J. Free – Big Mac (AJ Young Remix) (Parody of Boss by Lil Pump) | Hip-Hop

(Warning: Adult Language in lyrics) (Listen to the original here if you so wish)
When it comes to hip-hop. I like my rap to have some kind of a style to it. Listening to my colleague J.Free for the first time. He fits the bill. The delivery of his rhymes is hard, fast and powerful. The newly remixed beat really backs this up with a boost of aggression. The lyrics themselves are full of all kinds of pony puns. His OC daring every creature in the evergreen forest to mess with him, and all Tartarus breaking loose when he shows up a party. This Parody of Lil’ Pump’s boss is kinda wild thanks in part of AJ’s remix of’s original. Fun. smack-talking hip-hop, pony style!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] MEQA – Hydia | Rock / Dubstep

This fandom with their creativity just keeps on blowing my mind. This track by MEQA is a very rock meets techno flavor. It’s hard with a techno punch to it. Its starts out with this classic garage rock. Then the dubstep violently comes in with that sound and does not let up. In between, you got some cool symbol Melody and drum work. Before that hard electric Melody slaps you right the face. P@D is the home the musical diversity of this fandom for a reason. Decide for yourself as I always ask.


dBPony – Risk | Hard Rock

For this first time in four years. DBPONY come speeding back into the fandom’s music scene. Another first time listening for myself. The song itself comes with a very wise life message. It’s very easy to look at your life and feel that you’re stuck. Feeling complacent. Many in this fandom felt like that before we found something like wonderful brightly colored ponies. Feeling lost until this fandom made us feel found. The fast hard rock that pounds this track sends a message. “Got for it. Take a chance.” Because you never know until you try. I can honestly say taking a chance on this fandom has brought so much joy into many of our lives. A very nice return track from DBpony. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself for this song.


Toby Macarony – Pinkie’s Bakin’ Rhapsody | Breakbeat/Jazz

There is brony music. Then there’s brony music in terms of one Toby Macarony. My first taste of his flavor of creative insanity. I got to hand to him. Why was brain saying to me, “What the hay did I just listen too? DrakeEmberHeart’s brain must reboot!” I understand this, this being a Pinkie Pie song. Its all kinds of musical ingredients bending together. It’s random, just like her. BUT is baked all together and comes out all soo sweet and full of smiles. He has some ragtime, breakcore, jazz, acoustic, chiptune, hardcore. I found this perfect for someone like Pinkie. As always this Qilin lets you be the judge about this song.


Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra – Pillars Of Equestria Part One | Album | Symphonic Metal

Music making is a really tough gig. You need a lot of elements. Things like a creative mind for music. The passion and drive to make something come to life. You need to be full of imagination and huge ideas. With all the right things and some hard work, you get something like what L-Train has just made. OH MY CELESTIA PURE METAL GOODNESS!

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Zero Chaotic – Rebirth (Nemesis VIP) | Melodic Dubstep

This song really hits a cord with me on a personal level. The music itself goes in and out of this harsh and somber feeling, to this soft chilling thought-provoking music. The message is told with this experimental mix of beats. There is a little bit of metal, orchestral, and dubstep. The elements do work together with the emotion of this song. We’ll all been there with ourselves or watching those close to us fight for there lives. Don’t give up. A very strong message of this show about ponies. It’s a very creative piece of music and not something I’ve heard before. As always this Qilin asks for you to be the judge for yourself.


[Equinity] TPressleyJ – What The Hay VIP | Riddim

(You can listen to the Orginal Here on P@D Enigma)
Chaos I tell you! and there is no discord around this song. You sit there listening to this banger of a song wondering the same thing this song is telling you. The beats make you feel like your in a state of panic with these frantic drops. Voices around you, creating a sense of insanity. The break in the beat goes scary calm that lets you catch your breath before your back into this state of chaos. This track throws you around and spits you out. Which in turn fits right into the theme of the whole Equality album. I love the Sci-fi atmosphere this song puts you in. A starship in state of out of control and you wonder if you’ll make it out alive! WHAT THE HAY! indeed. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Lotta Little Things (loophoof Remix) | Electro Pop

This is a very cute and catchy remix of the royal sister’s duet in the show. The fandom has been waiting for so long for Tia and Luna to have their own song and it doesn’t disappoint in the fun factor!. LoopHoof’s remix focusing on the lyrics, with the melody, changed to be like an 80’s techno pop. Its fun and charming much like the royal sisters are in this song. This Qilin can say for living it. All work and no play can and make life pretty boring. Please judge for yourself and make yourself a fruity drink why you’re at it.


Evdog – Open Skies (feat. Francis Vace) (Covering EnsionD) | Alternative Rock

(You can hear classic Open Skies Here, and the Francis Wide Skies cover Here, This cover is a combo of both songs.)
My Celestia, how could I have missed such an inspiring song in this fandom! Shame on this dragon pony. If you liked how uplifting the original was. The kind of fandom song that makes tears form in your eyes. Then Evdog adds just bit more to the mix. The lyrics are still there, but its the added Hip-Hop that makes it much more special. The new lyrics now speak for Scoots as she learned how to fly. How she never look back. However, my friends listen to those words. Those words can be used in all walks of life itself. Just picture yourself overcoming your own odds in life. The music itself has this reggae vibe to it. Delightly it fits pretty well with the uplifting mood. Hip-Hop has always been a form of music that is best when it’s done with meaning, and songs such as this are proof. Judge for yourself as always.


[Equinity] Skelter – Dawn | Hybrid Orchestral

Equinity 01: Stellar is turning out to surprise me with each track I listen too. Skelter composes something that brings out a feeling in me that inspires me. It reminds you of something about the series MLP:FiM that I love. Especially when I think about characters like Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, even Princess Celestia. It’s this feeling inside of me or every single brony to never quit. Skelter does a great job with the continuous build of emotion and passion in these courageous melodies that communicate that. The mane 6 have gone on so many adventures, seen so much of their world and inspired so many of us. Giving us a new life when we found this show. I picture a lot us fans listening to this as we about to head off to a pony convention. The cords are what make this piece so uplifting and powerful. This fandom lives on music such as this. This was a fine use of the orchestra genre to honor that about this show. Does this Dragon Pony wonder if you’ll feel the same about Skelter’s music as well? You judge for yourself as always.