Bayanic – Hadron Sonata | Progressive Rock

In the means of revamping past songs for an improved effort of production, Bayanic has pledged to recompose his Equinelibrium album. Off to a great start with this really catchy song if you ask me. This one creates an OST-like sound by mixing some old school techno elements, along with pleasing keyboards tones and some really fun Prog Rock guitars and drums. The melody dances around to some extremely catchy music that you just want to go for a power walk while doing the grocery shopping!  I want to hear more! As always, this Qilin asks you  to judge for yourself. –


Rinnie – Chaos & Harmony (Covering Lunar Drift) | Progressive Rock

Long live Prog! Rinnie expanded on Lunar Drift’s love of the genre by covering Chaos & Harmony themed around Discord, and this new interpretation is presenting new progressive wonders and ideas that certainly would make the God of Chaos proud. So glad that Rinnie is covering other brony songs in addition to show songs!!


[P@D] L-Train – Philomena | Progressive Metal

Wow!..what a powerhouse of a track, I’ve disided open up for my part in the coverage of P@D ignite! Rocking track 56 of this compilation. The Rock maestro himself L-Train brings you some old good ol’ fashion progressive metal! About the cycle of the Phoenix told in the through the eyes of Celestia’s phoenix Philomena. Absolutely methodical in the guitars and composure. Boy and those vocals by T-train even some RAGE from the man! The songs melodies and how old school brutal it gets. those guitars and that amazing trademark Solo’s of his. You got to check this out! If you love the art of Metal! As always this Qilin asked you to judge for yourself.


Lunar Drift – Chaos & Harmony | Progressive Rock

The #1 bringer of Prog Rock in the community, Lunar Drift provided anew with a 7-minutes progressive beauty, full of nods to previous tracks but also of new ideas. Let the distinct sound of the Rickenbacker 4003S bass guide you in this new musical world themed around Discord!


Ardeleiz – Moonchild (feat. Koron Korak and Arabesque Sympony) | Progressive Rock/Acoustic

Ardeleiz is back with a brand new tune, a ponified cover of Moonchild by legendary prog rock band King Crimson! A good chunk of the lyrics have been rewritten to revolve around Luna, and it makes for a good fit. Alongside Ardeleiz is Koron Korak on violin and Arabesque Sympony on vocals, and it definitely wouldn’t be complete without these two backing up this relaxing and emotional piece about the princess of the night!


MelodyBrony – The King (2020) (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, KriZzZ and Luck Rock) | Progressive Rock

Get stacked ‘cuz you know the king is back…

MelodyBrony‘s grand debut song from April of this year is back with a fresh coat of paint. As is the case with the original, PrinceWhateverer takes lead vocals, with the rhythm section consisting of Drummershy and Luck Rock, as well as KriZzZ’s brilliant keyboard chops. If you’re familiar with the original then this should be no surprise to you. MelodyBrony also has an album in the works, set to be released on December 21st, so keep an eye out!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Roses / Overrun / The Prince of Sorrow | Indie Pop / Progressive Rock

The last tracks off Homeward to be uploaded to YouTube, these 3 definitely show the extent of Vylet’s musical skills and inspirations. All while calling back to the story in musical ways, the tracks exhibit atmospheric bliss, Funk craziness, and Prog Rock reawakening, all in style! Listen to all 3 in this single video for a gorgeous and stunning experience featuring art by GloomyNyan!


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral II: Parallels | Album | Prog Rock / Prog Metal

SDreamExplorerS’ newest album is here, and boy does it deliver! Always sparked from deep experiences and pony inspirations, and calling the listener to reflect, this one takes us on quite the unique journey as it features such a wide array of genres! And you can tell how much love has been poured into each of the tracks, ranging from Progressive Metal to Ambient to Samba to Jazz and even to crazy bass play! (Perhaps there needs to be a new genre to fit to Soul’s unique musical endeavors in these!) An impressive compilation of reflections and meticulously crafted masterpieces that is just a must-have! Grab your copy from a Bandcamp near you!


SDreamExplorerS – Oblivion Highway | Prog Rock / Prog Metal

Here we are with the first single from Ephemeral II: Parallels. Right from the opening seconds this song captivated me with its foreboding atmosphere and intriguing instrumentation. There is A LOT going on here from complex melodies to intricate and subtle percussive elements. The Oblivion Highway is a journey to our past across the the land of memories. You can feel the mood progress throughout as we visit some of life’s more pleasant memories, our vivid recollections, times of joy, and times we wish to forget. The album releases on May 1, 2019 and if you like intricate story telling through song, this is the album for you!


[P@D] Thrasher – The Other Side Of Fear | Djent / Progressive Metal / Mathcore

It is P@D month! That means amazing music and incredible textures! Enigma promised and the rock/metal/punk scene promised a lot! This track it’s probably the best track that Thrasher ever produced to a P@D album, you know that 2 big bands called Meshugahh and The Dillinger Escape Plan? Well Thrasher actually managed to mix the sound of that 2 bands and make the best track out of P@D! A treat for true metalheads like me that will make you try not to headbang!
And now a public announcement: download Enigma on P@D bandcamp and support amazing artists!