[P@D] Faulty & John Kenza – Best Of Friends (feat. PegasYs) (BlackIceMusic Remix) | Future Bounce

Okay, everypony, before I get into my whole article spiel I’ll have to explain something: This song is absolutely amazing, and I have way more stuff to say than normal, so after the main Article there will be a part of me rambling about arguably small details and things that I specifically loved. You can read the extra part or not; it won’t take anything away from the main article (I should also mention that while I try to keep my articles as objective as possible the extra part will be entirely subjective).

So, everypony, today we have another track from P@D’s recent charity album “Introspection”, and what a pleasure it is for me to talk about this one! BlackIceMusic brings us this amazing remix of “Best of Friends”, a Future Bounce track that is sure to make you not only nod along but will even get you jumping up and down to the beat (You could even say it will make you bounce!). The track starts out with a lovely bounce melody that will give you an initial feeling for how great this track is. The amazing vocals by PegasYs quickly join in, and they are (as far as I can tell) not altered at all. As the vocals start the beat takes a back seat only to quickly ramp up again while the song becomes increasingly melodic as we get close to the drop. For the last few pre-drop lines the beat becomes more and more like the original but still keeps its own identity. The drop is just an explosion of fun bounce melodies and is pretty faithful to the original. As the drop ends the song progresses as it did before with first having a quieter beat that quickly ramps up again, but in between it switches to a different beat, again staying close to the original but still having its own sound and appeal. The second drop is slightly different from the first and gives the whole song a lovely progression. For the finale we get the last lines from PegasYs, but instead of ending there this remix ends on some more of the amazing beat.

(personal rambling after the break)

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[P@D] TCB, Brilliant Venture & loophoof – Chilly Filly (feat. RadRiveter) | Future Bass/Electro

Today we’ve got the first song from P@D’s charity album “Introspection”, a lovely track made by TCB and a whole bunch of other exquisite equines. The song starts out with some amazing Electro melodies, and after some time the amazing viola by RadRiveter joins in accompanied by vocal chops. Then the whole song goes silent for just a split second before we get thrown into the drop where the bass really shows and the vocal chops are ramped up to 120%! After the drop RadRiveter takes center stage with his viola and creates a lovely solo until the beat and vocal chops take over once more. Soon, however, the vocal chops leave us again for a bit of just pure awesome instrumental and another drop, this time without vocal chops, which makes for a lovely progression for the whole song. For the end we go out with a bang by combining the upbeat Electro melody with the viola. Twitter: @TCBpon @BrillVenture @loophoof @RadRiveter

As always big thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading!


GrazySmash & MEQA – Hoof Shaker (Butterflight Remix) | Future House

A first attempt at future house from Butterflight with their remix of Hoof Shaker, originally by GrazySmash and MEQA! This track basically starts with a buildup that quickly leads into a drop, which sounds fantabulous. The main melody’s generated with what sounds like detuned piano reminiscent of 90s house, which occasionally changes up a bit throughout the song. It’s bouncy and features the perfect tempo. Not bad for a song made in under 24 hours!


Yuru – Call Me Choco | Future Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves another lovely track from the talented Yuru (Redstone Brony on YT). The track starts out with the sound of an ocean which is immediately joined by the lovely main beat and some more natural sounds. A synth and a drum loop quickly join in to make the beat as lively as can be. Shortly thereafter most of the sounds stop and make way for a small but sweet build up,  and the drop is introduced by something I’ve only heard in one other song–a water drop sound–which really fits well not only with the ensuing, amazing synth fest that is the drop but also with the background image, creating an atmosphere of pure contentment. The drop itself is accompanied by voice samples and the sound of a camera click, reinforcing the beach theme of the track, and the water drop can be heard again as well. After the drop the whole beat goes silent to make way for a lovely Piano accompanied only by the sounds of nature, giving this part an amazing Chillout-vibe. After giving the listener a few moments to collect themselves, a new synth takes over accompanied by the drum loop, and more components are quickly added before the build up, which doesn’t take over this time. Instead it is simply adds to the already awesome track until, once again accompanied by the water drop, the drop takes over, making you dance once more. For the end the piano takes over again, this time accompanied by some lovely strings. This song is amazing, not only for the rare use of a water drop sound, but also for its fantastic combinations of synths followed by piano solos.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him.


