[P@D] Silva Hound & GrazySmash feat. Forest Rain – Ponies In Flames | Electro House

Brony DJ producer, and legend Silva Hound is once again back for P@D: Ignite with a heart-breaker of a track!. At 34. On the album, Silva brings the pain with the help of one Grazy Smash. A track about the hardship of friends losing each other. Becoming the worst of enemies. Or lovers clashing over the others actions. Forest Rain brings the emotion of pain with her voice that will give you 3rd degree burns at how hot and painful these lyrics are. The beat by both Silva and Grazy really adds to the adversity of the message. Its adds a lot of confusion and anger to how the melody flows, but the mood really changes once Forest starts to sing. The emotion building of the anger of the track to were the anxiety builds until it’s blows up with some emotional bass drops. The track does a pretty good job with the intensity of the meaning without going really crazy. Fine work by the three of them, and a banger to move too. It kinda has that 80’s techno theme with all the neon lights in the presentation . But you be the judge, as this Qilin will ask you always.


[P@D] Foozogz & 4EverfreeBrony – Fire Of Friendship (feat. Mei) | Electro Pop

Track 31, of P@D: Ignite is another series finale inspired gem I tell ya. This song’s message is quite simple. Friendship, Special ones can change everything. It opens doors. It fills empty holes in yourself. It gives you life again. It saves lives, like it has so many in this fandom. Channeling Twilight from “The last problem”.Foozogz and 4Everfreebrony‘ sing in harmony some powerful stuff. The music itself is a charming and upbeat beat that synths together with a little bit of Pop. Electro and classic rock. Throw in a 80’s style guitar solo just for kicks. Then you have an amazing pop ballad that reminds you what matters in life. It’s a soulful track that brings the reason we love this fandom front and center with good music making at its core. As always. this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Whirly Tail & John Kenza – God of the Seas | Hardstyle

(This article is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Cynifree)

This I am not going to lie. This is one my most anticipated tracks of P@D: Ignite. Whirly Tail is someone I really owe a lot to. That really helped me when I was first bought onto Horse Music Herald,  Trying to be a better writer, he was very good at making me feel welcome and aiding me with my work.

So when I saw him make this album and collabing a track with the one and only John Kenza!. I knew, I wanted to be the one to write the article for his track. And what a track it is at 47, on the album. The track is given a vibe old Equestra in the days of war with creatures like the Wendigo’s. Whirly’s unique style of music captures a battle going on the rough sea’s of Equestria. The feeling of flow of the fight goes, as you get some intense ups and down’s with how the melodies go. All the elements used really brings out your imagination, your emotions if you close your eyes and feel. The intensity of the high points. The drama of low points, The uncertainty in the middle. John Kenza comes in to aid in this tale with his own magic sprinkled all over this track adding to the fight. Especially at the first drop which drives the drama of track way up with a sense of emergency. Whirly with John Kenza’s help has created such a remarkable blend of epic sounding quantity. More then anything this track shows just how brilliant Whirly Tail is as an composer! I am so proud of you buddy! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. But…I am not the only one with a say in this. Here is Cynifree. Take it away my friend.

Cynifree’s review: I personally really love the progression of this one. These two did an awesome job conveying a story here the energetic drops, the diverse bridges and melodic energy has all the thumping party energy you could want from a hardstyle track with just the right amount of melodic vibes you’d get from a house track. Like Drake stated, these two really mesh well together and rightfully deserves its spot on the album. This has something for everyone!

From both of us Whirly Tail. Your at another level and both of us could not be happier for you.


