – Faster & Higher / fractilx – Little Uproar | Hardcore

Ryazan seems to be a regular on the P@D albums nowadays, and with good reason! This hardcore (forgive me, I don’t know the specific type) song sits at a speedy 190bpm – one of the fastest-paced tracks on the album. And of course, who better to dedicate a  F A S T  song to than Rainbow Dash?

Another major hardcore artist that’s made their way regularly onto P@D albums is fractilx, this time bringing us a UK hardcore song for Spike. As well as featuring on Awakening, this is part of their upcoming Love Tales EP…we’ll have to keep an eye out for that one 😉


Neon & Xavi – Penumbra: The Remixes EP | Multi-Genre

Taking a little pause from the Ponies At Dawn posts to bring you the long-anticipated remix EP of Penumbra by Neon & Xavi. This EP features 8 different remixes, many of which we’ve already posted, but for those of your who haven’t seen them, here’s a chance to check them all out in full! Get the whole album post after the break.

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[P@D] AJ Young – Calamity / L.M. – Eve | Dubstep

AJ Young seems to step up their game every time they make a new song. Their latest piece wouldn’t feel out of place among some of Skrillex and Kill The Noise’s older songs; great sound design and clean mixing really make this song stand out as a quality dubstep track.

Something just as hard-hitting but really melodic at the same time – L.M. makes what I believe to be his debut P@D appearance with Eve. This song has both heavy growls and strong melodies, and sits at over 7 minutes long, as the longest track on the album, and to me, one of the best.


[P@D] Quicksilver – Breaking Point (feat. StealingShad3z) / Plum Creek Rhythm Section – Glimmer | Punk Rock / Alt. Rock

A collaboration between two of the best rock producers in the fandom music scene at the moment, Quicksilver and StealingShad3Z bring us an awesome punk rock track based on the episode The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows. Quicksilver’s hard rock production skills and Shad3Z’s pop-punk style vocals go together so well here, it sounds so professional!

A more sombre song marks Plum Creek Rhythm Section’s place on this album. Stunning as always, their song takes a sort of alternative perspective from Twilight in the season 5 finale, reaching out to Starlight Glimmer. PCRS also put a second meaning into the lyrics, and I think it would only be right for me to share the message they put in the description:

“If you or someone you know is considering doing themselves serious harm, I encourage you to call the Suicide Hotline at the following number: 1 (800) 273-8255”


[P@D] – Aurelleah & Kadenza – Firelight (feat. PegasYs) / EM120X – Ocean Sunburst (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | House / Hands Up

Aurelleah and Kadenza light up the night with an incredibly polished party anthem for the bat ponies, with PegasYs’ vocals melding in beautifully to create one of the best house tracks I’ve heard from the fandom!

EM120X’s signature hands up/house style is fused here with the awesome guitar work of his friend DreamExplorer, and together they create a really pumping and enjoyable hands up track with some awesome rock elements, especially around 4:25, where it all comes together perfectly.


[P@D] DJT – Horse Code / BL1NKY – Parades | Glitch Hop / Dubstep


The 2nd track from the P@D album is delivered here by DJT, with a super high energy vocal-sampling filled glitch hop track that also serves as a pre-cursor to his Basking in the Earthlight EP. Here DJT shows that he is continuing to refine his sound and able to make each release arguably better than the last.

The second track we have here is a new track from BL1NKY, previously known as CoRe-Ridor, with a track full of the signature bass sound design those who regularly to P@D and balloon party compilation albums would be well-accustomed to. Somehow, he always manages to make each song sound unique still, even with this high crossover of sound design, and here he delivers a fun bouncy track about gay horse pride. What’s not to love!


[P@D] ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan, & ThatMusicBrony – Start Again | Future

The opening track to Awakening, this awesome song from EPT, Lutarifan, and TMB combines a number of genres, mainly future bass and glitch-hop, with some jazz and lounge elements added in for good measure. This is one of my favourites from the album, and a great sign of just how good the music on this album is! Check it out, it’s definitely worth listening to.


Ponysphere – Magic Parade | Prog Rock

Taking inspiration from gold bands of old, Ponysphere releases an excellent track of almost 10 minutes of rock greatness. Those who use to listen to 60s/70s/80s rock like me sure will appreciate those guitars and keyboard plays in Magic Parade which totally breathe the spirit of Classic Rock, and the track has different sections for each of the mane 6, too!


Ponies At Dawn – Awakening | Album | Multi-Genre

After weeks, no, months of anticipation, it’s finally here. The new Ponies At Dawn Album, Awakening, has finally been released. A compilation of 54 amazing tracks from just as many artists, this album brings together – in my opinion – one of the best selections of music the brony fandom has to offer. And the best thing is, you can download it for free, or pay whatever you want for it! Here’s to everyone involved for their hard work in putting this together!

♫ We’ll find awakening my friend ♪
♪ We’ll find salvation at the end ♫
♫ Of the world we’ll start again ♪

The Ponies At Dawn: Awakening premiere starts now!


Tune into PonyvilleFM right now to hear the entire Ponies At Dawn: Awakening album streamed live over the next 4 hours or so. Many members the HMH team, the P@D team, and the musicians themselves will be in the IRC chat, so come join in and say hi: click here for PVFM’s stream & chat page.