A State of Sugar – Chocolate | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following collaboration article piece on “A State of Sugar: Chocolate” is presented by Horse Music Herald, and is Co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the MadhatterBrony and Makenshi. Article proofread and edited by Canatime.

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TCB – Friends Can Change The World (TheEmptyTomb Remix) | Future Bass

The Empty Tomb returns with a remix of TCB’s Friends Can Change The World! TET’s interpretation keeps the original’s emotion and vocal chops while adding future bass elements and beautiful buildups along with those gorgeous piano keys and synthlines. The homely vibes haven’t left at all, and the way it ends feels like watching the ending of the show all over again…


[ASOS] NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Paloris & Ponyman Remix) | Future Bass

Nothing makes me happier than when a song can utilize a speech seamlessly in a song.
Twilight’s coronation speech is the perfect fit here both contextually and emotionally. Intricate and bright vocal chops melded with a vibe-y and mellow bassline, the speech opening the track, just brings about that sense of joy and longing and really plays with the heartstrings! One thing I love about this specific style of Future Bass is how laid back, yet powerful it is! Fun samples, but you can FEEL the energy in the mix, yet its not in your face. I enjoy the original a lot for its high energy and pumping beat and this takes it in a whole new direction! A State of Sugar just keeps on supplying the goods and this box of chocolate has many surprises in store. You can check out the rest of A State of Sugar’s new album, ‘Chocolate’ right here!


[ASOS] loophoof & NeverLastStanding – Have Here (TCB Remix) | Future Bass

(You can hear the original here!)

Keeping it going with the singles from ASOS: Chocolate, we have a very curious effort done by the always creative TCB! This was made during one of his music making streams, mind you! He’s remixed a track done by two of the very best in electronic music making in our fandom; how do you make that better on your own? Just preposterous!

Nah, TCB has got you. The first track on this album, he turns a very mellow and happy song into something with the excitement you expect from something themed around Pinkie Pie. He has transformed this song into something just hard, smooth and stylish! All of loophoof’s and NLS elements are in place, don’t you worry about that! There’s just more flavor built around the core elements. There are some more colorful vocal chops, and even makes use of a Pony Life sample, that being Fluttershy yelling “Noice!” There is this really nice deep rumbling bass that you just want to move too, and even a guitar solo! Oh, how about that melody that’s like smooth orchestra synth all through this track? Just… Woah! The remix was put together with such care. Again, this was composed on a stream, and it managed to make the cut to be on this album. He sprinkles in some other fun elements just to give track some polish. As I said, TCB aims to please with a smooth track about Pinkie Pie! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] Single Purpose – I Have To VIP | Future Garage

(Listen to the original for P@D: Eternal Here)

You want to talk about stepping up your game with a remake of your own work? While the original is an emotional D&B track about the Twilight mistake in “Magical Mystery Cure”, this VIP track… just… Woah. What a treat for ASOS: Chocolate. The methodical and deep emotional atmosphere replaces the pace of the original. Those vocal chops just give you goosebumps. The rhythm is surprisingly very fun and lets you get into the groove to move around like you’re in a dream. The little sounds and elements mixed in… Wow, it’s like you’re standing there at her door with the sun coming down in her window, watching her ponder on how to fix this problem with her friend’s Cutie Marks! Bravo SP! One of my favorites so far on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. 


[ASOS] Voltex Pixel & Camelia – Stuck In The Cloud | Future House

Welcome everypony to A State of Sugar: Chocolate, the newest album from our friends over at Cider Party. For now we’ve got ourselves a lovely house track by Voltex Pixel. The track starts out amazing and believe me when I say it gets even better! I personally love all things horse house but even if you don’t, this track is going to make you dance either way. Voltex Pixel also keeps his near PMV style music videos with various artworks of, in this case Fluttershy and gameplay from ‘Them’s Fightin Herds’. This track is sure to lift your spirits with its happy upbeat tune and the combination of Future House and Future Bounce makes for an amazing dance track.