Vylet Pony – The Armada (feat. FlightRush & Roymond) | Orchestral / Dubstep

Continuing their releases from the stellar Homeward album This track opens with a tense, icy arpeggio and orchestrated leitmotif. Before transitioning into a much grittier and intense rush of energy and intricate bass and piercing leads to announce the attack of Spectre’s fleet. The breakdown is amazing as well with a chilling and heavy piano melody and a very dense and airy atmosphere that gives off a brave and hopeful mood and overall is a very stellar piece from the album and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend listening to the album in its entirety (the songs are designed to transition together seamlessly which is amazing) and to give the story a read while doing so as it really helps build the world each song is conveying.


Spikey Wikey, Chang31ing & APPL3JVCK – Party’s Over (Chang31ing VIP) | Riddim

Bringing back a gem from 2015, Chang31ing gives Party’s Over a harder edge with a heavy and wide bassline and a fun use of sample splices and effects. Minimal percussion gives the track some notable ‘weight’ in its grandest sections while also giving room to breathe in the breakdowns. A great nod to the original and fun listening experience all around!


Vinyl Scratch – Wubtastic | Complextro

The one and only Vinyl Scratch is back once again, and with a new pony surprise for us! Part of a new EP titled The Untitled Gig (Soundcloud stream here), Wubtastic is a delight for us longtime fans who sure remember about the classic Vinylicious, with nostalgic callbacks and a renewed sick musical experience in the company of Vinyl as well! Also fun fact, I actually dreamed about Scraton/Vinyl Scratch last night! In the dream, he turned out to live in my hometown and I got to introduce him to my parents like “Hey this is a super amazing and famous musician in the community!”. Maybe I had that dream because I started writing up this post last night before going to bed, and was listening to the whole EP too… Or just because I’m so happy about this new release! Vinyl Scratch forever!


[P@D] Suskii & VooDoo – GAK IS BACK! | Dubstep

For more electronic goodness off the new Ponies at Dawn: Skyward compilation, Suskii and VooDoo team up for this hard-hitting meme of a track! GAK IS BACK! is intense! As soon as the first drop hits, you know you gotta go hard while listening and this song makes it easy to get psyched up! This duo shows that they are great at the style so prevalent during a time when everyone was going nuts for Gak itself!


[P@D] Silva Hound – Glimmer Time (R3CTIFIER Remix) | Dubstep

R3CTIFIER has put together a remix of Silva Hound’s song about my favorite pony, Starlight Glimmer! Her lines from Our Town are wonderfully pitch-shifted and set along a comfortably energetic beat. R3CTIFIER’s classic drops feature prominently too, and throughout it all we hear Starlight’s commanding voice!
You can get the song on the new Ponies at Dawn here.


[P@D] bank pain – Reflections (feat. PegasYs) | Melodic Dubstep

The production abilities of bank pain just keep getting better! Here he’s taken a bit of a detour from the dark deep neuro-style druym & bass tunes he’s often focused on to provide a powerful melodic dubstep track that nonetheless still carries plenty of his trademark style. Combined with some of PegasYs’ best vocals yet, it’s clear that a lot of work went into this tune. I especially adore the vocoded vocal section and the way it builds into the final drop so well, not to mention the clarity of the mix as a whole.


[P@D] Skunked – Sky High | Dubstep

Skunked has been improving a lot lately, and this is definitely my favourite thing I’ve heard from him so far. Featuring a relentlessly upbeat and positive vibe throughout its chiptune-flavoured dubstep vibes, there’s some terrific energy supplied by the aggressive sound design, clever use of vocal samples and lovely FX inputs too. The way it just dives into the drops is especially fun to experience, even on repeated listens.


[P@D] MEQA, L.M., Cosmic Fox, AJ Young, Soundnix & Quadrivia – Bronycalypse | Dubstep

The end is not the end.
One of the sneak peak tracks of Ponies at Dawn Skyward album this track is a MASSIVE six way collab between some great artists. Opening up with some moody guitars and pizzicatos it quickly builds into a wonderous cacophony of interchanging styles weaving in and out of each other! the melancholic interlude finishing off the track also gives us a retrospective vibe to briefly reflect back on the past decade and is such a fun and professional song. If there is one thing I can get behind, its collabs, and on this scale it hits home the fact that the fandom won’t disappear after the show, there is a world of untapped potential just waiting to be explored and I think we can go on for a long time coming!


UndreamedPanic – Grogar The Creator (feat. PrinceWhateverer) | Dubstep / Metal

Among the highlights of the month in pony music, UndreamedPanic and PrinceWhateverer‘s fusion track brings incredible style and hard-hitting-ness for a wicked track about the season opener’s new villain. Enacting an epic battle as imagined by Panic, the heavy banger will be a timeless gem to be appreciated again and again I’m sure!