[ASOS] Zythiria – Manehattan Night Club | Electro House / Chillout

Get up and get ready to jam out to Zythiria‘s new hit, Manehattan Night Club. Audibly pleasing synths, give a traditional Electro house feeling. All the while having a welcome and intuitive offset of a bass guitar. This song is sure to lighten any mood and get the day (or night) rolling. So gear up, mash down on that throttle, and give it a listen!
This song is a part of the compilation album A State of Sugar: Waffle. Make sure to stop by and check out some more of the awesome music!


Power Note – Late Night | Synthwave

When the night has come and the land is dark, this track should suit the mood perfectly. Power Note brings forth a chilled out synthwave number with voice samples of Fluttershy. The synth-driven beat and her voice seem to be a match made in heaven. Sounds like a beautiful combination, right? Even when she’s not singing, the music still sounds fresh and full, even during the soft synth and piano breakdown. Synthwave and electronic lovers alike, you’ll all love this!


[PP] Neu KatalYst – cmap.exe (feat. Starbrush) | Acid / Experimental / Industrial

Coming from the latest Pinkamena Party release, brony Drum and Bass legend Neu KatalYst, with the help of Starbrush, delivers a frantic and danceable experimental acid electronic track, reminding me of 90’s acid songs, mostly on an industrial take on the matter – respecting the theme of the Pinkamena Party album – old school eletronic/experimental music. Inspired by the soundtrack of the amazing anime Serial Experiments Lain and by the character of Friendship is Witchcraft – Sweetie Bot, the acid and psychedelic feeling plus the mechanical and cold frantic sounding textures and sounds make it really enjoyable. An experimental acid track with an industrial cherry on the top, making it really good. Good job on this one Neu and Starbrush!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol. 2 | Compilation Album | Dubstep / Riddim

The ultra-talented Never Say Neigh crew is back with another, albeit more compact than the last, face-melting compilation album! The shorter length makes it easy to digest in one go and each track has something standout about it. AJ Young’s Old School has a killer drop mixed in with some recognizable OG brony media samples, SKUNKED’s Wrath has some fantastic strings and sound design throughout, Suskii’s F*** You Up has an extremely unique groove in its last drop, and much, much more. This is definitely one of the premiere pony releases this year!


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (feat. Lena Hall) (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Rod Steven continues to gun for the top of pony Eurobeat with some more impressive pony eurobeat remixes! This time, he tackles the often-remixed Spectacle with an excellent driving groove, some fantastic Eurobeat progressions, and awesome use of the vocals (especially during the “Gimme more…” sections). You may also know Rod for his Odyssey Eurobeat cosplays at conventions, but, following in the master’s footsteps, this guy’s got some serious musical chops and is going places in Eurobeat!


[ASOS] Heartsong – Mountainsong | Ambient / Orchestral

Heartsong has released a new track, and its just what the doctor ordered! Need to get started on a project and want the inspiration to manifest? You’ll have no problem feeling inspired by this epic ambient showpiece! Its finely interwoven with the spirit and sounds of a blossoming nature. You won’t regret listening to this excellently composed work, let the beautiful melodies paint a photo in your head. So? What are you waiting for? Give it a listen!
This song is a part of a compilation album, make sure to check out the rest the of stunning music that is A State of Sugar!


ponycutz – I See Ponies In My Dreams | Outsider House / Fidget House

An amazing experience brought us by a new upcoming musician, ponycutz, the lo-fi vibe of this track plus the complexity of it makes it really interesting, the synth work is soo catchy, I had the melody on replay during my day, really interesting. We neeed more Outsider House in the fandom, and this track will be the inspiration for next musicians to do something like that!
Good work on this one, keep it up!


Rarity Advocate – Not a Space Pony | Synthwave / Indietronica

This track drives us to places, inspired by the My Little Pony Manga – Star Dancer, the Advocate of Rarity bring us an dreamy and ethereal synthwave track with some indie/psychedelic elements like if Animal Collective, Brian Eno and Perturbator meet in the same place and started to jam and create a collaborative track, a really well nice track, and I love it!
Nice one! Keep up the good work, Advocate!


Nicolas Dominique – Happy Days Under the Sun | Techno

Up next on Horse Music Herald, We have a techno creation by Nicolas Dominique. Happy Days Under the Sun is sure to get you up and grooving, all day everyday! ItsĀ  memorable, moveable, get up and grooveable! Let its upbeat happy tone flow you to a productive day!


Royalpony – Illusion (feat. Achievehunter1) | Hardstyle

Peer back into the final days of BronyCon with a studio version of a BronyPalooza 2019 original. Royalpony and Achievehunter1 grant melodious synths, impactful claps, and striding basses in this stirring hardstyle anthem. The elegant supersaws and faring vocals give it it’s awe-inspiring quality, and the timbre-instilled basses bring upon a cathartic, ravenous style suited for the dancefloor. For anybody who was there, it will serve as a beacon of BronyCon’s legacy for as long as this fandom lives. And for anybody who wasn’t, it still serves as a worthy listen for all electronic fans!