Daniel Ingram – Pony I Want To Be (PonyBoy441 remix) | Electro House

“Crusaders of the Lost Mark” is one of the highlights of season 5. The music alone is a treat of Daniels Ingrams work. The “pony I want to be is one of those songs” you really did not see coming for Diamonds Taria’s character ark. This remix is from a brand new musician PonyBoy441. With some crafty editing and some electro house vibes. We are shown Diamonds Taria’s transformation and redemption in an uplifting mix. That screams her overcoming her past and the victory of the moment. I hope to see PonyBoy441 grow as we hear more music from him. As always, this Qilin askes for you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Wandering Artist – Fire City (Night & Day) | Orchestral

We’ve had all kinds of music already showcased on P@D: Ignite. Rock, Rap and the many genre’s of dance music. So track 72 of the album. I bring you some breathtaking orchestra scores! Wandering Artist brings the sequel to his score “Sky City. With night being serene with small builds up with the arrangement, of the strings and brass with night sounds mixed in there for a nice touch. As the sun comes out the score becomes more vibrant showcasing more uses of the strings, brass and piano. I feel like you on the back of Luna as she charges through the night and into the day where you join Celestia in full run. This sounds like something out of classic JRPG and is just wow. I think anyone can get behind musical scores such as this. This was a nice piece for this album!. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Replacer – Days of Silence | Indie Pop

Ah imagination. Without it in childhood, could a lot of people create in their older years? This wonderful track 25, on P@D: Ignite. It’s really is like a soft dream that reminds you of those soft rock songs of the 60’s and 70’s. Where you drifted in and out of your own imagination. The lyrics done here by Replacer tells of a young Pegsai colt that likes to dream and make his own worlds and characters. Real life mirrors this for all of us. Being that strange kid that went out into the woods and fields and played pretend all by himself for hours. The song tells this story so well. It’s so wonderful. In full circle, this show we love is a world of make believe that had inspired so much creativity. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Paloris & ThatMusicBrony – Waiting – Melodic House

Waiting is song that someone, at some point, was going to make about Tempest’s struggles to move on. A song about her questioning how she is going to move on from her past. Track 3 on P@D Ignite. The melodies featuring Paloris, helps tell that story with some beautiful drops, and a arrangement to tell Tempest’s temperament at the moment of question. ThatMusicBrony’s lyrics and vocals give a sense of uncertainty that is pretty to the ears. Sprinkle in some vocal chops and you got a a long awaited tempest shadow track. Mood! As always, this Qilin asked you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Pegskasister – Pegasus Ska Sisters | Ska Punk

So Francis Vace and PegasYs. You love the Mighty Mighty Bosstones so much that you made a Rainbow Dash inspired Ska punk track for P@D: Ignite? Well far out dudes!. At Track 52. The Duo known as the Pegskasisters come flying back with an uptempo track of what it seems like, the Pegasus ponies of ponyville seeing how far Rainbow Dash will go with her flying skill. The lyrics by PegasYs are so fun and catchy. Making references of kinds of RD’s skill of flying over the 9 seasons of the show. Francis Vase does the amazing part of the role of a whole ska band with all of the elements of Big Band and Punk rock. The man is called a legend of instrumentals for a reason, and does not disappoint here. There is even a breakdown of hard punk riffs that ends the track on a Sonic Rainboom! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – Spun | Classic Rock

Raise your hand if you’re late to party about the Wastelands Wailers. *This writer does*. But its no matter. The first time hearing Haymaker and Brittney Church was refreshing. You’re treated to classic rock and roll with very well sung lyrics. About a pair of lovebirds trying to get by in the wastelands of Equestria. Long time fans of this group will know that their music is based off the Fallout Equestria fanfic series, and the work done by them for OvermareStudios. The guitars are very smooth, gritty and romantic. The track is a throwback to the 80’s style rock and romance like someone like Bruce Springsteen would do. It’s nice P@D Ignite still tries to put all kinds of genre’s on their albums. Classic rock is nice art that should be done more, way more. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Greyfade – Outcast | Future Garage

This next track will go right to your heart. 69. On P@D Ignite, we have something a bit more emotional and the feeling of being lost. Greyfade has made a track that tells of a brony trying to find his way in this fandom. The brony is him. Not every brony finds their circle right away; it’s not always friendship is magic. The Melody is hazy and uncertain but as the song goes on, it lightens up and more peaceful and curious melodies are brought in. You can indeed feel the anxiety of this track as the song goes on. Telling a story without words is nothing short of good musical storytelling. I believe that we have all felt like an outcast even in this fandom, but we find our way when you do meet your friends, and by the sounds of it Greyfade did. As always this Qilin asks you judge for yourself.