[Spark] Moon Flame – Bye Bye Fluttershy | Adult Contemporary / Blues

An amazing feature on MyLittleMusics’ album Spark:Magic done by Moon Flame. A really warm ballad with really awesome instrumentation! The vocals and the lyrics are also really well performed as with the “yay” samples! It’s amazing that it got featured on ROCK FARM! Download the “Magic” album on Spark bandcamp!


[P@D] Replacer & P1K – Sky Blues | Blues Rock

Coming from the newest P@D album, Rebirth, here we have a 6-minute track featuring the amazing talents of Replacer and P1K. Both being old schoolers in the fandom music scene, both playing an amazing blues rock track, full of cool guitar riffs and amazing drumming work! P1K’s vocals are really on point and the sweet and almost robotic vocals of Replacer melted my heart like the amazing guitar riffs that are featured in here. An incredible track, incredible artists, an incredible album! I loved this track sooo much!

Download Rebirth at P@D’s bandcamp that you won’t regret it! If you are rich, buy it for supporting the artists!


Rockin’Brony feat. Friends – A Long Way From Equestria (Covering MandoPony & AcousticBrony) | Blues

Sharing and spreading the positive messages and values from MLP is what I think defines us the most as Bronies, and it’s precisely what the original song A Long Way From Equestria is about. Here wonderfully covered by Rockin’Brony & Friends, it lives on through our hearts and the newer generations of pony musicians, to shine and spread the word once more, that we Bronies are changing the world. Enjoy this spectacular, heartfelt, and emotional rendition of the song by Rockin’Brony with the help and the shared magic of Friendship of 4EverfreeBrony, Cyril The Wolf, Luck Rock, Sable Symphony, Strumpet, and StealingShad3z! Wonderful job, y’all! Much love! Let’s keep making this world more like Equestria!


Soren Ember – Fade Away | Blues

A new release from Soren Ember bringing all the sweet rock influences, this one is about Tempest’s story from the movie! Exploring her feelings during the time she got rejected and alone, Fade Away does a great job at emcompassing the somber and lonely shades of the theme, with vocals howling to the moon, and a bass play that seems to tell the sad story of what happened to Tempest. An awesome tribute!


Elias Frost – Sunset Blues | Blues

Elias Frost ventures down the blues route in this tribute to Equestria Girls’ resident blue-haired guitar player. As if written by Flash Sentry himself, the lyrics appropriately recall Sunset Shimmer’s manipulation of the poor guy. Frost’s vocals greatly compliment the style, conveying the “blues” emotions of loss and pain along to an incredible guitar track. The entire song is an excellent portrayal of the blues genre (though not surprising given Elias’s particular talent for distinctly different and awesome music)!


Seventh Element – The Equestrian Wasteland – Part 1: Hope And Despair | Album | Post-Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 November 2017.

Seventh Element makes some cool tunes, but where he really excels is in the creation of concept albums such as this. With a combination of spooky ambient soundscapes and driving indie rock beats, this album definitely helps to visualise the desolate landscapes of Fallout Equestria. Check it out below for half an hour of hope and despair!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – Zebratown (feat. Haymaker) | Latin

Anthology brought us some amazing tracks from amazing artists and The Wasteland Wailers are on it! Haymaker’s vocals are really amazing and the lyrics really fit with the theme and the exotic instrumental! It reminds of old-school Rhythm & Blues songs with amazing guitar riffs and slow tempo beats and powerful vocal performances! The Wasteland Wailers always bring such rare genres to the fandom such as Vocal Jazz, Acoustic Blues, Blues Rock and even Contemporary Folk! All in sake of the Fallout: Equestria world! One of the most amazing and creative fanfictions!

Download Anthology on bandcamp my friends!


Sprocket – Perchance To Dream | Alternative Rock / Blues Rock / Alternative Dance

Coming from the concept album The Princess Variations, Sprocket delivers a 6 minutes track full of emotion and commitment in the track, that I must say, it’s amazing!

The first part reminds me of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, then Sprocket vocals are soo Blues vocals, also I can feel in the second part of the song some Blues Rock influence with the mix between the guitar riff and the keyboard sounds. Sprocket vocals are really flexible from highs look-a-like David Bowie and the vox vocals look like some really cool modern Alternative Dance band. The guitar riff is really amazing, so chill, along with the bass that is listenable are is so satisfying.

6 minutes of pure awesomeness! Listen to the track, is really amazing! Also, don’t forget to download/buy The Princess Variations on his bandcamp!