Brownie – Smile (Pinkie Pie Smile Metal Cover) | Metal


Brownie has an incredible talent for metalcore composition, and this cover of the Smile Song is a great example of his range. Starting out in more of a pop-punk style to match the lightness of the original song, Brownie transitions into metal while playing impressively technical guitar riffs over fast, moving drums. The track features a fantastic metalcore breakdown before bringing all of the styles together for the big finish. Brownie went all out to even make a music video featuring his many play-styles with great effects and humorous scenes.


Crashie Tunez – Tattered Romantics | Album | Nintendocore / Cybergrind

Expressing a personal story through music, Crashie crafted this album using his signature musical style and it’s so good to get a new release from him as part of’s latest marathon of releases! Fast, brutal and with chiptune notes, the tracks are delivering much power! Get the full album from Bandcamp, it’s available as physical CDs too which is so awesome!


Lukas Vokrinek – The Symphony of Battle | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Lukas’ latest piece is as elaborate as it gets, with sections each designed to tell a specific part of the story explained in the description! Atmospheric and intense at the same time, this progressive track will make you experience a battle in Equestria, through the power of music!


[P@D] EnsionD – Wide Skies (feat. Francis Vace) | Progressive House

EnsionD always brings something nice to the table, and this is no exception. Re-imagined from their first major hit, Open Skies this take on the classic has buttery smooth progression and Francis‘s signature vocals; though something I wouldn’t expect add a new perspective and life and together they form what I’d say is a very worthy take on the classic!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


Suskii – Zombug (Charlie.EXE Remix) | Dubstep

A new take on Suskii‘s changeling track from Never Say Neigh’s debut compilation album, this remix is extending the hard-hitting-ness of the original and taking it even further by adding that heavy sound from electric guitars! And always with Chrysalis samples to represent the spirit of the hive!


Remember Falling – I’d Like To Try | Synthpop


Remember Falling keeps the hits coming rapid fire with this light, bouncy tribute to Lyra and Bon Bon! Written from the perspective of a love-struck Lyra, the romantic sentiments in the lyrics are further amplified by the bubbly synth and beat to which they are set. It is difficult not to smile and move along to this cute, happy track!


Nicolas Dominique – High Flying Ponks | Trance

It is now pretty much commonly known that MirroredSea‘s amazing art is an endless source of inspiration, and Nicolas Dominique is certainly doing wonders with this Pinkie track reflecting her personality through bright and positive melodies, and always with a quality Trance arrangement that showcases the musician’s skill!


Skelter – Madness | Hybrid Trap

Skelter really outdid himself this time, with quality pony vocal chops accompanying a versatile instrumental that got sick drops along the tasty signature Trap vibes from the musician! As a bonus, Dashie is leading the way through the song!


Radiarc – Hallowed Night | Orchestral

Radiarc is back once again bringing some beautiful orchestral. Lead by a beautiful piano this song really has some good charm to it, and really exemplifies what I thing of when I imagine Radiarc making orchestral music. Amazing emotions throughout combined with wonderful sounding instruments, this definitely can bring a tear to the eye.


Daniel Ingram – Luna’s Future (MirroredReality Remix) | Drum & Bass / Acoustic

Luna’s Future is always a fun song to see remixed, and MirroredReality does something a little different here. Setting the scene of desolation with the wind blowing over silence, the song begins with some acoustic guitars playing a fun, yet ominous tune. However, things don’t take long to pick up as Aloma Steele’s signature vocals come in with a blast of energetic, yet not “in your face” percussion and melody, allowing you to focus more on the story and as it progressively builds and wanes, always keeping a nice balance of tension and flow. All in all, this is a nice refreshing take on one of my favourite songs in the series and I’m glad I had the chance to hear it!