MrMehster – Spirit Animal (Checkerëd remix) | PsyTrance

Today we have a new track from Checkerëd who remixed MrMehster’s Spirit animal. The track starts out pretty decent with howling and what sounds like a blacksmith hammering a sword on an anvil, but when the beat sets in you realize that this is going to be a burner and a half with his rather simple and sinister sounding beat Checkerëd is sure to impress you, then around the half way point the beat again calms down a bit before picking up again this time adding the shriek of an eagle. If you have searched the internet for a piece of music that makes you bob your head along while introducing you to a style of music that you might not even have realized existed than look no farther than this track.


eksoka – Tale of Autumn | Progressive Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves another song published by our friends over at Cider Party. Eksoka brings us this amazing Progressive Trance song that, even tho it clocks in at about six and a half minutes and with that can be considered a longer song, never losses it´s awesomeness even a bit. The song is held fairly simple which prevents an overload of different sounds and also is completely without lyrics, which makes it perfect for a background song while you work or as a song to just lean back and chill. Overall this song’s awesomeness can’t be described better than with the fact that it made me fall in love with it on the first listen even though I dislike Trance overall.


DJ MHM – Pinkie Rage (D3LTA Remix) | Trance

I’m so glad that older pony songs such as Pinkie Rage are still getting remixes to this day! I sure recognized that one and its Flutterchops! Obviously very nostalgic, D3LTA’s remix is perfectly extending the vibes of the original, going for a fresh take all while keeping the remix pretty close to the original in its spirit. It’s so very appreciated, as now we can relive those times in a way!


[Equinity] Evgeniy Doctor & GrazySmash – Invasion | Psytrance

Evgeniy and Grazy are two rather impressive trance artists I’ve come to love in the fandom, and what could make it better? Sitting them down together to collaborate together for Equinity’s third album, ‘Breach’! An orchestral thematic opening announcing the arrival of the army blends seamlessly into the concussive force of psytrance, a wide soundstage and lots of varying sounds carried along the beat, we even have some nice little switch ups and breakdowns which are done incredibly smooth and the builds alone are a treat to listen to! Nice little touches of big room add some flare to an already gorgeous beat and what can I say other than “You need to hear it for yourself!”


SP1TF1R3 & 4mplitude – Insomnia | Psytrance / Dubstep

Psytrance is always a genre I appreciate, especially when its mixed in with another genre like dubstep. This one is short and sweet with an ominous tone and does a very good job at allowing the tension and energy to ebb and flow, the varying rhythms between genres is always a nice addition in my book and its especially well done here, utilizing every second of its length to bring about an interesting evolution of the song!


Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This article on Equinity 03: Breach is a Horse Music Herald collab piece, co-written by Canatime, Cynifree and DrakeEmberHeart.

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PeKaNo – Sunset from the Sky | Trance

Inspired by musician Nicolas Dominique, PeKaNo drabbles into the genre of trance for the first time. The melody is telling of a pegasus flying with absolute freedom, as they soar through clouds with the speed of sound. The vibe of the song structure is pretty fitting of the artwork’s theme as well: flying so free right into the rays of the sun being set by Celestia. The harmonics with the bass give off vibes of Rainbow Dash, out for some casual flight while daring anypony to catch her! You get pulled into a state of trance because of how pleasing this sounds. A different flare of music from PekaNo? No problem! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


r_chase – Stay Fresh, Unicorn | Hardtek

The Equestrian Terror Corps label keeps helping to get the word out about quality music from underrepresented genres, this time with a single by r_chase. The entrancing pounding kick and the sirens come with tight breakbeats and make for a track that definitely would be played at Ponyville’s greatest free parties. On top of being a perfect introduction to the genre it is ultimately a very enjoyable listen.


Nicolas Dominique – Tear the Nightmare | Chillout / Soundtrack

Inbetween YouTube releases from the recent album Reimagined, Nicolas presents us a brand new original track that has the concept of Luna tearing the nightmare, escaping the darkness! More details in the description on YouTube! Nicolas definitely succeeded to bring the concept to life, with a rich experience of sound that would work well as an OST track for a scene depicting those events as well!


PinkiePieSwear – Flutter Wonder (UnderpΩny Remix) (Mal Universe Redux) |Uplifting Trance


It’s nice to see such an old face again in the fandom! UnderpΩny has released a redux of PinkiePieSwear’s classic “Flutter Wonder” with those nostalgic soothing pads and melodies of the original with a grooving, rolling progression. It’s a very welcome and long awaited send off, and its really nice seeing such a relaxing song remixed in a way to give it a newfound energy while staying true to the original form. An excellent uplifting vibe that hearkens back to the olden days, this one is a treasure!