[ASOS] NeighGative_ – Sensations | Trance

We are feeling the new ideas and adventure with the musicians of ASOS: Biscuit! Today I cover a new alias of Brillant Venture! You may have noticed in the past few months he has been hinting at something big coming! BV told me THIS was the bomb he has wanting to drop! Fueled by his talented roots in making trance, NeighGative_ uses Vinyl Scratch as the catalyst to launch into this new adventure. On track 35, we are treated to not only a fun video to go with the track, but the song is self is a thrilling and fun mix of vocal chops, quirky melodies that rumble with delight and drops that go with the excitement that triggers with the video shots of Vinyl Scratch! My word, the bassline that trembles with this rumbling bass, along with those classic techno elements are just fun! I for one can express my love for Trance. The story behind this is very passionate from BV, big time!

Oh, furthermore, BV is just getting started with this new alias of his! (more info of that in the video’s description, if this is what we’re getting from NeighGative then this is going to interesting) As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] Skyshard – One Last Stand | Orchestral

Let me be the guy to open our coverage on an album that is totally taking bronies’ breath away with ASOS: Biscuit! There is such an impressive display of talent in the 8th album of the organization’s history! What highlights this album is a fresh talent. One such brony musician is Skyshard, who has made such a hot push for themselves for three consecutive compilation albums (VibePoniez: Overcast, Equinity 04: Immersion, and now A State of Sugar: Biscuit). It was an astonishing feat for someone who just came into the music scene not too long ago, plus all on their first try!

If you listen to this track, you will understand why and it will take your breath away! The composition done by Skyshard, you’re swept to the moment to where it becomes do or die. At track 54, Sky told me that this track is about their OC at their breaking point and on the verge of unleashing pure hell on a villain or rival. The melody puts you in the hooves of their OC or, let’s say, Twilight or Cadence in a very decisive moment of an extensive choice. Words can not fix the problem; as this score shapes the mood, you can picture a big fight going down. In terms of Sky’s OC or any of alicorn princesses, it’s unleashing your true power when others or your kingdom needs you the most. The drama of this moment fits the elements used in this score, and you get into it and picture this scene in your head. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Victor M – Complicated | House

Greetings everyone, I know this is very awkward coming from me. As you know from the news article posted on HMH this morning, significant changes were just put in place. I was not too pleased about the new format, and I let my opinions be known.

However, I will be using my real name from now on, writing these articles as Patrick Myers. I will always be DrakeEmberHeart in your hearts and minds. I was even able to keep that as my posting name, at least. I am going to terribly miss covering the unbelievable talent we used to cover. However, life changes, and you got to move forward. As a professional, I must do my job by still giving you write-ups on the best music worldwide. I will still give it the same effort I always give – just for more mature music this time. I’m Patrick Myers, and on to the music!

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Songbird Choir – Appleoosa Rag – Piano Solo

Ahhh, more season one-inspired music! It really takes you back to the days of just how charming FiM really was becoming! This delightful piano solo takes you back to the episode “Over A Barrel.” Songbird Choir grabs you in the flavor of classic old west charm as you could very well hear this coming from the salt saloon as you take your tour of APPLEOOOOOSA! Please support and check out Songbird Choir’s other charming works. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Koron Korak – Octavia Dead and Unforgiven (Covering AaRD) | Orchestral

(Listen to the original Here!)

The power you find even in the darkness. Why, the emotion behind this track is very personal to Koron Korak. (In all seriousness, give the guy some love and encouragement or a hug!) This cover of AaRD’s score is just breathtakingly pretty. The melodies are very lush and plentiful. Taking the original and beefing it up with his skill with the Violin and Cello. They are some major Russian/German influences within this cover that gives the track a rich favor and pulls you into the emotion; as Dionte George told me, “It kinda also sounds like opera seria (serious opera) in a way. Please support Koron, my friends, and send him some kind words of support. As always, this qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


MidnightFritz – Mystery of Magic | Chillwave

Soft and gentle music inspired by the show is always so pleasing to listen to. To this day, the series premiere has musicians making music about the very moment “Friendship is Magic” was born. Take this lovely piece of music by MidnightFritz. The melodies with some acoustic guitar charm. This magical wonderous theme with the xylophone tones and a subtle aura of magic within the background. To put it simply, it’s like the very moment of the elements came to be and new hope for Equestria. Never lost that magic, my friends. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[Equinity] The Empty Tomb – INSECT | Complextro

Welcome to Round 2 of Queen Chrysalis on Equinity 04: Immersion, only this time, she is much colder and calculating (does the thumbnail art say no more?) but still just as arrogant! Insecta Regno was only half of this tale, a tale about how much we like the crazy bug queen. This song by The Empty Tomb, Oh…boy, those vocal chops bring a chill to your spine with this dead serious build-up behind those vocal chops. This trance-like melody with such a malicious undertone really sells it as you hear Chrissy speak and unleash that laugh. The song then only has one last thing to do–unleash the Minions! The drops and beats perfectly sound off on the changeling drones doing Chrissy’s bidding. You wonder how she lost in the season 6 finale in the first place! Man, the air raid siren in the background, along with the sounds of her insidious plan coming to fruition. What a great track about just how vile Queen Chrysalis really is. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Altius Volantis – Pinkie’s Morning | Orchestral

A Pinkie Pie track that isn’t about her being hyperactive and zany? Alright, I’m game. Nothing over the top here, just the sweet noise of Celestia bringing in the morning. The birds sounding off and Pinkie with Gummy in their bed just wanting just a tad more shuteye. The arrangement is this serene piano, along with these harmonizing cords of violins and cellos. It’s almost like this is what Pinkie’s mind is like when resting before it’s time to get up and start trying to make some pony’s day! A lovely gift from Altius Volantis to Makenshi for his birthday. Something different about Pinkie Pie, this will do. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


CAPT – The Upcoming Journey | Future Bass

Art influences art. That is the core of this most pleasant piece of music based on the art done by Alumx! Bronies everywhere are curious as to what G5 will bring to the table. The melodies of Capt’s work here show the growing talent his work has become since first hearing his work within the Equestria Terror Corps label. The sound of joyous beginnings is what comes to mind as you feel like you are heading out on your own with nothing but a saddlebag and your sense of adventure! The composition of the travel and trot beats will have you hoping for the future of the fandom. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.