Sia – Rainbow (RedSpark Remix) | Hybrid Orchestral

Building upon the strengths of the original, RedSpark brings his own style, blending house and orchestral as always, with influences from pop and reggaeton in this summer hit-like remix of Sia’s Rainbow. Two main sections are tied with beautiful bowed strings and at times, an elegant piano plays the catchy melodies of the vocals. The work with the tresillo rhythm and its variations throughout the song is also a nice touch.


John Kenza – Take to the Sky (feat. Koa) (TCB Remix) | Happy Hardcore / Dubstep

TCB keeps pouring bangers, here with a flip of John Kenzas track from Ponies at Dawn Ignite featuring Koa. While it is often overlooked, TCB made sure the mix would be DJ friendly but enjoyable to listen to as a standalone nonetheless. As always, his sound design is full of colors, especially in the two dubstep drops. The snappier snare or clap and punchier kick in the happy hardcore section also help bridge the gap between the two genres.


[P@D] UndreamedPanic – The Storm Is Coming VIP (feat. Metajoker) (Single Purpose Remix) | Drum & Bass

This song has come a long way from its original release on UndreamedPanics last EP The Outdoors, to the release of the VIP on Ponies at Dawn Eternal, to Single Purpose’s remix of the VIP on P@D Ignite. They cranked up the bpm by 233% but kept the atmosphere set by UndreamedPanic’s mellow synths and Metajokers gorgeous vocals and powerful lyrics. In the first half the roomy drum pattern doesn’t feel empty at all thanks to the longer snare and the soothing yet gloomy reese. What was the interlude before, where Metajoker repeats “there’s a storm coming,” is now a hype machine of a buildup culminating with an exhilarating drum fill introducing the second half. From now on until the end it is more or less as perfect as it gets, from the drums to the synth work, working in unison to lead this track right into the list of the most solid DnB the fandom has seen.


PumpkinZ – Through an Alternate Dimension of Chaos | Industrial / Hardcore

PumpkinZ has been improving fast since they started out last year and worked their way up to be featured on Equestrian Terror Corps. The song can be roughly divided into two distinct parts. First, an ambient intro section with beautiful piano. Then, a strongly melodic hardcore part with a wild lead and a heavily distorted kick. Here’s to hoping they keep having fun writing music and improving.


voodoopony – Siege of the Lunar Empire (Nevermourn Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Nevermourn had slowed down music production and instead focused on DJing, but they’re back with a remix of an old fandom song. The original by [voodoopony] has been taken down by its author along with most of their music, but the vast majority of it can be found on the pony music archive. [voodoopony] was a pioneer of dnb in the fandom and it only made sense that someone from today’s flourishing scene like Nevermourn provided their take on a piece of their discography, here with a banging liquid flip of a track from 2012. The first part is made up of amen breaks on top of heavy interferences, later the drums and the bass take their place while a lot is happenning in the background as well.


TCB – Integrity VIP, YONA GONNA, GLOOM & BLOOM, Death in The Afternoon VIP | Multi-Genre

TCB has been quite active recently and submitted songs to most of the labels in the fandom. He uploaded four of them in the form of the present mix and all the links to the albums and the entire tracks are in the video description. Uniqueness is a defining trait of TCB’s music, every time bringing fresh and original ideas to the table. With insane sound design, the use of a wide range of orchestral instruments and ingenious work with vocals, TCB builds a universe of sounds from the ground up with each new release of his. Integrity VIP is a variation of a track from the Keys & Cuts EP using vocals from The Magic Inside. YONA GONNA has input from Loophoof and hits very hard, even if it has emotional moments nonetheless. GLOOM & BLOOM uses the lullaby from Bloom & Gloom, aims to target the feels and succeeds. Death in The Afternoon VIP is a new take on the track from the album The Closet Anthology that unfortunately went a bit under the radar so it is nice to see it getting some more love. It still features Ditherer but gives a more central role to the instrumental which doesn’t only serve as a backbeat to support her rapping anymore. As a last note TCB’s set at BronyBashOnline includes exclusive yet-to-be-released VIPs and Remixes, it would be a shame to miss them.


Toby Macarony – Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic | Orchestral

Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic is the opener of Toby Macarony’s new album, Shenanigans Two. This track lies among songs from a great variety of genres, just as expected from TM. It is a cute orchestral piece working as a conversation between a flute representing Fluttershy and an oboe for Rainbow Dash with each instrument playing a few phrases followed by the other’s response. The song ends on an ethereal note with a choir and strings.

Editor’s note: Find below an additional writeup by fellow writer Cynifree!

Start of Cynifree’s writeup
A nice heartwarming tale of two friends having a picnic together. Toby has released something a little different than I’m used to, however its a really cute and sweet soundtrack with happy woodwind melodies and soothing harmonizing strings of a wide variety. Things are placed very well through out the song from little chimes and choirs to harpsichords and harps. A very robust orchestral piece and this kind of stuff is my bread and butter!
End of Cynifree’s writeup


[P@D] Hay Tea & Alfiux – Revive | Chillout

This song might very well be last one from one the greatest drum & bass producers in the fandom. Before jumping into the song itself, it would be wise to look back at the achievements and history of the master, the legend, horse music titan Hay Tea. Continue reading


sleepy toaster – Hey I Brought You A Flower | Future Bass / Dubstep

This song is really interesting and filled to the brim with musical creativity. It starts with ambient sounds then builds up to a fun and energetic drop. The second buildup sounds like it will lead to the same drop, but instead surprises us with a last minute psy switch up with trap hats. The music box has a high responsibility in the lively vibes radiating from the song. Let’s hope sleepy toaster keeps doing more of this because it is very promising.


Hmpoy – My Little Message (Prod. Abrante) | Hip-hop

In 2018 Wootmaster released My Little Mixtape, a compilation album of all of his previous works plus an original, the album opener: Little by Little. The backing beat by Abrante deserved more than one lyricist to pen their verses onto, so Hmpoy remade Wootmaster’s masterpiece, adding their own message. Taking their time therefore never out of breath and always understandable, Hmpoy goes for a different flow but rides the beat seamlessly nonetheless. Further extending a message of hope to the fandom, the bittersweetness acknowledges nevertheless the hardships that have been faced and the ones yet to come. People like Hmpoy are the new generation of peers Wootmaster spoke of in the original.