Rockin’Brony – Open Up Your Eyes (2018 Redux) (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Here we go for another up-to-date cover from Rockin’Brony, showcasing such vocal talent as well as a complete Symphonic Metal rearrangement of the epic and emotional Open Up Your Eyes! Much emotion to be had once more in this splendid cover, amping up the power of the chorus with blissful guitars, strings, and vocals from Rockin’Brony!


Rockin’Brony – For The New Lunar Republic (Covering Not A Clever Pony) | Symphonic Metal

Bronycon’s master shredder goes old school in this intense tribute to a legendary fandom classic! Keeping close to iamnotacleverpony’s dramatic, orchestral opening, Rockin’ introduces his own intense flavor of metal guitar riffs about a minute into the track. While staying true to the original For the New Lunar Republic, this cover is very much its own style and take, utilizing an 80s synth and refreshing bass nicely throughout the track. Of course, no Rockin’Brony track is complete without a mind-blowing guitar solo and ever-intensifying drums! Make sure to check this song out for a powerful trip down memory lane!

Aside – MARVELOUS TRACKS: Two Years of noise​.​horse | Compilation Album | Experimental crew is back on track everypony! With an album that celebrates everything! Come and celebrate the 2 year anniversary of, the life and legacy of the great Stan Lee and celebrate Makenshi amazingness and coolness!

The album features not only the normal crew of Kako, ours truly, r_chase, PeKaNo, flankƨy and Drixale, but also features the comeback of Agents of Discord, an amazing musician! And some new faces: Reverbrony, Olly Hancock, Frøst​Fyre and the album even features the experimental breakcore God from Japan, CDR!!!

Go grab the album, not only for celebrating 2 years of experimental music, not only for remember Stan Lee and his legacy, but to help Makenshi to go to Bronycon next year!


Elias Frost – The Other Side (Covering John Jennings Boyd & Lisette Bustamante) | Metal

With how the EQG special & music video The Other Side is trending and making quite a sensation in the community, it’s no surprise that it’s inspiring pony musicians to answer the call, but it’s always such an unexpected delight! Elias Frost delivers in Swedish and Metal all the way, covering the original melodies in such a rocking way, and it’s such a bliss to experience, especially when we watched and loved the original! And Rarity!


SlyphStorm – Nightmare Night (2018 Redux) (Covering WoodenToaster & Mic The Microphone) | Electro

Keeping with the theme of comebacks to pony music, here’s the famous SlyphStorm’s! He’s covered the classic Nightmare Night in the past and recently submitted a reveamped instrumental to Ponyville Ciderfest’s charity album, but it appears he’s gone and tweaked it even further and added vocals! He has truly nailed the vibe and the vocal stylings (effects included!) of the original, and it sounds as fresh as ever in 2018. A kickass guitar solo, a rock-solid organ section, and a distinctly SlyphStorm brand of electro all help make this restyling an absolute delight.


PrinceWhateverer & Frozen Night – This is Nightmare Night (feat. Friends) (This is Halloween Parody) | Metal

Well here is the perfect song to get into the Nightmare Night mood. PrinceWhateverer  re-imagines the very familiar Nightmare Before Christmas hit to fit the pony holiday using his unique metal style, with the aid of his crew of friends. The many voices contribute amazingly with solo lines as well as haunting chorus parts (especially when they get to the la la-la-la crowd part). A perfect song for the end your October season, or just because you love a great song and parody – be sure to check out This is Nightmare Night!


Arabesque Sympony – Tricks up My Sleeve (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Funk Rock

It’s not just Nightmare Night, it’s also Trixie Day! And Arabesque Sympony made such a lovely cover of Trixie’s Tricks up My Sleeve from EQG2, in the spirit of the spooky night! Getting on stage to play along with Trixie, the pony musician not only covered the instrumental delightfully using the power of rock (including an amazing bass solo), but is also covering the song with his own vocals that are so cute and beautiful. Overall a very addictive cover that will make you want to sing along and raise your hooves, and cheer for Arabesque Sympony and Trixie!


Francis Vace – I’ll Show You My Loyalty (Covering PhonyBrony & Feather) | Ska

Covering classics will never get old, and Francis Vace already showed us his affection for such classics in the past with notably the album Souvenirs! One more leap in the past to bring forth a creative cover, this new take on PhonyBrony and Feather‘s famous track I’ll Show You My Loyalty is as lovely as it gets, with our beloved Ska musician acing his signature style once more and singing amazing vocals to melt the heart.


[P@D] Francis Vace – Breathing Space (Covering DJT & Rusyd Rosman) | Ska Punk

The original Breathing Space from DJT and Rusyd Rosman might be a contestant for most remixed and covered song of the last few years in the community, and it’s so good to get our beloved Francis Vace‘s own spin on it! Along with delightful Ska elements as well as tasty aggressive guitar riffs to bring those Punk vibes, Francis graces the cover with his amazing vocals, bringing in much power in pure rock spirit as well as much emotion. Available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


4everfreebrony – Working On The Farm (Ponification of “Waiting In The Weeds” by The Eagles) | Soft Rock

4everfreebrony is tugging at the heartstrings again, this time from Applejack’s point of view. In a tribute to an underappreciated Eagles hit, the longtime fandom alum sings a song to AJ’s parents letting them know what is happening with their family and how she has been feeling. As usual, everything from the guitar-work to the harmonies, to the production is spot on and you can’t help but get a bit emotional listening to the hardworking farm pony tell her mom and dad they could never be replaced.Touching and with the perfect amount of slice-of-life feel, Working on the Farm is another fantastic number in 4everfreebrony’s always impressive repertoire.